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Hags have a natural cruelty to their nature, making many of them Evil alignments. [2] However, even creatures as indisputably vile as hags were known to show affection for certain things other than themselves, some even going so far as to demonstrate motherly devotion towards others, although by no metric was this a common occurrence, nor did it necessitate such hags be generally benevolent or proud of this fact. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell.Night Hag Blood. Under normal circumstances, these resources would be used conservatively, but when their lives were at risks they would use any item in order to save themselves. Speed. But occasionally, sometimes they will raise their young. Night hags take perverse joy in corrupting mortals as do their half-hag offspring.

Hags have an ageless code of conduct; hags announce their presence before crossing into another hag's territory, bring gifts when entering another hag's territory, and break no oaths given to other hags-provided that fingers weren't crossed when the oath was made. Her followers found themselves twisted by the malevolence infused in what once was her blessings, her water-walking prophets becoming sea hags, sweet-voiced songs becoming green hags, and powerful protectors becoming annis hags. Once each month, on the night of a full moon, hags took part in the vile ceremony, which started an hour before midnight and ended an hour after. Archived [5e] Blood Mage/Hemomancer. This magic took on a multitude of forms, ranging from unique rituals to magic items, all of which were strange and unusual in the sense that they didn't follow the normal rules for magic. Also of note was the Brew of Cegilune's Blessing, temporarily turning evil creatures that drank it into fiends for a week before permanently debilitating their vitality almost irreversibly.

5th Edition Statistics[1][2] Most Half-hags often become hermits or outsiders to escape the judgemental eyes of those around them. Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Long, frayed hair ringed their creased faces, but even though their faces were heavy from their malice, the glimmer of sly villainy could still be seen in their eyes.[1][4][5]. [5], Hags were also known to use certain magic items they had on them, whether having intended to use them at the start or deciding to later, and hags being what they were it was impossible to know what specific tricks they would have up their sleeves.

[2], Though hags were known to inhabit both the Feywild and the Prime Material Plane, many were known to settle where the divide between the two was thin, allowing them to interact with beings from both realms. [2] The land itself would become hostile, trees and vines attacking and dragging off passersby and fog turning the air toxic while concealing sinkholes and quicksand. Desperation was the best bargaining tool of a hag, the common factor in a majority of their dealings being that others sought them out for help even when aware of their wicked ways out of sheer sense of necessity. Almost all types could take on the forms of regular old ladies,[1][8] but some could appear to be attractive youths, diminutive giants and even vaguely humanoid animals like bears.

These plans used a combination of innate magic, supernatural items and techniques, guile and help from others. Carnivore[5] The ritual for creating a hag eye was said to take anywhere between an hour to three days to complete, and required the full attention of the coven to complete. [8] One of the most widely told tales of hag reproduction had to be that of the changeling.

In which case see page 31 of the Players Handbook. Like their hag parents, half green hags prefer such settings and enjoy manipulating other creatures into doing their bidding too, masking their intentions behind layers of deception. Titles might refer to a negative personality trait, bad feeling, physical deformity, or matronly position, while last names often combined different body parts, animals, plants or gross substances. [2] All the standard sub-species of hags, in addition to night hags and silats, could also be found in the Domains of Dread. Thereafter, any creature that holds this iron token can have a whispered conversation with you, provided that you and the creature are on the same plane of existence and within 10 miles of each other. Her illusory form appears haggard at best.

[2], The arrogance of hags was so unimaginably great that they saw their magic as a challenge to the gods themselves.

However, compared to their dealing with mortals, hags dealt with fey creatures,[2] and other powerful creatures in general,[5] with greater respect. [1] They blasphemed deities whenever given the chance and often refused to acknowledge the powers that were.

Eventually, she began growing indolent and uncaring, gluttonously partaking in worship while giving little to her followers in return. A coven composed of (left to right) an annis hag, shrieking hag, and green hag.

The options are Green Hag, Night Hag, and Sea Hag. As a bonus action, you can deactivate any of your tokens at any distance, whereupon the token retains its current form but loses its magical properties.Annis Hag Blood. If it inspires courage, the sea hag wants it to cause fear.

Darkvision. Half-hags are always female, male half-hags are practically unheard of. [1][8], Still, the act of forming a coven still came with enough advantages to offset its annoyances for most hags, so they were not uncommon. As an action, you can choose a corpse no older than 5 minutes within 10 feet of you and feast upon it. and so the fearful races sought protection from that which went bump in the night. There were also several ways to gain access to the transformation, some hags simply living long enough to do it through force of will over time and others using certain resources, perhaps a ritual or coven, to speed the process up. [2], Another claimed method was even more direct, the use of magic to swap their spawn with those of other races while the original child was still in the womb, supposedly killing the mother, asleep at the time of the switch, at birth. Hags are typically feared by other races, due to their typical cruel natures. Three was the typical number of members in hag covens,[1] most commonly with each hag being a different type,[4] but any grouping of hags larger than that, the maximum in a single coven being thirteen, usually ended in catastrophe. You are proficient in the Intimidation skill.Sea Hag Blood.

The holder of the token can only hear your voice, not those of any other creatures or any ambient noise around you. 2e The child of a night hag faces far more prejudice from particularly the fey due to night hags history of being exiled from the Feywild. Examples: Black Morwen, Auntie Wormtooth, Rotten Ethel, Vallu Gsmom. 4th Edition Statistics[3] Sea hags live in dismal and polluted underwater lairs, surrounded by merrow and other aquatic monsters. The Rule of Three was a planar concept rooted in the realization that many realms and layers in the multiverse were arranged in multiples of three and hags, as well as other users of witchcraft, were known to embrace the concept. While most half-hags are simply unpleasant to look at, your appearance is almost as horrifying as the sea hag that spawned you.

[2], (From left to right) A bheur hag, hagspawn, and shrieking hag, It was a common belief of some that there were only five kinds of hags, a misconception. All hags were members of a grander pecking order both within their subrace and in the hag race as a whole, determined by age, powers, influence, allies, and experience. Cegilune was a silver-haired beauty whose worship spread across the world and who received constant attempts to court her favor. Alignment. Because hags weren't subtle about self-expression, it would immediately become clear when a hag wanted to have or observe something, such as an odd spell, magic item or person with bizarre magical abilities, sometimes snatching the object out of the holder's hands to perform more thorough examination. 4e In her glory days she was feared and wondered, but success breeds complacency and complacency breeds failure. 5e 4e 3e 2e Various depictions of hags Hag. You can innately cast the vicious mockery cantrip at will. Typically they consisted of a first name and then either a preceding title or last name to follow it. In more recent times, the hags, still beings of darkness driven by ancient spite, schemed to bring suffering to mortals. An "old woman" offers her fey visitors cookies.

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