gerbil breeders in michigan

Breeding to provide healthy, friendly and social gerbils. If you are thinking of adopting a gerbil, please read the information below to see if they are the right pet for you. Available. All Rights Reserved. Any Active Breeders in Michigan? The downside of the tank topper set up is the gerbils may chew on the bars. Oct 16, 2020, I have hairless hamsters. Only for Administrators, Global Moderators and Moderators! Find Gerbil Rodents on As long as you keep the warning signs in mind and take steps to reinforce their bond, your gerbils should be content to stay together. Seed mixes are not as well suited because they can lead to selective eating. With this kind of habitat, they should have at least six inches of bedding to burrow in, just be careful to not put as much bedding around the water bottle. A single gerbil requires even more attention, but they can still lead full and happy lives. Food can be placed in a ceramic bowl, but your gerbil is likely to dig it out of the bowl. - The proper size Kaytee Silent Spinner wheel for a gerbil is medium or large, nothing smaller. However, if the gerbil is an adult or senior gerbil, sometimes it is best to keep them as a single. Tank, Cage, Accessories Exchange. Please Login or Register. by mayrndz - (15,032.7 km) Only provide one house for sleeping so your gerbils will sleep together and strengthen their bond. Does anyone on this site know where I can obtain gerbils in Michigan? Carefresh Bedding is a good second option, but the gerbils tunnels will not hold as well with Carefresh. ... Rodent or Gerbil Shows and Events. Available. - Gerbils are easily housed in a simple habitat or larger with a fitted screen top with a generous layer bedding (SunSeed™, Carefresh™, Oxbow™, or Kaytee™) or other suitable material meant for small animal use, as well as a hide box to sleep in. I'm willing to travel to get them. Our gerbils can be found on and Other small and medium cages and pet carriers... (14,980.5 km) PetCo in Harrisonburg charges $12.99 for a Syrian hamster and $19.99 for a "fancy bear" hamster. Gerbil Rodents available for sale in Michigan from top breeders and individuals. Gerbils are fascinating and quick critters who know how to burrow into the hearts of their handlers. Our gerbils can be found on and, Each gerbil is $12 for the first three and then $6 per gerbil thereafter, If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Housing. Depending on the size of the habitat, gerbils can have more than one companion, however groups in numbers higher than three are more likely to have territorial issues.

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