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Type of Dingo: Alpine

The humans call me Sassy for short and I am a gorgeous alpine dingo! Sex: Male She adores all dogs and dingoes and follows her older foster siblings around everywhere. The home of happy, healthy coastal-bred cattle. Specifically, a heritage breed chicken should have a long history as a pure breed, be able to mate naturally, be able to live a long productive life outdoors and have a slow growth rate. About: You might already know this but I have my own Instagram page, @wandi_dingo, which has over 50,000 followers! They are natural hunters that usually travel in packs that range in size from 3 to 12 animals. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2020. Other Info: Though we may look like Kelpies it’s more likely that they got the Black and Tan colour from dingoes than the other way around. He is extremely inquisitive and quick to make friends with people and other dogs. I hope to be as gorgeous as they are! The Orpington was developed in the 19th century, near the village of the same name just out of London. out the relevant information regarding dingo ownership via their
Traditional poultry is generally much more suitable for free-ranging the backyard or smallholding than modern commercial hybrids designed for industrial agriculture.

Ro has been learning basic training and manners from our volunteers and her practise walking on lead has been going very well. Sienna responds well to her name and is a very intelligent dingo who will need lots of stimulation and exercise to keep her beautiful mind satisfied. He. Other Info: I am an alpine dingo which means I have an awesome brush tail which helps keep me warm at night! She lost her parents at just a few weeks of age and was left to survive on her own. About: Listen up, my name is Beri and I’m one of the most handsomest cream dingoes you’ll ever meet… And don’t I know it! Companion: Tangle Egbert is a beautiful but shy wild born orphan is looking for a quiet environment to rest his paws. They are mostly ginger in colour, whilst in forested areas the fur can be a darker tan to black. Type of Dingo: Alpine I love all the volunteers because they give me food and treats and scratch behind my ear. At times they adopt a very aloof temperament but can also be taught to follow commands when inspired. Background: I was born in the wild in Victoria near a town called Jamieson. He too is the epitome of the farmyard rooster. She will often reach out and tap you with her paw to let you know that it’s time to divert all your focus to her!

Companion: Kimmi Sex: Male Other Info: I’ve been told I make quite a unique sound when I want food. Other Info: My story has been a blessing for dingoes all across Australia. Partner: Aussie. Sex: Male

Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2011. We do better on sand or salt flats! Burt loves cuddles and kisses and will happily sit on your lap for hours. My name is Crusoe and I have been blind since I was very small.

About: The humans think I’m one of the cheekiest dingoes at the sanctuary, but I just think I’m pretty clever! Colour: Ginger Companion: KeeKee This dog is also one of the few breeds that chooses a mate for life and will suffer a severe depression when their mate passes that may actually lead to other health problems. At Dingo Lane Farms we primarily produce the double-laced brown variety of Barnevelder but have recently introduced some “blue” genetics. The Orpington is an extremely docile hen, and a good broody and mother. This little man is an absolute sweetheart with a cheeky, but gentle soul. Other Info: I live with my brother at the moment but one day I will meet the dingo of my dreams! Age: Juvenile It requires the room to roam that a larger home or farm provides. Background: I was found all alone in NSW and rescued before coming to the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2015. @, Did you know that black and tan is a pure dingo co, Alpine dingo Hermione looking stunning today in th, Our pups got to adventure in a new yard today! A heritage turkey has a slow growth rate – it develops a strong skeleton and health internal organs prior to building muscle mass. Colour: Ginger with a little sable Age: Adult Like most wild borns, Ro is shy and a little timid upon first meeting but it doesn't take her long to warm up to people once she feels comfortable. I enjoy chasing and play-hunting the other dingo cubs and it’s a real blast! Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2009. About: Growing up I was actually a pretty shy dingo but my partner, Mahla, has helped bring me out of my shell and now I am training to be an ambassador dingo! Yera is a very happy and confident dingo pup.

Companion: Sooty Colour: Ginger AustraliaListed.com has classifieds in PUNCHBOWL, New South Wales for dogs and cats. Colour: Ginger About: When I first came to the sanctuary, I was very unsure and nervous. They are found broadly across Central Australia. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2008. Dingo Lane Farms breeds heritage turkeys in the following colour varieties: bronze, blue, bourbon red and white. Sex: Male It’s so nice getting to see Pumbah everyday and seeing how well he is doing and how famous he is now (and handsome!). Especially if treats are involved. Other Info: I feature regularly on Wandi’s Instagram account and is a superstar when it comes to presentations and meeting visitors! I’m a little wary of strangers but once I get to know you I am very friendly and cuddly. The average number of pups in a litter is around five.

She likes to sit back and watch her foster Mum go about her daily tasks. Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2017. Black and tan dingoes may also be called rainforest dingoes because we blend in well with a dark forested environment. Background: I was found in Northern NSW on the side of the road as a young cub. Burt came into care with his brother Ernie.

Sienna definitely lives up to her name, sporting a glorious and vibrant red coat, just like the sands of the great Australian outback. The Dorking is renown for its superior eating qualities but is also a reliable layer of good-sized white eggs. Background: I was born at the Dingo Discovery and Research Centre before I found a new home. Male Height (typical): 48-59 cm. Colour: Ginger I love to throw my head back and howl to make sure everyone knows where I am. http://www.dingoconservation.org/law.html. They are natural hunters that usually travel in packs that range in size from 3 to 12 animals. Sex: Female more details view here Background: I was born on K’gari but was smuggled off the island as a young cub to be a guard dog in Western Australia. I’m not a big fan of crowds but give me a quiet open paddock and some nice smells and I’m happy. The Wheaten Marans hen may vary in colour from pale wheaten to a darker clay. Companion: Bonnie Our aim is simple: to bring the same kind of cattle to market we would want to buy ourselves. Colour: Ginger Year of Arrival at the Sanctuary: 2013. Description – The Dingo is primarily a wild dog found all over Australia. This handsome man is a well rounded young dingo who loves people and other dogs. Dingoes don’t bark so I wasn’t a very good guard dog! When I get to know you I have a real cheeky personality and I love to play and chase!

That’s my way of letting you know I’m ok for you to pat me now- behind the ears please and on my rump, they’re my favourite spots. Australia Dingo Breeders. Yera is now available for adoption and ready to start his next wonderful adventure! Sex: Male

Colour: Ginger He walks well on lead in his environment but does need work walking on lead in new surroundings. Careful selection over many years has ensured a genetically diverse, pure dingo gene pool collection at the Sanctuary. Since they can scale trees, great care must be taken to eliminate any potential holes or other escape routes for the dog. I can be quite a shy dingo, but I love the humans that care for me at the sanctuary. Dingoes give birth to between one and ten pups.

Its naturally full coat of fur varies in length throughout the seasons to help protect the Dingo from the elements. He loves other dogs and gets a lot of confidence when they are around. His name means 'Joyful' in the Indigenous Australian language. Yera is a wild born orphan who is extremely lucky to be alive. The Dorking is reputedly the oldest described British breed having been brought to Britain by the Romans. Other Info: I often put my ears back to remind the humans just how much I LOOOOOOVE them. Colour: Ginger A large variety of domestic poultry breeds emerged across the different regions of the world and, in doing so, became part of our “heritage”. These turkeys were developed starting in the 1950s by aggressive genetic selection to produce a bird that lends itself to intensive production of cheap turkey breast meat in an industrial setting. I also have a little cowlick of hair behind my head which gives me a cute little mohawk. Sex: Male I make sure to keep Tangle in line!

Yera is taking the world by storm at his puppy classes, proving to everyone just how incredible dingoes truly are. Age: Adult Age: Adult The rules

Other Info: I have a unique colour pattern that sets me apart from the other dingoes at the sanctuary! I am a gentle dingo and enjoy getting kisses. Age: Juvenile Dogs4Sale. © 2016 Dingo Lane Farms.

Companion: Crikey At Dingo Lane Farms we are now refining the characteristics of our third generation of this breed and hope to have stock for sale by the end of 2017. I love people, car rides and meeting my adoring fans at our off-site events.
The Black Coper Marans has feathered feet. Apparently they don’t like my fun game of chase me around the paddock because I don’t want to come back in just yet! Age: Juvenile

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