flying roundhouse kick

With this kick, all parts of the opponent's body can be attacked and every kind of attack can be countered.

This further adds to the structure of the kick, as the shin is more durable than the foot. Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee - WTF Taegeuk Il Jang, Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee - WTF Taegeuk Ee Jang, Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee - WTF Taegeuk Sam Jang, Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee - WTF Taegeuk Sa Jang, Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee - WTF Taegeuk Oh Jang, Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee - WTF Taegeuk Yuk Jang, Grand Master Kyu Hyung Lee - WTF Taegeuk Chil Jang, Using the shin reduces the kick's reach, but allows it to be thrown within punching range. High (or highpoint) kicks target the opponent's head or neck; they are often responsible for knockouts in competition. Middle (midpoint or midsection) kicks target the area above the hip bone and can damage the opponent's ribs and liver. A properly executed muay Thai roundhouse kick has been compared by many martial artists to being struck by a baseball bat. Many of the athletes have knowledge in striking sports and tend to have the roundhouse kick in their wrestling style. In some versions of the roundhouse, the striking surface is the top of the foot. is utilized so that the opponent cannot guess which kick will be thrown. The same or a similar move can receive different names according to the martial art. Toshiaki Kawada is known for his extremely hard hitting roundhouse kicks. A Roundhouse Kick (also called a Round Kick, Turning Kick, or돌려 차기 dollyeo chagi) is performed by first raising the knee of the kicking leg so that the knee is aimed toward the target, as with a Front Kick. This type of kick is utilized in many different martial artsand is popular in both non-contact and full-contact martial arts competitions. The taekwondo kicking method is unique on its own. This was later supplemented in Masutatsu Oyama's Kyokushin karate with a similar technique, using the instep and using more rotation of the hip, as well as sinking the weight of the kicker into the target, to create more bludgeoning power. The kick is also executed in several different ways after a full spin-back (spin back roundhouse kick and 360 spin back roundhouse kick), due to Taekwondo influences. As the years have gone by, some karate schools also practice kicking roundhouse kick with the shin, another point of contact is with the instep (for safety). There are now more and more karateka practicing the 'cutting roundhouse kick'; this is where the karateka will lift their attacking leg higher than the intended target, they will then execute the kick in a downward cutting movement.

The front leg kick is generally weaker than the rear leg roundhouse because the hip does not rotate as far; however, it is also generally faster because the leg travels a shorter distance before striking the opponent.

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