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If that fails, PEIP will deploy a nuclear bomb inside the Black and White, hopefully destroying Wiggly once and for all.

As they watch the movie and reminisce, they both admit they still have feelings for each other and try to console each other ("Take Me Back").

In the chaos, Linda managed to escape from the mob, but was unable to get a hold of a Wiggly.

All of a sudden, McNamara appears unprotected, saving Goodman and allowing himself to be lost to the Black and White.

Linda then taunts Becky with rumors about both Becky's husband Stanley leaving her and his abusive behavior to her beforehand, ending by saying she doesn't hate her for being naive but "because [she's] so weak". Jane, Emma's sister and Tom's wife, died in a car accident recently. Paul and Emma upsettedly tell Tom that he should have been in line last night if he wanted a chance at getting Tim the doll at all. He then abandons the drugged Becky and Hannah who are shortly kidnapped by the cult.

By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol. The shipment of Wiggly dolls arrives at the hands of a mysterious delivery man.

When she did that, he got violent and chased her out of the house and into the woods with a knife.

President Goodman enters the portal into the Black and White, where he eventually comes across Wilbur Cross.

McNamara tells her that she must defeat Wiggly here so "he can be defeated anywhere" and tells her to find "the warrior of light trapped in a deep sleep", meaning Tom.

Play 2048 Starkid Black Friday online with sound effects and UNDO feature.

Note: All actors besides Dylan Saunders and Kendall Nicole Yakshe played additional ensemble roles.


Does the Hudson Mainstage Theatre have assisted listening devices?Yes!

Sign up to stay up to date with the latest Team StarKid News regarding Merchandise, Shows and More! What Tim Wants (Ft. Dylan Saunders) Lyrics. They celebrate and reiterate their plan to move to California. He knows her name and claims she is meant for greater things. Wilbur then opens Linda's eyes to the true Wiggly, making her a true worshipper. Tom thinks back on a time he was shopping with his father and didn't get a toy gun he wanted, but didn't care because he was spending time with his father.

Ethan and Hannah run to a different part of the mall where Ethan apologizes for not getting her into the movie, and tries to console what he believes are her worries about fleeing for California. 7.5K 3.

Black Friday is a new horror-comedy musical about the shopping day from hell. Hannah ominously announces the day will have "bad blood." The project raised US$547,439 through 11,704 backers out of its $155,000 goal.[2]. Black Friday is a comedy-horror musical with music and lyrics by Jeff Blim and a book by Matt and Nick Lang.

That’s when Tom Houston, Lex Foster, Becky Barnes and a few familiar faces, must fight through a sea of murderous mall-goers to save humanity from an inter dimensional being with a taste for chaos. A man in a hurry sees Becky with the doll and stabs Tom before escaping with the doll. Released February 29, 2020.

505 S. Maple Rd

Emma tells Tom they were going to take Tim out of town, where it's safe, but that Tim wouldn't let them leave without him. PLUS all the above reward tiers. Lex sets fire to the doll and in the ensuing chaos, the mall burns down with the cultists inside. As Goodman enters the portal, he encounters the same mysterious delivery man who ran into Linda: Uncle Wiley. Featuring: Jaime Lyn Beatty, Jeff Blim, Corey Dorris, Angela Giarratana,  Lauren Lopez, Robert Manion, Jon Matteson, Curt Mega, Joey Richter, Dylan Saunders, James Tolbert, Kim Whalen, & Kendall Nicole Yakshe. Hannah recounts an odd, ambiguous vision of an uncertain future ("What If Tomorrow Comes?").

After hearing this, Tom tries to persuade Lex to set aside a Tickle-Me-Wiggly doll for him, but Lex tells him that "that would be violating company policy" and tells him to get in line like everyone else, and that the line's backed up to Nordstrom.

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