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She was great! The whole… costume design to writing, I think Neelix could have been a much more complicated character than they gave Ethan the opportunity to play. is Voyager sucked – and I miss you”. And everyone was there except for me. Robbie, you went to that dinner, I’m sure. [laughs], But just like Robbie said, there was no cast meeting saying, “Hey, this is what we’re going to be doing.”, Robbie McNeill: There was not typically a touchy-feely inclusive approach with actors on Star Trek that I remember. I’m just going to say: In seven years, I saw him on the set twice, okay? His ”woe is me” makes me want to vomit. Year Title Role Notes 1995 Flesh Suitcase: 1995 Angry Cafe: No Name Short film 1998 Hundred Percent: Troy Tashima 1998 Ivory Tower: Mark 1999 The Auteur Theory: Mike Wong/God: 2002 Demon Island: Paul 2005 Deja Vu: Short video film 2009 Why Am I Doing This? Not sure that I’d say “one of the worst”, Wil Wheaton got a lot of hate for Wesley Crusher who was another character stuck in a badly written ‘young point of view’ role. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and become a Patreon subscriber here, with options and bonus content for monthly contributions of $3, $5, or $15. Last weekend, the Comikaze Expo made its debut at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’ve been very critical of him in the past. Have you guys made any progress on trying to revive Captain Proton? Garrett Wang: Mine was pretty basic. No way to know for sure, but he likely played the politics badly or did not put in the work and this didn’t get into the director’s workshop unlike McNeil, Russ and Dawson in that cast. Barclay (Dwight Schultz) doing his Janeway impersonation in “Inside Man”. Looking back to when Jennifer Lien was let go and Jeri Ryan was brought in, do you remember how they presented that to the cast? I’m a vendor at STLV and usually, Garrett is behind us, selling T-Shirts. She loved it! It was Star Trek: Janeway, Seven, Doctor Show, is what it was. What was beautiful about DS9 is they really explored what it means to be a Black father, what it means to be a Black leader. You guys think YOUR characters were short-changed? I’d love to introduce some other martial arts where Kim gets to do that, maybe on the holodeck.” And I even went and trained—I chose Krav Maga—but they said no to that too. I really really enjoy these interviews. I think it was that episode where Harry and Tom were on that prison ship together and I had hoped that the series would further develop that friendship and bond to the end. Wow! Mark Rivett. If Garrett Wang had been released from the show instead of Jennifer Lien, two things would have happened: 1) We would have missed out on so many clarinet solos, tears, and his one good scene as an actor. He always says the right thing and he’s awesome treatment of the rest of the cast and producers has been tremendous over the years. And I think at the beginning, your characters were the accessible ones, a good entry point because they were the more human ones people could relate to. Garrett Wang: But the group panic, Robbie, started with Berman. Vic Vu 2009 The Ride: Henry Short film 2014 … I wasn’t even buying anything. In Picard, an entire episode was devoted to bringing Evan Evagora’s character on board, but he was only very marginally used after that. And so the only thing they finally agreed to over the seven years was I said, “The clarinet is not a very manly instrument. Evelynclaire . Congressional committee is having hearings on this matter and i want justice asap, is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp or the “Star Trek” franchise. So we’ll see. Garrett Wang: My goal is to really try to keep Robbie from doing other projects and kind of focus at some point and focus on getting Captain Proton done. And then as the show went on, they had accomplished that. It’s a lot harder to find something where our characters make that story better because of who we are, when our characters were, in a lot of ways, very undefined. It’s not hard! Garrett Wang: Just the damn saxophone. Garrett Wang: She loved it. He lived in Indiana, then moved to Bermuda and finally to Tennessee. 47 comments so far. As scheduled, at 5 PM on Saturday, the Star Trek panel kicked off with Garrett Wang, who was later joined by Original Series guest stars Bobby Clark and Celeste Yarnall. Very close, really an amazing crew, a wonderful group of actors that all, I think we all felt very close. The guest list included such sci-fi and genre stars as Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang, Tim Russ, Robert Picardo and Jennifer Lein, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Marina Sirtis, comic book legend Stan Lee, Elvira, Battlestar Galactica‘s Richard Hatch, TV legend Ernest Borgnine, Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill and several more.

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