arena of valor tier list mage

We have a good amount of mobility and range so getting onto the carries won’t be as difficult for us but killing them is an entire different story. Skewer, like with any physical hero, is a must for the penetration. Having HP combined with our extra defenses makes us that much harder to be killed while still being a damage threat to all enemies. A great Enchantment build for Roxie would be: Devourer restores our HP and Mana by a percentage whenever we score a kill or an assist. Controlling mid lane vision allows you to ambush the enemy who are trying to get vision near these neutral objectives easier. At start harass the enemy jungler and make his life hell, after that just roam and be a nuisance wherever you appear, if that’s your jam Superman is number 1 pick for you. Start with Wind Shift, followed by Wind Blade, and after a few auto attacks use Tornado.
Movement Speed synergizes well with our S2 bonus Movement Speed and our Ult since we’ll be able to aim easier by moving faster. Thane has an ungodly amount of AoE damage, if well placed and multiple targets get hit, it can catch the enemy team off guard. Because of this, we must focus on our close surroundings, ignoring side-lanes at the start. These Arcana give us, Attack Damage, Armor Pierce, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Armor, and HP. If not behind in items and levels, her presence can be enough to prevent the enemy from approaching.

All of this plays well in hand of this mighty split pusher and one-vs-one powerhouse. Even though we don’t have hard CC, our slow still makes it harder for divers or assassins to get close to our allies.

Relatively long cooldown, single target, short-mid range. The above-mentioned combo, when you add ultimate Lethal Rays to it, will melt away even the tankiest of heroes. Our best is to be patient and wait for an opportunity to go for the enemy carries while protecting our ally carries from Assassins or divers. The bonus damage is based on our Ability Power and can help increase outburst damage further or finish off low HP enemies. Explosive Shield gives us tacks every time we get hit by an enemy hero. She has great wave clear with her ultimate for defending towers safely. In the Late Game, both teams will grouped up as 4-5, battling for towers and neutral objectives. While awesome on paper, Barrel Bomb is extremely difficult to utilize properly, and very hard to land against opponents who know what they are doing. He needs a blue buff all the time, otherwise, he can’t spam as much and his harassing ability diminishes by a large margin. A shield that recharges when you damage an enemy and gives crowd control immunity, which makes Rourke a pretty tanky Hero, and if things get too hairy you can still just Bolt out. Long-range abilities. Holy Verdict increases our Magic Pierce so we can deal even more damage against all targets since we will be able to partially ignore their defenses. At least until he builds Muramasa, Enzo’s damage on at least decently armored characters is negligible. We can activate our Ult, then use Mark of Frost, making us immune to all damage and yet continuing to damage enemies since the Ult has a prolonged effect.
The ability to generate additional gold simply by being around is often overlooked. Great Buffer. Ability to avoid skill-shots and kite by constantly moving. Using our Ult on the right target is also extremely important and will depict how well we’ll be able to perform as Aleister. If solo in the lane, make sure to fight among enemy minions, they won’t hurt much but will provide an additional chance for a counter-attack. TeeMee is maybe the only competition in this department. If we’re against multiple enemies who have a lot of CC, we can take Mother Earth Cleansing instead since that dispels CC. Keep your distance, stay at max range while poking with Mischief, immediately run backward unless you are teaming up with your jungler to outnumber the enemy. Axe of Sacrifice increases our damage but also increases the amount of damage we receive. There is no safe distance from Zephys while on the same token his damage reduction makes him dueling powerhouse. Shock, his ultimate can be interrupted and most foes know this. Yena can either be more damage oriented or tanky. If a gank opportunity doesn’t present itself, we can scout the enemy jungle. and we can reveal their location if they are nearby, even if they’re invisible. They are stationary most of the time, and the splash radius is pretty big so it makes the hits much easier. Figuring out where they started allows your team to be prepared for their first gank or even set up countermeasures in advance. most Mages, Azzen’ka, Krixi, Sephera, etc. You are the main initiator of a team fights, surprise the enemy team with Bull Rush than cast Cracked Earth right into the core of their team. Items like Arctic Orb, Bow of Slaughter, Mother Earth Magic Eye, etc will make our job even harder at this stage of the game. This works well with your S2 and synergizes even better with the defense shred from our S1, increasing your team’s magic damage even further. Trade a few blows, and you’ll end up with the same health you started with, while they should be down by a chunk. Holy Thunder deals bonus damage when we auto-attack or cast abilities on enemy heroes, which helps us with our burst damage and overall damage output. Take ultimate whenever you can. Without ultimate his chance of survival is really thin if you are not using some defensive builds. A long-range objective oriented marksman, Fennik can be extremely dangerous when ahead of his enemies. Getting vision in the enemy jungle helps our team prepare for enemy jungle ganks or we can even set up a counter gank or counter invade. With the right set of items, Tel’Annas is a fearsome foe and everyone will think twice before rushing into the enemy team with her around. Your email address will not be published. Maddie Ziegler Mom, If team fighting is becoming rather difficult for us, we can focus more on protecting our ally Marksman, since our S2 can protect them pretty well from assassination attempts. Since he is also great at dueling and has good mobility, it will be hard for the enemy to catch us, as long as we are vigilant when it comes to the map. Too weak when behind in farm. Superior scaling due to passive Cleanse CC with S1 True Damage, Great at cleaning up escaping enemies Decent at split pushing. Armor Pierce allows us to penetrate a part of the enemy’s defenses increasing our damage, especially against targets with low armor. They are very good fighters and they hit the enemy with extreme force. When roaming, we want to focus more on harassing the enemy jungler revealing their starting position, rather than ganking unless the enemy side laners are being extremely aggressive or our side lane allies have hard CC. In the Late Game, both teams will be grouped as 4-5 fighting for control of Dark Slayer, Enraged Abyssal Dragon, and towers. Veera’s ultimate Inferno Bats and Mesmerize are auto-locked and they target an enemy automatically. Split push. The Cooldown Reduction is extremely helpful since we rely heavily on our abilities and our S1 has a long CD. With this, you should be able to kill the mage or ADC easily. If the enemy chooses to ignore us, because we’re immortal, we can continuously damage enemies. Be cautious if you are using your ultimate to initiate fights if you are not careful it could teleport you near their tanks or warriors with less health and then you are in a pickle. She has tons of sustain built into her skill set. Kil’Groth falls off a bit here but he is still very strong, due to his sustained DPS, recovery effects, and immunity to CC. Follow up with Crash Mode to prolong the disable on the enemy and if you are above level 4 move behind the target and use Exterminate, once it starts knocking back the enemy, stick to him and try to lad as many of them as possible. When he isn’t previewing the next big event for Fortnite or Call of Duty, he can be found reviewing anime, video games, or just crafting away in Final Fantasy XIV, waiting impatiently for the next expansion or patch to drop. Ryoma has a very long range for a melee champion, and his high burst damage, that also provides a life steal, is the main reason why this hero is a popular choice in all leagues. This is somewhat compensated with Hercules’ Madness which will provide more toughness and damage, yielding more time for the life-steal to kick-in. Death timers are so long that just landing S2 on one priority target can win the game for your team. Critical chance arcana are alright but they are more suited for the early game. Magic Pierce allows us to bypass some of the enemy’s Magic Defense, allowing us to deal more damage against all heroes, especially enemy carries since their defenses are already low. Your first ganks may not be the strongest, but once you complete your Loki’s Curse, your damage will magnify greatly.

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