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general list of everything you might want help figuring out, check out the Fierce Diety weapons and armor in action here. There is also a chance it will drop either the Traveller's Bridle or the Traveller's Saddle that you can equip in your horse of choice. Maybe scan it to TP first to increase chances, @EternalDragonX most of these can be found without the Amiibo. Credits to the original author, really well consolidated and designed. I've actually found all of the Breath of the Wild amiibo except for the Guardian but no Smash Bros Link. save. This game is a colossal beast. For international information, look on the individual pages. You can use this Helm as part of the Ancient Armour Set, it will give you the same Guardian Resistance bonus plus Cold Resistance Level 1. All showed you getting meat or fish or other crap. All I wanted was the Majoras Mask amiibo. @speedracer216 only Zelda amiibo will yield chests, others will only yield consumables. Haven't used either. Each item starts with only 3 defense points, but like your other starting equipment, it can be upgraded. In fact if you look around for sets, you still see a lot of 22s, but the newest sets are 23. It's nice to see the amiibo doing something unique and helpful. Fortunately, I found her anyway. The chest drops with assorted mushrooms. Get lucky and it will drop one of the following unique clothing items: There is also a chance that the chest will contain the exclusive weapon, the Legend of Zelda Sword. 94. Been riding around with Epona for a bit and she is great. Of course if you didn't register her at all she will come back with the next scan anyway. This Wolf will fight along side in battle, you will not receive any items from this amiibo scan. Sorry wild horses. Non-chest Items: The guardian spawns with a few metal chests which are well worth breaking open for the valuable gems, arrows, and machine parts found inside. I've gone miles off the beaten track, was supposed to go to that first village early in the game, still haven't but have seen other villages, just as well so I left Spotty back at the stables. Non-chest Items: Assorted meats and cooking materials. Or, you could just have a look on this page for a definitive list of what can drop from each amiibo instead of just the exclusive items. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MANY PAGES OF ZELDA AMIIBO ARE ON EBAY!? Well, only Wolf Link amiibo is available in my local game store.Maybe I will buy one.... for Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo to unlock Wolf Link as a Villager. Multiple series of amiibo are available. But I imagine all the breath of the wild and anniversary ones will get restocks. Non-chest Items: Assorted fish and cooking materials. Seemed like they secured a restock recently. They really, really need to restock these amiibo. Out Stock. I'm disappointed that Archer Link doesn't have a bowstring. Each item starts with only 3 defense points, but like your other starting equipment, it can be upgraded. While the helms are great, I do feel these amiibo should've also recharged each of their respective abilities without having to wait, but only once per day (for example the Revali amiibo recharging Revali's Gale). Get baffled with good fortune from the Rito mountains range and you might find the exclusive Divine Beast Vah Medo Helm. For international information, look on the individual pages. If you have played with it to progress in the Pit of Trials, it will have more hearts and be a much reliable aid. Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. Still, the models look fantastic. What ever happened to the: "The Amiibos will unlock items which you will be-able to unlock later in the game" I'm sure they said that before the game came out. One or two will tend to be explosive, while the others contain rupees and arrows. I'm not sure if you could really justify using amiibo just for some gear/materials in a speedrun, but it sure would be hilarious. No way he'd be able to go where I am. I know this is aged and I hope I'm not out of place for mentioning this, but as I don't care for the statuettes and really don't care for spending hundreds that essentially depend on the RNG Gods to work properly (the Twilight Bow has like a 2% drop rate only after you've freed a Divine Beast) as well as spending $60 on the game in 2019 and another $20 on the DLC, I just went to Amazon and bought the NFC cards for all of the amiibos for 25 US dollars. Discussion. It took me a couple days of scanning, but I got her to show up again. amiibo x Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I'm still miffed that the BotW links are really the least useful when it …

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