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It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. I really just want to say that I have been waiting my whole life for a lesson like this. Traces of the same code appear in Egyptian myth, and it is to this desert land that Graham and Santha travel, finding there haunting parallels in architecture and ritual to the New World sites they have just left behind. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 9, 2018. I would seriously propose as a hypothesis for further testing that a scientific wisdom cult, made up of the survivors of a great, lost, maritime civilization, could perhaps have established itself in the Nile Valley as early as the fourteenth millennium BC. Opinions have nothing to do with this. REAL antiquarians told us that over a hundred years ago. Like all other docs of this category. Unable to add item to List. i am ready and sort of want to be dissabused of this notion. Along with many other readers, I read this when it first came to market and this reading was basically to see how the author's theories and ideas looked today as I remembered that first reading with pleasure. Hell we can't even agree on the events of 9/11. I think now that I cannot have read it end to end as I have already given up. There is a canal leading to the place from the great river…’ [10]. Miss his blogs. [14] Equally surprising was the fact that the cells cut into the enclosure walls had no floors, but turned out, as the excavations went deeper, to be filled with increasingly moist sand and earth: The cells are connected by a narrow ledge between two and three feet wide; there is a ledge also on the opposite side of the nave, but no floor at all, and in digging to a depth of 12 feet we reached infiltrated water. Raised a Christian Scientist, she was a scrupulous adherent until a small moment as an adult triggered a reevaluation of her beliefs, which in turn led her to a new way of thinking about God and faith. The Chlorine-36 rock-exposure dating technique mentioned in Chapter Six, for example, looks like a particularly promising means of resolving the impasse over the antiquity of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Speaking of the scientific community, I am from Australia and it's not all that long ago that the scientific community was outraged at the notion of the platypus.

He was also an accurate weather-vane on the quality of my work, whose judgement I quickly but as all break-throughs, you don't necessarily get the whole picture the very first time. sand pours into a cone, not a pyramid. The abuses of the conquest made it necessary for that primordial document to be concealed from all but the most highly-initiated sages and replaced with a watered-down substitute written ‘under the law of Christianity’: ‘No longer can be seen the book of Popol Vuh which the kings had in olden times … The original book, written long ago, existed – but now its sight is hidden to the searcher and to the thinker …’. No doubt many are unhistorical, but at the end of the investigation that underlies this book, I am certain that many others are not …. ‘We never expected to find such a fleet, especially so far from the Nile,’ said David O’Connor, the expedition leader and curator of the Egyptian Section of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania… [27], The boats were buried in the shadow of a gigantic mud-brick enclosure, thought to have been the mortuary temple of a Second Dynasty pharaoh named Khasekhemwy, who had ruled Egypt in the twenty-seventh century BC. Don't like documentaries where the speaker likes to put himself (and partner) in every shot. You confuse evidence with the interpretation of evidence. The hypothesis resolves the anomaly of the missing years by supposing the star shafts to be merely the later work of the same long-lived cult that originally laid out the Giza ground-plan in 10,450 BC. [5]. The decoration was added by Seti I, who in that way laid claim to the building, but seeing how often a Pharaoh claimed the work of his predecessors by putting his name on it, this fact does not carry much weight. AoM for Oct 2020, See the In making these latter suggestions I am, of course, fully aware that there are many who will be scornful and will assert the uniformitarian view that ‘all things will continue as they have done since the beginning of creation.’ But I am also aware that such ‘scoffers in the last days’ are those who for one reason or another are deaf to the testimony of our forgotten ancestors. One of his best and famous books I read is " LORDS OF POVERTY: the power, prestige, and corruption of the international aid business " This book was before he started writing his mystery or facts books. and interviewing various scientists. This doesn't mean that I didn't get a heck of a lot of enjoyment out of reading Fingerprints of the Gods though. Evidence can only take you as far as the evidence allows.

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