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© Gerd Ludwig 2014. On April 26, 1986, the No. Here's how the real control desk of the Chernobyl plant looked on April 18, 1986, just days before the disaster. #, An aerial view of the damaged Chernobyl nuclear plant undergoing repair and containment work in 1986 Today, a partially constructed and abandoned cooling tower stands at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Schoolbooks lie on shelves in a classroom next to the door to a hallway of abandoned School Number 3. #, The majority of the liquidators were reservists ages 35 to 40 who were called up to assist with the cleanup operations or those currently in military service in chemical-protection units. A bulldozer digs a large trench in front of a house before burying the building and covering it with earth. 4 reactor. Here's an aerial shot taken after the explosion, while the facility was still … A Swedish farmer wearing anti-atomic gear shifts fodder contaminated by the radioactive cloud of Chernobyl in June 1986. An aerial view of the damaged Chernobyl nuclear-power plant, photographed a few weeks after the disaster, in May 1986. All Rights Reserved. Dima’s mother claims that Chernobyl’s nuclear fallout is responsible for her son’s cancer, but Belarusian officials are often instructed to downplay the severity of the radiation. #, A Soviet technician prepares a tank truck with a solution designed to decontaminate people's clothes and equipment in Kiev on May 9, 1986. Here's an aerial shot taken after the explosion, while the facility was still burning.

3. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. A major in the army, he was on duty when the Chernobyl explosion occurred. Institutions established with international aid in the aftermath of the disaster continue to provide much needed financial support to homes and orphanages housing children affected by the fallout. In April 2018, tourists walk in a symbolic alley with signs bearing names of villages and cities evacuated following the Chernobyl disaster. The New Safe Confinement sarcophagus covers the destroyed reactor on November 29, 2016.

These "biological robots" have only seconds to work—time to place themselves by a pile of debris, lift a shovel load, and throw it among the ruins of reactor No.

An estimated 800,000 liquidators participated in containing the reactor and the gargantuan clean-up efforts following the nuclear catastrophe. A worker wearing a protective overalls and mask works with boxes of contaminated vegetables on the landfill in Berlin in May 1986. 4 nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded; the resulting fires and nuclear fallout spurred a crisis for the people of the nearby city of Pripyat, Ukraine... and for those living miles and miles away. Horrible photos after the Chernobyl disaster – 27 April 1986: The first photo of the reactor was made at 4 pm from the helicopter, 14 hours after the explosion. Protective measures were taken for possible radiation poisoning from the Soviet nuclear accident.

#, A photo from Soviet television shows a man who was injured in the blast at Chernobyl as he receives medical attention. A doll, likely arranged by a tourist, dressed with a gas mask, sits on a chair among and old television and hundreds of gas masks lying on the floor of abandoned School Number 3. The examination is carried out in an individual, air-conditioned chamber via specially created openings to avoid direct contact and contamination. Locals believed they would be returning several days later. Visitors walk next to the new dome over the fourth block of the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Chernobyl on October 5, 2018, ahead of the official opening ceremony of a new one-megawatt power plant. #, A liquidator, outfitted with handmade lead shielding on his head, works to clean the roof of reactor No. [Vesnova, Belarus 2005] Victor, 70, a liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, watches news of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

Marina Pappas, left, and Chrisa Livanos, both mothers of students who returned from Kiev, hold up T-shirts reading "Kiev Was A Blast 1986" at Kennedy International Airport in New York in May 1986. #, An aerial view of the damaged Chernobyl nuclear-power plant, photographed a few weeks after the disaster, in May 1986 For Licensing Information, Please Contact Us, The Long Shadow of ChernobylPhoto Book Now Available, Gerd Ludwig Photography
This was his third thyroid operation. Thirty-one New Yorkers who came within 80 miles of the Soviet nuclear accident returned home three days early. In some areas, workers could not stay any longer than 40 seconds before the radiation they received reached the maximum authorized dose a human being should receive in his entire life.

A large area around Chernobyl was evacuated and is uninhabitable for thousands of years.
What went wrong with polls in 2016? #, An interior photo of a still-functioning section of the Chernobyl nuclear-power plant taken a few months after the disaster in 1986

Even though the Belarusian government is downplaying the role of Chernobyl, those scientists and medical personnel who are able to speak out openly see a clear connection between the increasing health problems and the radioactivity released by the disaster. Thirty-three years ago, a series of explosions destroyed Chernobyl’s reactor No.

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