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"I'm the most competitive among supercompetitive people," says Coughlin, a senior psychology major at Berkeley who maintains a 3.5 GPA, trains upwards of five hours a day, and juggles at least seven events in a typical NCAA meet (the 100- and 200-meter freestyle, the 100 and 200 backstroke, the 100 butterfly, and several relays).

- Climbing in Sinai. She has since worked in media and communications, publishing a series of illustrated children's books, and delivering motivational conferences around the world.

As was the case on Nepal's 28,169-foot Kanchenjunga in 2000, if she doesn't think she can ascend safely on her own, she'll turn back—even when she is just shy of the top.

It won't take you anywhere. Graduated in Physiotherapy.

Most impressive: Their clothes work. Segarra is intimately aware of the possible cost of climbing K2. Growing up in Sweden, she dabbled in ballet, competitive cycling, jujitsu, and diving. —ROB BUCHANAN, TANYA STREETER 30 Freediver Austin, Texas

Graduated in Physiotherapy.

—SHANTI SOSIENSKI, ALLYSON FELIX 18 Sprinter Los Angeles, California —DIMITY MCDOWELL, NICOLA KELLY 29 Extreme Kayaker Gore, New Zealand

SAYS WHO: "I can see why she's compared to Marion Jones," says Angie Taylor, Felix's coach on the 2003 U.S. national team, "but I just see her as Allyson Felix, and I see her as being phenomenal." She talks about having children and shows me her engagement ring. "The number of events she's capable of winning is absolutely mind-boggling."

"I'm too superstitious to say exactly what they are, but basically I want to free some of the bigger stuff on my own."

But on K2, there has been a death for fewer than every four ascents. Now she's a homeschooled skater who spends her days riding alongside sport legends Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek at the most famous skate park in America, the Encinitas Y, and traveling to pro skate-offs around the world. Segarra is preparing for K2 by acclimatising on Gasherbrum I, another, easier 8,000m-plus peak in the Karakoram. Her first 8,000 peak had been achieved 9 years earlier, on May 23, 2001, when she climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. SAYS WHO: "Hilaree has an unmatched, easygoing attitude, mental and physical toughness, and endurance," says Cummings, 38, former world extreme-skiing champion. Eight years on and K2 has not had another female ascent. We welcome suggestions & criticisms -- and we accept compliments too. She also runs weeklong Chicks in the Chugach heli-skiing camps, designed to teach women to feel as comfortable ripping through the backcountry as she does. Grab it. Yet.

Thank you.

—SHANTI SOSIENSKI Clark's apprentice work, broadcast on ESPN's Expedition Earth in the early 1990s, had her following round-the-world balloon attempts and chasing big cats in Africa. With that, she takes another call on her mobile and, waving with her free arm, wanders slowly into the crowd. To climb hard routes, it is essential to have a strong connection to your partner, and I've had this with both men and women." Then, at the Grand Prix Banamex meet, in Mexico City, she clocked 22.11 in the same event, a junior world record. 'Oh,' she says. Her first book “Not so high, Not so difficult” addressed to the business environment, sport environment and personal growing, has been published in Spanish, Catalan and Italian. WHY SHE RULES: Renata Chlumska is one of those maddeningly natural athletes who makes every undertaking look easy. [2] Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner equaled her two days later when summited Lhotse. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database.
On May 18, 2009, Pasaban climbed the Kangchenjunga with, among others, Juanito Oiarzabal and the Polish climber Kinga Baranowska. [7] On May 3, Oh had an hour long discussion with Hawley in Kathmandu, in which she asked Oh about the details of her Kangchenjunga climb. She looks like she's been painted by Picasso. Know when new reviews are published We will never sell or share your email address with anybody and you can unsubscribe at any time, We will never sell or share your email address with anybody and you can unsubscribe at any time. Climbing psychologist Geoff Powter thinks climbers have a 'repeating personality syndrome', a desire for constant change to create excitement. No wonder many think Wall is the toughest woman in the Rockies. Opening a new route. Be aware that while we do our best to avoid spoilers it is impossible to disguise all details and some may reveal crucial plot elements. MESSAGE - Nature is beautiful but dangerous. - Rock climbing in Welcome Spring (USA) reaching 7c+. One of her brothers, now a computer programmer, dragged her underground when she was just 15, but then, as Segarra says, 'I saw the light and went climbing instead.'.

But what makes her adventures truly remarkable is that the German-born traveler has been completely blind since age 12, and her wanderlust is fueled by a simple goal: to help others. WHY SHE RULES: "In high school I hung out with smokers," says Lesley Tomlinson. When I asked Segarra if she is preoccupied by the fate of her predecessors, her face darkens. Beyond that, she's saving her legs for the 2006 Winter Games, in Turin, Italy. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Even those who have climbed in the Alps or the lower Himalayas, find it hard to understand the appeal of such a brutal and capricious mountain.

K2 is not only harder, it is more dangerous: for every 10 ascents of Everest there has been one fatality.

'This word mad. "At the end of that race," says the Scotland-born sailor, "I decided I didn't want to wait for other people to put teams together."

But throughout the summer of 1995 she was unsettled by the ever-changing weather.

"I'd like to climb every spring in Alaska for the rest of my life," Wall says with another grin. FORWARD SPIN: Clark's new Nova film, which follows extreme scientists studying subglacial water in the French Alps, debuts in January. (50 min.)

[1] Her first 8,000 peak had been achieved 9 years earlier, on May 23, 2001, when she climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. She often worked as a waitress in her parents' restaurant. "https:" : "http:") + '//'; Her ascent was chronicled in the the IMAX documentary EVEREST. —FLORENCE WILLIAMS The complete seies of "Tina at the 7 summits" has been traslated to Chines.

Araceli será la primera española en subir a la cima. Help fund our award-winning journalism with a contribution today. McMichael plans to compete in triathlons until she's 80.

"I think I'll be quite popular on the kayak scene."

Since then, she has climbed all over the world, from Patagonia in Chile, to the granite walls of Yosemite in California and the Alps, where she has tackled many of the hard classic climbs that mark the dedicated climber's apprenticeship. "Commit first and figure it out later" has long been Tompkins's M.O. —DIMITY MCDOWELL, LESLEY TOMLINSON 43 Endurance Mountain Biker Vancouver, British Columbia 1000m, V 5+ 5c A2 (France). With that she exceeded Kaltenbrunner and Nives Meroi and she became the first woman to climb twelve eight-thousanders.

The trip took 45 hours. —KATE SIBER, EMMA RICHARDS 29 Round-the-World Sailor Cowes, Scotland

ExWeb Oh Eun-Sun report, final: Edurne Pasaban takes the throne, Top-5 women to reach more eight-thousanders, with dates, "Shisha Pangma: Edurne Pasaban summits - completes the 14x8000ers", "Is Korean Oh Eun-sun first woman to climb 14 top peaks? Our mission to inspire readers to get outside has never been more critical. << /Type /Pages /Count 26 /Kids [ 208 0 R 209 0 R ] >> Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE & LANGUAGE on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest depending on quantity & context |more|, Print a page, share with friends, and yes, please go ahead and email links. "To think my grandchildren may grow up without coral reefs—that's abhorrent," she says. Mountaineering historian Audrey Salkeld was part of Segarra's expedition that year and admired how she coped with the pressure.

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