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They are waiting to learn if those results link Maskell to the death of a nun who, according to an attorney, was a confidant to young women who had been assaulted by the priest. The car was recovered October 18 on a road still under construction. Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik was last seen alive on November 7, 1969. Her purse and underpants were missing, and never recovered. But we must accept that we may never learn the truth behind her murder. Further evidence emerged in 2017, when police tested a DNA sample from Maskell with tissue preserved from the original investigation into the murder, tissue presumed to belong to her assailant. May 14, 2015. Ronnie Schmidt and Billy Schmidt were brothers who lived and worked in Baltimore at the time of the killing. They apparently lost the letter. The Washington Post. They were all young, attractive women, police said, who looked similar. At present, we have only speculation. It is impossible to state anything about these papers with any certainty, as they were never made public, and may no longer exist2. "Missing Nun's Body Found in Landsdowne." A writ of certiorari was granted by the Maryland Court of Appeals, which upheld the lower court decision, ruling in part, "...that the mental process of repression of memories of past sexual abuse does not activate the discovery rule. Laura Bassett. The methods used by therapists in the 1980s and 1990s have been called into question and even repudiated by many psychiatrists and psychologists (Loftus, et al, Schacter, et al). When interviewed for The Keepers, he admitted he had been the caller, but claimed the information was false, and he had no idea why he said it (The Keepers, Episode 6, "The Web"). [6] Residents at the apartment complex spotted Cesnik in her car at approximately 8:30 that night, and others spotted her car at the illegally parked location across the street around two hours later.[6]. Log in or register to write something here or to contact authors. In particular, she began speaking about abuse by other men, facilitated by the priest.6 She stands by many of these and relates them in The Keepers and elsewhere. He had spent the evening of November 7 in the company of Brother Peter McKeon. Davidson was later arrested after he stole a car and used it to try to pick up teenaged girls. "The missing nun was described as 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighing 115 pounds, with green eyes, blonde hair and fair complexion," according to The Baltimore Sun ("Missing Nun"). He was, in 1969, a young man with a history of violence. She also failed to return home. [6] On November 7, 1969, she left the apartment she shared with Sister Helen Russell Phillips at the Carriage House Apartments, at 131 North Bend Road in Catonsville, en route to the Edmondson Village Shopping Center to purchase a gift at Hecht's for her sister's engagement. [6] Cesnik's car, in muddy condition, was found by Russell's friends, priests Peter McKeon and Gerard J. Koob, illegally parked across from her apartment complex at 4:40 the next morning. The police eventually discounted him as a suspect. Showing more restraint than many people could muster, Marilyn left it unopened before turning it over to the police investigating her sister's disappearance. In the process they directed and, arguably, misdirected the public perception. The church was her life and the people important to her were in the church," said Armacost. All of this information she recovered in 1992 as a result of then-popular but highly controversial repressed memory therapy. Police learned that, in the early 1990s, Maskell ordered a significant number of boxes and bags of documents buried, at night, at the cemetery at Anne Arundel County, which was associated with Holy Cross Church. Their accusations, while certainly heinous, fall short of those made by Wehner. Ryan White. A fair assessment of the evidence currently available nevertheless suggests that, for now, the sexual abuse of students at Bishop Keough and the murder of the nun should be treated as separate cases that may or may not be connected. In fact, she claims, multiple people-- police, priests, and other staff-- abused her at Maskell's encouragement, typically in his office. As for allegations of sexual abuse, significant and credible evidence supports the claim that Maskell was a sexual predator. [citation needed] The case remains unsolved. One of Baltimore's most infamous cold cases, Cesnik's death is the subject of a new documentary series, "The Keepers," which releases May 19 on Netflix. The Baltimore Sun. "Netflix's 'The Keepers': Agenda-Driven Filmmaking Exploits a Nun's Murder." The police ultimately dismissed him as a serious suspect (Baltimore Police Department 1, Mandelbaum). They were last known to have been at shopping centers in the area, the same as Cesnik. 1995. J.T. Vol. They came immediately. The 1990s investigation did, however, find evidence of troubling behaviour by Maskell. His son, four years old at the time, claims that sometime around the murder of Catherine Cesnik, perhaps that very night, he went with Billy and some other men and he saw them throw something wrapped in a rug over an embankment. Occasionally, you will find a response to the show's central working theory. Chris Boyette. It is also possible she had already been abducted or killed and one of the killers returned her car at 8:30, though that scenario requires the killer or killers to have acted within a very short time-frame. Now, police are awaiting results of DNA from the body of Maskell, a priest who was accused in the 1990s of sexually assaulting young women.

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