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Lucas is a young romantic, and son of a powerful businessman. Sandra Echeverría. [4] It includes several members of the original production team, including screenwriter Glória Perez and director Jayme Monjardim.[5]. Karla and her mother go to the beach, where they are choosing the next one to be cheated by them. [4], The part of the telenovela dealing with Islamic customs and attitudes mixes traditions from diverse countries, rather than those of Morocco alone, and has been criticised for its inaccurate representation of these traditions, according to Barbosa. Several years have passed since Léo was born. Both Lucas and Leônidas are devastated by the news and Lucas' plans of running away with Jade are subsequently ruined. Lucas, who also is married, to Maysa (Daniela Escobar) and with a daughter, Mel (Débora Falabella) doesn't know he had been cloned 20 years before. Special participations in order of appearance, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/elenco/138129/lucas-ferrer, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/elenco/138120/jade, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/elenco/138715/leonardo-ferrer, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/elenco/138139/augusto-albieri, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/elenco/138735/cristina, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/elenco/138719/tio-ali, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/elenco/138726/latifa, http://www2.esmas.com/entretenimiento/telenovelas/el-clon/ficha-tecnica/, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_El_Clon_characters&oldid=945302933, Lists of Spanish-American television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Father of Lucas and Diego, in love with Cristina, Fertilization scientist, Godfather of Diego Ferrer, created Daniel, On and off relationship with Leonardo, had a one night stand with Diego, Was interested with Diego but later became the wife of Lucas, Brother of Mohamed and Nazira, Ex-Husband of Jade. There are also a few differences between the Brazilian soundtrack version and the syndicated one; some music was changed in order to make the people feel more identified, many Portuguese songs were changed to Hispanic American music when it aired to the Hispanics in the United States. Lucas's family does not accept his relationship with Jade and she is unable to leave her family to be with Lucas. [7], In January 2010, a remake in Spanish started to be recorded in Colombia. This limited run melodrama, which starred Mauricio Ochmann and Sandra Echeverría, deals with topics such as drug trafficking, cloning and Islam. Alicia, now away from everyone, becomes a maid and tries to seduce her boss. Marisa comprises all agree that Lucas go with Jade leaves the house on the road. The problem is that Jade was living in a country with a culture very different from that of an Islamic country. El Clon is an American television series created by Brazilian writer Glória Perez, and is broadcast by Telemundo. As part of the 2010 season, Telemundo aired the serial weeknights at 8pm/7c central, replacing Más Sabe el Diablo. Subsequently, Natalia becomes an alcoholic starts to abuse drugs. Has a daughter with Jade, Uncle of Jade and Latiffa, Albieri's friend, Maid and housekeeper of Ali, helps Jade frequently, Brother of Said and Nazira, Husband of Latiffa, Daughter of Lucas and Marisa, in love with Alejandro, Alejandro's friend and trainer, works at the gym, Raul's wife, Fernando's mother, receptionist at Leonardo's office, Clara's husband, Fernando's father, works at Albieri's lab, wife of Roberto, mother of Andrea, Obsessed with her husband, Husband of Lucia, father of Andrea, works for Leonardo, Hilda's daughter, Alejandro's ex-girlfriend, friend of Said, owner of a new club called "Salamandra", New husband of Jade, "niece" of Luisa, works at Albieri's clinic, Raul's girlfriend, worked in Albieri's clinic, Good friend of Dora, Nazira's husband-to-be (one episode only), son of Raul and Clara, Andrea's and Natalia's best friend, Luisa's friend, replaced Alicia at Albieri's clinic, Pablo's friend at the gymnasium, Vicky's boyfriend, friend Fernando and Natalia, a drug addict, Friend of Karla and Hilda, cleaner of Del Valle's house, Alejandro's competitor in the boxing competition, This page was last edited on 13 March 2020, at 02:43. At the beach, she meets a man who made her laugh while she was sad and so began a love sincere and very strong with she was happy. Jade and Lucas again have that thirst to be together, but to achieve the task will be to overcome several difficult tests and all downhill when Daniel appears in the life of Jade, making people swirling around Lucas and Daniel have serious problems in their lives... Escobar cannot regain Clara, and after several attempts, gives up, then Anita's friend Louise, seduces him, plays with him and tells him to get one that's worth. Created by Glória Perez.

Latiffa El Adib Rachid Letícia Sabatella: Cony Madera: Mohammed Rachid Antônio Calloni: Gerardo Reyero: Leónidas Ferraz Reginaldo Faria: Arturo Casanova: Zoraide Jandira Martini: Andrea Coto: Tío Alí El Adib Stênio Garcia: Esteban Siller: Nazira Rachid Eliane Giardini: Patricia Quintero: Dr. Augusto Albieri Juca de Oliveira: Alfonso Ramírez: Edna Albieri Nívea Maria Eventually, she goes back to Morocco. The following is a character list for the Telemundo telenovela El Clon (Hispanic Version). It also was an international success, selling in more than 90 countries. [9], "Último capítulo de 'O Clone' bate recorde de audiência", "Ibope de novelas desaba na Globo; veja a queda", "Encontro de Leo e Lucas rende picos de 63 pontos em "O Clone, Glória Perez talks about the remake of "O Clone" (in Portuguese), Extra Television Awards for Best Telenovela, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=O_Clone&oldid=984163621, Brazilian science fiction television series, Television shows set in Rio de Janeiro (city), Articles with unsourced statements from May 2009, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Alicinha (Alice Maria Ferreira das Neves). They separate and two decades pass. In the early 1980s, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Jade (Giovanna Antonelli), a young Muslim girl, is orphaned when her mother dies and has to go to Morocco where her uncle Alí lives. Lucas's twin brother Diego, is the candidate to inherit Leonardo's empire. Mauricio Ochmann. O Clone (English: The Clone ) is a Brazilian telenovela created by Glória Perez and directed by Jayme Monjardim. Mauricio Ochmann.

He never recovered fully from the death of his fiancée, and Diogo's death reinvigorates his distress. Then a strange turn of luck brings the pair together. Also, the Brazilian opening features the song "Sob o Sol" by Sagrado Coração da Terra, and the syndicated opening features the same video, but the music is replaced by "Maktub" by Marcus Viana. Thus, once she arrives in Morocco, she must learn all concomitant new traditions and customs, adjust to her new way of living, and face all the punishments she will be exposed to because of her conflicting personality and actions that go against her religion. As part of the production deal, Globo agreed to embargo distribution of the original Portuguese version for five years. While the telenovela's attention to issues of drug addiction won its creator an award, the portrayal of Arab-Muslim cultures has brought a critical response from different Arab-Muslim sources, according to a 2005 doctoral dissertation written about the program by Elizabeth Barbosa. One night while dancing, she falls in love at first sight with a stranger.

Said wants to see Jadiya happy and lets her see Jade every week, but Said has another wife who daily fight with Ranya, but is equally happy in their own way. Uncle Ali married Zoraida and both live happily together, she makes doesn't allow fighting at home but peace, in the end Ali accepts Jade back. Series Cast. Series Cast & Crew. Lucas is a man who lives among the luxuries from the success of Leonardo Ferrer, his father, owner of an exporting firm. Léo is born without complications, but Albieri wants to stay close to Léo and watch him grow up. Nazira escapes with Pablo and live very happy with him. Marisa asks that hospitalize her against addictions to avoid any harm to the baby. Back in Rio, a well-off family, the Ferraz, go to vacation in Morocco. Mohamed and Latifa live happily with his family, Samira's boyfriend decides to become a Muslim to be with her, so he is taught by Mohamed, who accepts the relationship.

Diego is a cheerful and enterprising conquistador that ends in a fight without truce with his father, because of his father's girlfriend. Meanwhile, in Miami, the scientist Augusto Albieri, upset by the death of Diego (which occurred on January 24, 1988), secretly cloned Lucas and implanting the embryo into Dora, resulting in an exact genetic clone of Diego: Daniel. See Soundtrack to see the list of music featured in the telenovela. On the episode of the first between Lucas and his clone registered 56 points and 63 points peak, with 73% audience share. Natalia, after having her baby had trouble breathing, improved and remained healthy. Todos los capítulos de El Clon en Audio Latino los puedes ver aca en www.elclonlatino.com Espero que disfrutes de la Novela Brasileña. Jade has become a mother and had to keep Said to educate her daughter to the customs of their culture provides, but Said has a contract with the Ferrer business. ... Lucas Ferrer / ... 183 episodes, 2010. Albieri had kept this a secret from everybody's knowledge and is trying to make it so that Léo and Lucas never meet and thus find out the truth.

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