1980 predictions for 2020 coronavirus

Berry’s mother passed away two years after Browne made her prediction and Berry was later discovered to be alive in 2013. the most awaited Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, Like eloquent Sam Reynold writes in his blog. Browne’s predictions have been criticised at length, particularly one she made regarding the 2004 kidnapping of Amanda Berry. And then, of course, we had that nebulous, almost unnoticed conjunction between the sun and Neptune in Pisces—Neptune rules pandemics, as well as the dissolution of boundaries, and no one can argue against this pandemic getting completely out of hand exactly during the peak of this year’s sun-Neptune conjunction on March 7. Browne predicted that a phenomenon called a polar tilt would hit its peak by 2020, leading to a number of natural disasters and shifting weather patterns across the world. So characteristic is assigning agency to pandemics in today’s culture that a video game such as Plague Inc (Ndemic Creations 2012) styles its players not as doctors attempting to stop the spread of a pandemic, but as the sickness itself. If on some level we still think of contagion as the gods’ anger, these stories become about how we have angered the god – about, in other words, our guilt. By far the most important aspect of the year, this “great conjunction” promises that in the next few months, we will be able to develop an effective new vaccine and treatment to kill Coronavirus for once and for all. Soon afterwards, Sparta’s enemies started dying of the plague. Sometimes the alien plague is less picky. Seven centuries later a plague struck Periclean Athens, killing a quarter of the city’s population and setting the city-state on a path to military defeat at the hands of Sparta. An account with more similarities, also credited by some as predicting coronavirus, is found in the 2011 film Contagion, about a global pandemic that jumps from animals to humans and spreads arbitrarily around the globe. And as we know, along with Saturn and Pluto, Mars is also considered a “malefic” planet in classical astrology—Mars doesn’t mess around.

We knew 2020 was going to be a difficult, life-changing year, and now, here we are…. She also added that people would “find themselves less and less interested in having children”, which sounds more plausible.

Japan would also suffer from multiple hurricanes in 2026. Thucydides, the Athenian historian, has a simple explanation for the epidemic: Apollo. We understand contagious disease vastly better, and have a greater arsenal of medicine and hygiene to fight it. Jupiter going retrograde also means the virus will begin to be contained around the world—at least for now. Mars in Aries square Jupiter (August 4), Pluto (August 13), & Saturn (August 24). Both Saturn and Pluto, the seed planters of the virus, begin to lose power as they begin their long retrogrades, so it would make sense that during this time, life will slowly begin to go back to normal. The plague becomes a kind of secular Rapture. With Covid-19, experts insist, your two best bets are: wash your hands often, touch your face never. For the last few years, astrologers have been talking about the astrology of 2020 not only because of the great combination of the intense astrological transits, but also because of the astronomical rarity of this year’s retrogrades. In Michael Crichton’s The Andromeda Strain (1969) potentially world-ending contagion falls from outer space. Browne predicted that by 2040, homes would have a “retractable roof to allow the family hovercrafts to come and go”; the same way garages have retractable doors in American homes. Claiming biological theories would not “solve the mystery”, Browne continued that there was a “very simple explanation” - spirits. However, there happen to be other players in action, of course. The few surviving humans move through the film’s lush rejuvenated forestscapes, compelled to confront avatars of humanity’s generational contempt for the natural world.

This aspect also represents that point in time in which many of us will realize this pandemic will eventually bring us to that very much needed collective rebirth.

Register with your social account or click here to log in. As a result of this pandemic, this conjunction will begin a big shift in the financial and governmental spheres as we try to manage the current radical changes of our time by growing and rebuilding. Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces–June 22. The scientist in Alistair MacLean’s The Satan Bug (1965) is an environmental fundamentalist who hopes his germ will wipe out humanity. By the way, every year, the flu season hits during the time the sun is in Pisces, and although Coronavirus is not a flu, this is how it first started manifesting, exactly during a pretty gnarly Pisces season that included a Mercury (the ruler of the lungs in medical astrology) retrograde in this same sign. The novel coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world with a deadly disease spreading like wildfire, affecting thousands of people. It infects everybody, becomes self-aware, and assimilates everybody and everything to itself: human beings and their infrastructure melt down into a planetwide sea of hyperintelligent grey goo. A cure is eventually found, but not before the world’s population balance has been shifted to leave thousands of men to every woman.

We want it to mean something.

A scientist, angry at being sacked by his lab, smuggles a virus out into the world in his own body. Since Neptune was the planet that took the virus to a pandemic level, its retrograde means that its contagious powers will be the lowest around the summer when it comes to the number of people infected, at least in the areas that have suffered the most. Bacteria and viruses spread blindly where they can, their pathways facilitated by our globalised world. Browne made a number of predictions about medical advancements in childbirth, as well as a few dystopian ones that would come to pass by 2010 (which haven’t come true). Jupiter is about growth and opportunity, while Pluto is about destructive forces that break down and compost anything that is past it’s due. A number of psychics and spiritual readers have also since weighed in, with many claiming that they too predicted the pandemic or providing unproven mystical explanations as to why it had happened. As with all Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, we can safely say it’s going to take a long time to fully deal with this pandemic as well as its social consequences and economic and implications—most likely the entire year of 2020. Like eloquent Sam Reynold writes in his blog: “Mars in Capricorn, its sign of exaltation (where he is the strongest) next to the south node of the moon, has created fear related to martial law, terror, and challenges to governments.” Think of 9/11, for example, which also happened under this aspect combination. Eliot predicted: “not with a bang but a whimper.”. As this article gets published (March 27), warrior Mars sits right next to Pluto as it approaches its last degrees in Capricorn to, later on, form a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. We can now see how entire blocks of industries are disappearing in favor of more progressive, sustainable ones.
This aspect could also coincide with intense sociopolitical changes, power struggles, and confrontations around the world. The seed of Coronavirus was planted by the most awaited Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12 with incredible symbolism.

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