an ideal american essay

Equality is a term that is not used lightly. However, no matter how hard America tries, it is somehow still difficult to meet the ideals expressed for the people in the Declaration of Independence. All have specific characteristics in common: unrealistically skinny & many times underweight, perfect style (which is quite expensive), they are always filthy rich, and of course happy. However, no matter how hard America tries, it is somehow still difficult to meet the ideals expressed for the people in the Declaration of Independence.

Essentially this was a law forcing voters to pay a steep tax/fee in order to vote.
Children, especially, got paid a significant amount of less money than adults.

There is a case from1912 when a white woman was raped by 3 black men in town. Another case where someone experiences the violation of their own rights is in the book “Zeitoun” written by Dave Eggers. Their original purpose was to deny African Americans the same rights and opportunities as white people in the south. Get a verified writer to help you with Living Up to the American Ideals.

Cumming benefited from the traffic of the gold rush in Dahlonega; however when gold was discovered in CA, and the tourists left, Cummings economy suffered. It was during this time the Klan began to wear white robes in an attempt of further intimidating blacks and to conceal their identity. This complication in Europe dealing with the religious persecution caused a rise in the population in the Americas, so even though it was a negative impact in Europe, it was a very positive impact in the Americas. 1. An ideal American should have great and noble qualities with loyalty and patriotism only being two. 03 2008. “The notion that America offers freedom for all í an ideal that unifies Americans and links present to past. More recently in 1987, a small group of blacks marched through town in Cumming to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday. Discriminatory legal barriers were enacted to prevent them from actually having a say, once again forcing the African Americans to fight for what was suppose to be a freedom. Freedom: ... We have so many distinguished events in the history of America. The American history suggests that since the beginning, the ideal citizen was one who did not think of settling for anything less than the best.

His respect for the President, even if he is from a different party, would show a desire for a better country without strife. You can view samples of our professional work here. He would support the troops because they are risking their lives to keep the Constitution in its proper... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Obeying the law is also a good trait for and ideal American. And, America as a whole tries to live up to the ideal of Democracy. A person may not have the same status, but the base of which someone can achieve a status is equal. American dream, by definintion an American social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especialty material prosperity. Honesty is very important because it shows other people what type of person you are. Physical punishments included beatings, whippings, and death by hanging. Type: Back when this country was first founded, the American dream was all about a better opportunity with chances to move up in life and live better. In these two sentences, Thomas Jefferson introduced a new outlook on the nation based on ideals. It is here in America where being noticed, commanding power, and/or being original and dedicated, are the virtues that people respect and Democracy is defined as a system of government founded on the simple principle that the power to rule comes from the consent of the governed. of the Conf. “The notion that America offers freedom for all í an ideal that unifies Americans and li... ...An ideal American is an honest, law-abiding, patriot. 493 words essay on An Ideal Citizen. Patriotism is a very important character trait, but it is not complete without diligence.

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