fallout 2 sierra army depot

This page was last edited on 6 September 2017, at 14:04. A dozens of well placed mines in conjunctions with mass of c4 launched exactly at correct moment should seriously cripple the attacking robots.

RSS Sierra Army Depot Pre-Alpha. The contents of the cryogenic storage include various brains and other body parts (most long since turned to soup), Private Dobbs (an experiment in the biorestorative properties of the bio med gel) and cryogenically frozen virus specimens such as Anthrax, Black Plague (Strain 238), Small Pox (Strain 1025), Ebola, and Hantavirus (Strain 304). Alternatively, you can just attempt to open it and lose a lot of hit points in the process.

Both men received severe shrapnel wounds, and both the corporal and the general suffered grievously damaged eyes.

Kill the robotic guards guarding the base. It seems that there are more Sierra Army Depots because the entrance of the building denotes this particular facility as Sierra Army Depot VI (6).

Super easy. After you've gotten the brain, go back to the third level, and go to the northwest room (it has a robotic body in a nearby storage room). Managing to fight or sneak past these turrets brings one to another problem: the blast door. Sierra Army Depot is a place where you can …

Although the medical staff were optimistic that allowing the eyes to regenerate in experimental bio med gel would work, so hasty was the evacuation, that the eyes were left behind. Sierra Army Depot appears only in Fallout 2. Then leave level 2 before doors close up and enjoy great rewards. Also the best sierra controller entry means the person who launched it the most time.

So having both good science and repair plus taking with you tools will make you go through the force fields much faster. The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. After you've opened the door, go and take out the 75 mm shell in the ammo crate (it's a bit heavy at 40 pounds). Past the guarded area, there is some ammo, as well as some batons and some armor.

This research effort and chemical cocktails used during this time were entirely separate from the FEV research program. (Use skill on the door itself, or on the round vertical emitters at the doorways). Shooting aggressive robots on level 1, 3 and 4 will never prolong or trigger the alarm. It better be, because they all think they have edges too.

Fight the robots along the way. Unfortunately, it is also heavily guarded. Pick it up and use it on the robotic body. The bots at the bottom left of Level 2 do not react when attacked or when a combat starts.

(The module can be used by the Brotherhood's medical computer, which is located at the bunker that Matt was guarding.) Note:This screen comes from session 2.

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