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In addition to providing quality snakes, Ball Pythons, colubrids, Boas and Geckos. Learn more about these snakes and their unique adaptations below. We are more then willing to help meet your PVC enclosures and rack needs. We specialize in Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, Black Mexican King Snakes, King Snakes, Blood Pythons and much more. They have reddish colored scales with large blotches of red, orange, or brown. Yes, we can accept US dollars for your purchases. They also live in and around human habitation, which they like because of the various rats and mice that live near us. We are a small home based business and breeder located in the south of Edmonton, Alberta. Like most snakes, this species is solitary. We are a small home based business and breeder located in the south of Edmonton, Alberta. Please be advised there are very strict rules and guidelines to follow. Like many snakes, corn snakes also provide an important service to humans: they control rodent populations. WE ARE A HOME BASED BUSINESS, AN APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY, PLEASE TEXT 780-554-1504, CELEBRATING 10 YEAR AS A LICENSED BUSINESS 2020. We now build quality PVC enclosures and Rack systems. Let’s face it, rats and mice thrive near places where we live. We carry feeders and almost every supply you would need for your reptile. When I  meet Brandy Johnstone, neither one of us knew that the other liked reptiles/snakes until the day we went to pick her stuff up so that we may begin our lives together in Edmonton. Additionally, corn snakes are sometimes mistaken for the venomous copperhead snake and killed as a result. Sadly, people commonly mistake this species for the venomous copperhead, and this results in some unnecessary deaths. We reserve the right to sell animal if contact is not kept up, and payments are not met monthly. They live as far north as New Jersey, and as far south as Florida. But along with this, lighter pigments such as pinks and yellows are enhanced. If there is anything you are looking for ask and we will see what we can do for you. All snakes need heat and light sources; and your veterinarian or breeder can help you choose the best setup for your snake. Some of their favorite ecosystems are pine and oak forests, rocky outcroppings, wetland areas, and more.

Corn snakes and other species are great at catching pesky rats and mice. Others have described it as the colors are buried under some layer. Corn snakes hibernate during the winter, and are less active during cold weather. (An necropsy is required, at buyers expense, reimbursement if due to health/genetic defect of animal). We accept credit cards(transaction fee will apply) or Direct Deposit. Even though humans have selectively bred a wide variety of colors and patterns, corn snakes are not a domesticated species. Yes, corn snakes make great pets, but you should always choose captive-bred animals for pets. Our prices on the website are in Canadian dollars. 2020 Female Classic het Amel, Dilute, Lavender & Motley phet Hypo Corn Snake (NepAng20-05F), 2020 Male Classic het Amel, Dilute, Lavender & Motley phet Hypo Corn Snake (NepAng20-04M), 2020 Male Classic het Amel, Dilute, Lavender & Motley phet Hypo Corn Snake (NepAng20-07M), 2020 Female Butter Motley/Stripe Corn Snake (PieBli20-02F), 2020 Female Butter het Stripe Corn Snake (PieBli20-16F). In this site you will find our snakes to be beautiful and some to be unique.

When making payment plans, monthly payments are to be made on time. While rats and mice are easy to find, corn snakes also eat small birds, lizards, frogs, and more. However, because we have bred these snakes for color and temperament, some could consider them partially domesticated.

Speaking of veterinarians, remember that you will need to find one that is knowledgeable about snakes, and this might cost you an arm and a leg. Because of the light-coloured ring-like marking on the neck of the juvenile brownsnake, it may be confused with a ring-necked snake. Corn snakes are a species of snake in the rat snake family. Their abdomens have a black and white checkered pattern.
2020 Male Classic het Amel, Dilute, Lavender & Motley phet Hypo Corn Snake (NepAng20-07M) $150.00 Details. 2020 Female Butter Motley/Stripe Corn Snake (PieBli20-02F) $110.00 Details. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.

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