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* Assisted Theresa with the drugging and rape of Ethan Winthrop. Six unknown siblings She even aligns herself with the evil Alistair, but is unable to use the information that he gives her to force Martin to be with her. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Pilar is played by Eva Tamargo from the show's debut in 1999. She was married to Michael Lemus from 1985 to 2003 and is sometimes credited as "Eva Tamargo Lemus".

The Lopez Fitzgeralds earned the wrath of Crane patriarch Alistair Crane in the… …   Wikipedia, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald — Infobox soap character name = Luis Lopez Fitzgerald series = Passions portrayer = Galen Gering (1999 2008) Brandon Tyler Morgan (2000 2002; flashbacks) Samuel Carmen (2004; flashbacks) first = Episode 0001 July 5, 1999 last = Episode 2231 August… …   Wikipedia, Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald — Infobox soap character series = Passions color = #D8BFD8 name = Paloma Lopez Fitzgerald Bennett portrayer = Silvana Arias (2004 2007) Hannia Guillen (2007 2008) caption1 = Hannia Guillen as Paloma Lopez Fitzgerald Bennett caption2 = Silvana Arias …   Wikipedia, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald — Jesse Metcalfe as Miguel Lopez Fitzgerald Passions Portrayed by Jesse Metcalfe (1999–2005) Adrian Bellani (20 …   Wikipedia, Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald — Infobox soap character name = Antonio Brian Lopez Fitzgerald series = Passions portrayer = Christopher Douglas (2001 to 2004; 2008) Joseph Tuccio (2007; as a spirit) first = October 1, 2001 last = August 7, 2008 creator = James E. Reilly caption …   Wikipedia, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane — Infobox soap character name = Theresa Winthrop series = Passions portrayer = Lindsay Hartley (1999 2008) Priscilla Garita (2004; temporary recast) first = July 5, 1999 last = August 7, 2008 cause = End of series creator = James E. Reilly caption1 …   Wikipedia, Martin Fitzgerald (Passions character) — For the Without a Trace character of the same name, see Martin Fitzgerald (Without a Trace character). She had immediately gotten a job working for the wealthy Winthrop family, becoming Ivy Winthrop's personal maid when Ivy was only a small child. * [http://www.soapcentral.com/ps/whoswho/pilar.php Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald profile - SoapCentral.com], Lopez-Fitzgerald family — The Lopez Fitzgerald family is a fictional working class Mexican Irish family in the fictional New England town of Harmony on NBC/DirecTV s daytime drama, Passions. Initially Pilar is overjoyed, but upset to learn of Martin's longtime affair with Alistair Crane's former wife, Katherine, with whom Martin had left town. Pilar had subsequently given birth to Theresa, Miguel and Paloma, and had never told of her involvement in the massacre to anyone except for Father Lonigan and Ivy Winthrop.

Martin and Pilar begin planning for their life together in 2006, and things only seem to get better when they discover that Rachel is alive after all. On August 4th, 2008 - the final week of Passions, Juanita Vasquez was finally captured by Sam Bennett, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald & Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. Divorced from Ethan but wanting him back, Gwen pressures Pilar to convince Theresa to stay away from Ethan, and to keep the secret from Ethan that Theresa's son Little Ethan is actually Ethan's.

Gabby Tamargo (daughter of Eva Tamargo) The character of Young Pilar. The secret had remained buried for twenty five years.

They had all been killed.

The family are evicted from their home in 2004, and Pilar becomes very ill, eventually being hospitalized. Contents 1 Sam Bennett 2 …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Family Trees: Scan the many branches of the Lopez family tree. Finally getting information on Pilar's whereabouts, Juanita executes her plan of revenge. Martin finally confesses to Pilar why he had left town, and Pilar admits that she knows about Alistair beating and raping Katherine, and about Martin helping Alistair cover up Sheridan's murder of her aunt, Rachel Barrett. This had continued for the next dozen years until Antonio had disappeared shortly after Luis graduated high school, at which point Luis had become a police officer and Pilar had been able to quit her second job.

* Believed that Martin was dead or missing for many years. The Haves and the Have Nots (TV Series 2013– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (son with Martin) In a twisted set of events, Candace calls her mother’s bluff by ignoring the fact that her mother is alive and standing in front of her. * Former maid of the Crane family. But before Pilar had been able to tell Juanita, Carlos had viciously raped Pilar; she in turn had struck him with a candlestick in self-defense and killed him. The battle was on with Katherine for the love of her husband.


Cornell. [2] She is the daughter of the Cuban journalist Agustin Tamargo [4] and Rosalba Nápoles. Ivy manages tell Ethan the truth anyway.

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