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From high school study to professional auditions and performances, the monologue exposes the heart of a play and the capacities of the performer. This new collection brings together 30 monologues from contemporary Australian plays. Gary: If I think of what I was like, of that man, Gary, it’s like he was in another life, another time, in a bad dream. Let us know of any other great Australian monologues in a comment below. She was meant to be at work. I’m a city boy, born and bred. As part of our touring program we regularly hold monologue workshops using text sourced from Australian playwrights. There was a spray that Dad breathed in and now I don’t have the eggs. If you wish to give your opinion on this list of best Australian plays or make any recommendations, please leave us a comment or send us an email.

(Silence) The tumour wiped out half my organs, my body can’t support a baby. And so I know there’s trouble. Must be hard for you, Rhonda, with all those kids. Woman from Welfare says, “it must be hard. Newly listed scripts
Here are a few shorter monologues for your consumption from Joanna Murray-Smith’s Honour. (Smiling) When it penetrated her, Saint Teresa could smell the burning flesh of her heart.

I was ready to endure the heat or cold, to forget about comfort, to find something to fight for, something to believe in, to believe in so completely and worth dying for. It would have no meaning…. That despite my big smile and congratulations I’m green and I’m bubbling and I’m thinking, you bitch, I hope it fucking dies inside you, you bitch. So I say, “No. But I couldn’t let her down – and if I hear you mention either grapes or the Murray to her now, I’ll kick you so far they’ll have to feed you with a shanghai. Not here. I was watching you pick these. And we are constantly adding more and more every week. It’s like the sound of a V8 in the distance.

“What accident?” “A fire. Somehow, I think Mum knew.

You’d like the trams, especially at night. The band, in a row laid back, handsome. Not as good as your play. My mother steals flowers from her neighbour’s front garden so every morning she can have fresh flowers in her vase for Saint Teresa’s portrait. And after the birth which was fucking torture, mad people cooed and gurgled and talked in high pitched voices. It was as if he was made up, put together, shaped from paper mache or clay. If you have chosen a monologue and need a hand rehearsing the speech we discuss some audition tips in how to rehearse a monologue. There’s been a fire. I know it and she knows it. retching the whole time. Quick Monologue Tips: Find a monologue that fits you and your experiences. This site uses cookies to improve your experience: Top Monologues for Film, TV, Theatre and Internet Auditions, Contemporary and Original Monologues on MB, Monologues for all Nationalities on Planet Earth and Beyond, Most Powerful Comprehensive Monologue List Online, Original Internet Resource for Contemporary Monologue Material, Top Worldwide Monologues from Published Plays, Worldwide Monologues for Internet Content Creators, Contemporary Monologues from Published Plays. Like, what the fuck! I’m sorry”. That I’d sat quietly back and lead a sweet, unrestrained, anonymous life? Every night on the news. A right word a soft word at just the right moment straight down the ear hole, ping bullseye, right to the hungry spot, ping and then ah, ah, that was it. Bastard. I would breath out, relax and they would sit and put a hand out somewhere on the table, it would contact my hand and ping down the arm would go, the message and it would run up the shoulder into the head, down whiz straight to the heart and zoom, zing the genitals aflame. But I would be talking in clichés. But that day, when we’re wagging school and drinking sweet wine in the backyard she decides to come home. I missed your body.

I can hear you. Everything that matters happened here. © 2018 Imprints Booksellers. Users with a subscription can also open up a preview copy of the text, read the monologue in full and understand it within the context of the text as a whole. I kissed my first boy in that shed. PIP is sitting in the garden. On his sick bed. Can you look at one human being and see only one human being, or do you have to see millions of others standing behind in a crowd that stretches to the horizon? We’re as good as you. We have put together a list of Australian monologues for men and women. It’s my life and I like having a man around. Went on a tour of that poet’s house. Talk about the Me Generation! And while I’m holding the coke bottle for him to pee in, he’d look at me and Honour has sacrificed her writing career for her husband of 32 years George, an acclaimed journalist. Wish I knew how. How do you see them? for Men Thinking we were totally it. It’s a career move for ‘em. And then, I don’t know how they did it but the water turned bright red. If you’re looking for an audition piece that’s comedic or dramatic, we’ve got some great monologues to choose from! It’s knowin’ that that brought me down this time, broke and – and when I would have given anythin’ to have stopped up there. Now now now do the next bit, come over they seem to be screaming. Our new database of hand-selected monologues offers a huge range of searchable options that will help you track down the perfect piece for auditions and assessments. I’d been waiting for it for a long time. My mother works in a shoe factory. On the raft was this pile of animal innards with candles sticking out of it. Our current offering of 1133 monologues from 621 plays will continue to grow as we fill gaps in the back-catalogue and process new plays as they become available. I boot a seventy-yard drop kick straight through the centre. I’d make him die slowly for what he did to you. He is pleased to have made her laugh.)

And suddenly Mum’s standing at the back door.
Blog ePlay Lists . But I liked it. The magazines are tellin’ ya that, the newspapers, the telly. Or someone could walk up their timing perfect, and stand fitting the shape of me. I’d cut his balls off. All Rights Reserved. You must see it. I missed your jokes. mind doing that. So… pulsating. Classical Monologues. Just a couple of words, he says it: “There’s been an accident”.

Love me, me, me, me, all of me. All this nonsense about personal identity and self-growth and being fulfilled! I’d look at it … and we’d do it. Another great resource for finding monologues and Australian plays is AustralianPlays.Org. And they’ll all tell ya they had a tough life. From high school study to professional auditions and performances, the monologue exposes the heart of a play and the capacities of the performer. We are happy with ourselves.’ That’s all anyone said while I was there. We are sharing these for educational reasons and to help promote the work of Australian playwrights. and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. The database provides access to the full text of thousands of titles and a huge selection of hand-selected monologues for audition and study. Then these other people dressed as astronauts and red indians ran round and round the pond screaming and then they lit this fire and threw copies of the Mona Lisa into it. Everybody’s richer, everybody’s more beautiful, and everybody’s got more… purpose. It’s not hard to understand why - monologues are so integral to the performer’s craft, from student examinations and tertiary auditions, to the pursuit of employment on the professional stage. Leaves drift from trees. I promised myself to be ready, for new experiences, to try anything, wear new clothes, taste foods I’d never known, travel exotic places, hear languages new to my ear. If you don’t see one you like, keep checking back! And ya know the rest of the world is havin’ a better time.

June 28, 2020 June 28, 2020 MB Team American Monologues for Men and Women, Australian Monologues for Men and Women, British Monologues for Men and Women, Contemporary and Original Monologues on MB, Monologues for a Shoestring Actor Budget, Monologues … Always ‘us’, ‘all of you’, ‘we’, ‘them’. If I knew, but I’d go and kill him. Not even after all the sick saliva seeps into I duck one lumbering giant, spin around a nifty dwarf of a rover, then I catch sight of the goals. Who’d care if it was bad when afterwards the sweat No fucking way. Stella got such a scare she started to vomit. (Pause.). Anyway, Carol says it’s not Nathan they’re after, it’s about your kids. When you visit our Power Search page, you’ll find the existing play search features are now complemented by dedicated search criteria for monologues, which allow you to filter by age, genre, gender and length. ‘How far along?’ ‘Any names picked yet?’ ‘What are you craving?’ But I don’t let on what I’m craving.

I happened to get famous and now you’re going to use my fame against me because you’re not happy with yourselves? Barney, who he is speaking with in this monologue, is his larrikin best friend. The monologue should be relevant to the performer, and a revelation to the audience. And then he says it. I was nine. The monologue should be relevant to the performer, and a revelation to the audience. I push her in her pram to the shops because I’ve run out of baby swipes.

[Beat] I will never have children.

I didn’t want to come home, but I had to.

Australian Monologues for Men and Women . If you are auditioning for drama school, or a theatre production, make sure you check out our Australian monologues below: NOTE: we have permission to use these monologues from Currency Press. He sensed there was something else. We are always trying to improve our monologue lists for your benefit. They leave their shit-ass state school and live on the dole in their diddly bumfuck nowhere suburb. These monologues are not to be shared or reproduced. it’s not hard.” Though it is.

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