aoc agon ag251fz input lag

There are also a handful of gaming presets, none of which I felt the need to use for any length of time, plus a Shadow Control that adjusts the gamma so that you can see things more easily in dark scenes. The highest luminance recorded on this table was 380 cd/m², whilst the lowest white luminance recorded was 57 cd/m².

The alternative operating mode for the very lowest levels of perceived blur, ULMB, also featured.

The next step is to navigate to ‘Manage 3D settings’ in the Nvidia Control Panel and select ‘ULMB’ for ‘Monitor Technology’ as below. For the mixed desktop background, there are pronounced contrast and brightness shifts and even some colour inversion vertically at extreme angles. In our experience there are some titles that actually seem to work incorrectly if a graphics driver-enforced VSync option is selected.

In this graphic, darker greys represent lower luminance and hence greater deviation from the brightest point than lighter greys. This should be set to ‘G-SYNC’ as shown below.

With the ’Off’ setting there is a fair bit of trailing behind the UFO, particularly for the medium background, which adds to the perceived blur. There is no such thing as 240Hz ULMB on this monitor, so that is another sacrifice that users would have to make if they opt for ULMB. Once connected up everything should, in theory, be automatically configured for you so G-SYNC is ready to use. This gave a slight potential improvement in both ‘connected feel’ and decreased perceived blur. I mean that's the number 1 reason I bought this monitor. There is also a bit of over-extension for some green and red shades on this representation, which allows the monitor to output some shades in a slightly more vibrant way.

As we explore shortly, though, low frame rates are low frame rates regardless of the technology. ULMB requires a compatible Nvidia GPU and we would again like to stress that this option can’t be activated at the same time as G-SYNC.ULMB can be enabled by first setting the monitor to 100Hz, 120Hz or 144Hz via Windows or the Nvidia Control Panel. At these very high frame rates we found tearing and stuttering noticeable but not overly bothersome, at least compared to lower frame rates. This glows white when the monitor is on and orange when it’s in a low power state. G-SYNC and ULMB also work as intended, giving some Nvidia users some nice bonuses to the gaming experience Some slight weaknesses in pixel responsiveness, but nothing to worry about or that most of users would notice – even competitive gamersFairly unfussy design for a gaming monitor and good ergonomic flexibility. Some dark and dirty looking overshoot is also visible for some transitions. AOC AGON AG251FZ.

Having to cycle the setting from ‘0’ to ‘20’ when you want to activate it fully, and vice-versa, is a bit cumbersome. Note that we have no way to accurately measure input lag when G-SYNC is actively doing its thing.

Firstly; there is a significant increase in the levels of overshoot compared to the optimal ‘Overdrive’ setting we used for our earlier testing. Sometimes static interlacing patterns are visible, whereby shades are broken up into thin (often vertical) lines that alternate between a slightly lighter and slightly darker variant of the intended shade. Further information plus an alternative way to support our work can be found on this page.

The fact that 24 divides nicely into 240Hz was also beneficial in terms of reducing juddering when compared to 60Hz monitors running the same 24fps content.

Expensive for a Full HD TN model As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made using the below link. The preference for ULMB over G-SYNC, or the other way around, is quite an individual one. At 60Hz these patterns become more obtrusive, seeming to move on their own as a sort of shimmering interference mesh. We’d also like to add that the monitor was free from obvious overshoot even as the frame rate dropped, which is something we often see on G-SYNC models but not necessarily FreeSync models. There’s no G-SYNC to fall back with ULMB active.

The ‘Fast’ option is available on some newer GPUs, such as the GTX 1070 used in our test system. It was clear (pun intended) from the UFO Motion Test pursuit photographs earlier on in the review that perceived blur was dramatically reduced with ULMB active. Most users will find the clarity to be excellent even with the default setting of ‘100’, but given the fairly high brightness potential even with ULMB on this monitor, you may like to experiment with lower settings. All blocks, including these first few, became much lighter and more distinct if you lowered their position on the screen.

The screen flickers at a frequency matching the refresh rate of the display (i.e. In terms of brightness we felt the monitor did better than many models with strobe backlight technology enabled as we found it more than bright enough at ‘100’ brightness, even at 144Hz.

The following table shows the deviation between each point and the brightest recorded point. The ‘Weak’ setting cuts back on this significantly, with just a slight powdery trail remaining. You can see obvious shifts in the Lagom text striping as viewing angle is changed. The overshoot is most noticeable with the medium background, perhaps marginally weaker at 144Hz if you look at the initial trail.

G-SYNC – the experienceWe ran a broad range of game titles on the monitor and found G-SYNC working as intended on all of them. We found the benefits most pronounced at frame rates that were a fair bit lower than the 240fps maximum supported by the monitor, however. Whilst not a scratch on some VA models with much stronger contrast, the overall atmosphere in such scenes was pretty decent. The first row of blocks blended into the background well, which is acceptable for the ‘2.2’ gamma curve anyway.

Essentially the technology allows the monitor to dynamically adjust its refresh rate to match, where possible, the frame rate outputted by the GPU. It’s also interesting to see that the monitor supports 144Hz ULMB, as 120Hz was the limit for most monitors we’ve tested this technology on previously. There are a few other tweaks that can be made, but the core combination of 240Hz and FreeSync clearly puts this display ahead of most others. It was very capable of delivering a solid 240Hz performance, with little compromise, for users of both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Lowering your head or raising the screen did affect the visibility of darker bands, though, which is typical of TN viewing angle behaviour. Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx. All of these viewing angle characteristics are typical for TN models. Last but not least; the ‘connected feel’ isn’t as good at 144Hz as it is at 240Hz.

This is a good practical speed to take such photographs at, highlighting both elements of perceived blur nicely.

Then again, for competitive gamers or those whom value responsiveness above all else this monitor is certainly a strong contender.The bottom line; an exceptionally responsive monitor with some nice Nvidia-specific features and decent image quality once you accept it’s ‘still a TN panel’ – the restrictive resolution and price may turn some users away, though.

There’s no G-SYNC to fall back with ULMB active. Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNCThe second setting of interest is VSync, which can be set to one of the following; ‘On’, ‘Use the 3D application setting’, ‘Off’ or ‘Fast’ (GPU dependent).

Furthermore, a factory reset does not actually change the colour channels for some reason. There is no such thing as 240Hz ULMB on this monitor, so that is another sacrifice that users would have to make if they opt for ULMB. The green camp can also benefit from G-SYNC or ULMB, which are of course key features of the monitor. Battlefield 1 is one such example, although this may have been some sort of bug with the graphics driver or current game version we were running.

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