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Christ, that’s a lot of tubes. Thing is, Mesa apparently doesn’t offer these sets anymore, and there’s hardly any places selling matched sextets of power tubes of any brand — which seems odd, since every other band I see has a Double or Triple Rec. 19 % UST). There was no pro-tools yet, per se — a lot of the loops were running on a primitive DAW that was synced up to tape, but the album was recorded and mixed on three 24-track Studer machines chained together. Terry’s assistant Ulrich Wild ( who is kind of a genius with things like this, which is one of the reasons he’s been able to go on to become a big-shot producer himself ) figured out that, while hitting the footswitch on the pedal started the phase at any random point in its sweep, physically plugging the guitar cord into the pedal’s input jack started the sweep from the exact same point every time — so what we had to do was, Terry operated the tape machine, .. ( oh, let me point something else out here : Astro-Creep is an analog album. It sounded great, and it was unbelievably easy to play. A couple of years ago, a guy I was recording came by with an old ( early-mid 1950s ) Philco Phonorama speaker cabinet ( for a radio or a console phonograph or a TV, I have no idea ) – he was like, ” Here, I found this in the trash, you should have it “, and he was right — I took one look at it and decided that I had to make it live again ( dig that metal handle! Ein Grund dafür, dass mein Online-Shop so gut läuft - und seit Jahrzehnten von Gitarristen aus ganz Europa frequentiert wird -  liegt wohl daran, dass ich ausschließlich Instrumente verkaufe, die mir selbst gefallen, und mit denen ich persönlich auch auf die Bühne gehen würde!! They used our gear because their stuff was somewhere else, and Darrell couldn’t do any of his signature whammy-squeal-harmonic tricks with my guitar, which I’m sure seemed like a toy to him. On rare occasions, Greg Hawkes played rhythm guitar with The Cars - typically... more, Greg Hawks was said to have recieved a Pink Fender Telecaster for The Cars 19... more. Although I don’t myself use the thing that often, it’s a good amp, and quite sturdy – this is one of the heads that I recorded and toured on Astro-Creep: 2000 with, so, daily use in the 1990s, multiple poundings on the loading docks of the world, and semi-regular service since then, all without a tune-up. Still, hearing your band back on a CD, or over the internet, can’t begin to compare with what used to be milestones for musicians : hearing yourself on the radio for the first time, and, especially, dropping the needle on a record that you made. I  haven’t gotten around to making a back for the thing yet, so when I record with it I just put it on the floor, facing up at the ceiling. Look at photos of bands from the 80s ; rockabilly guys had beautiful old Gretsches, which nobody else wanted. Kontakt / Zahlungsmodalitäten In 2008, Hawkes released The Beatles Uke CD on Solid Air Records. Since I was 99.98% of the time playing loud, grinding heavy metal, such a thing might seem a little silly, but it’s a high-performance/ all-the-options feature that I like to have if I can. I did not become interested in the Iceman because of Kiss, as is widely assumed. What kind of Studio Equipment does Greg Hawkes use? Aber letztlich mache ich lieber Gitarrengeschäfte als Zweitjob, als Gitarrenunterricht zu geben... Dieser Job macht mir einfach Spaß, ich bekomme ständig neues und interessantes Equipment, kann probieren, Erfahrungen sammeln, Videos machen etc pp. At one point during the recording of Astro-Creep, I was having a lot of trouble doubling a part and to encourage me, Terry Date – producer of Astro-Creep – told me about how recording the rhythm guitar parts for Pantera’s Walk ( which he also produced ) took something like three days, with Darryl growing so frustrated that he nearly put a fist through the wall .. but the results are pretty stellar. There’s an article here that features some photos of this model as it came from the factory, and you can see that the body and neck aren’t modified in any way. Gibson Firebird : purchased for $200 at the south side Guitar Center, Chicago, in 1986. They slept on my floor once, in L.A., and they played me heavy dub and electronic records, music totally outside of my experience. Testen Manchmal kommt dann aber doch kein Geschäft zustande - wer sich also für eine Gitarre interessiert, die auf "On Hold" steht, sollte mir eine E-Mail schicken, ich speichere diese ab und würde mich melden falls das Instrument doch noch frei wird. I had to notch out the slot on the nut a little, but that fat bass string actually did give the guitar a slightly more substantial sound. You can also see the foot controller for the switching system on top of the rack in both photos. We consumed music voraciously (not only Metallica, Slayer, Venom, the metal bands we were obsessed with, but everything – notice the Residents LP), which we listened to on cheap turntables through big 3-way speakers made of chipboard. He also plays guitar, bass, percussion instruments, saxophone, clarinet and ukulele. Finally, after that, we have the custom shop prototype of my signature model ( the ICJ100WZ, or ” star ” ) Ibanez Iceman in straight C# tuning. Ich heiße Gregor Hilden, komme aus Münster, Westf. [3] Hawkes was also in the New Cars with original Cars member Elliot Easton, along with vocalist/guitarist Todd Rundgren, bassist Kasim Sulton, and drummer Prairie Prince. MoogMeister81 wrote:Didn't Greg Hawkes play a Mini on "Just What I Needed"?? The serial number was long gone, but it had trapezoid fret markers, full-size humbuckers, banjo tuners, extra-thin headstock, and it came with its original case – black tolex, white logo, purple velvet interior – so, a 1972-1979 Firebird V. At that time, electric guitars weren’t really collectible unless they were rare variants (I remember that there were certain Fenders which had a particular cachet ; custom colors with matching headstocks were desirable, as were Jazzmasters and Jazz Basses with block inlays and reverse maple necks. on 48th St. got a big shipment of these and blew them out for $350. They handed me a guitar and said, ” here, play on this “, which I did, not thinking much about it, but as soon as people started to hear the track, I got a lot of comments like, ” This is the first time you and Sean have played together since White Zombie — dude, that’s huge! We brought what we could fit in the van, which, outside of (functioning) gear, wasn’t much. The Top 11 Overdrive Pedals - 2020 Edition, 7 Best Chorus Pedals: 2020 Top Picks and Reviews, Follow artists like Greg Hawkes and get inspired by their gear. Bei Käufen in den USA hat man entweder Glück oder Pech... Ich habe inzwischen allerdings eine Reihe von Kontakten in den USA auf die ich mich 100 % verlassen kann; Händler, die selbst gute Musiker sind, eine Gitarre entsprechend einschätzen können und bei denen ich weiß, dass keine Überraschungen einzuplanen sind, Various Electrics / Verschiedene Hersteller. Gitarren die mit "Sold" markiert sind, sind verkauft. While The Cars were known commercially as a rock and new wave band, he had the biggest impact on the synthpop and new wave sound of the Cars hits such as "Drive." However, restringing is a drawn-out, even stressful ordeal (you get used to it, but it sucks) and the bridge sometimes requires a daily bit of adjustment to perform really well. Wer in den USA kauft hat zudem das Risiko der oft sehr laxen Beschreibung der Anbieter. and used it for a bottom string. Und ich bekomme so auch einen viel besseren Eindruck über die Wünsche und Vorstellungen des Kunden weil man direkt auch gezielt nachfragen-, Empfehlungen geben kann etc. I’m partial to colored tolex, like for example. In 2008 he released a solo album of Beatles songs performed on the ukulele, The Beatles Uke. First, an old-school thing that the Old Guitar was more or less originally intended to do, through a cranked-up little amp. Simple technology came in a large, heavy, value-for-the-money container, with lots of empty space around it to sink off heat. Aufgrund des fummeligen Getippe  auf dem Handy, aber mitunter auch aufgrund der Vielzahl von eingehenden Mails erscheinen dem Empfänger meine Antworten manchmal etwas sehr knapp... (Eine Anfrage, ob ich an dem Ankauf einer bestimmten Gitarre interessiert bin, wird dann halt schon mal mit "leider nein" beantwortet - und es gab jüngst Beschwerden, dass ich dies doch bitte etwas ausführlicher begründen möge...). A live album with three new studio tracks, It's Alive!, was released in June 2006. Gerne auch anrufen wenn z.B. 02. The week after that, there was a feeding frenzy as all the labels descended on the Kenmore Square club the Rat, trying to be the ones to sign the band. What kind of Effects Pedals does Greg Hawkes use? Today, in a widening of divergent paths, Chris, who I talk to occasionally, is a chemistry professor. Because I could. ] The album consists of instrumental versions of 15 Beatles classics, in what he calls a “UKEsymphonic” style, using multi-tracked recordings to create a ukulele orchestra. Hawkes, a native of Fulton, Maryland, United States, attended Atholton High School where he played in a band called Teeth. “  feeling about it. He’s retired now, but he was a super-duper elite road crew guy who toured with Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and a million other acts. I collected some really excellent prismatic hot rod stickers at swap meets (unless we had to get somewhere fast, we always pulled the van over and went to flea markets), which I plastered on the Kramer and sealed down with a layer of urethane. He was featured on "Motor of Love" from the Flowers in the Dirt album,[2] recorded at McCartney's own recording studio in a vintage windmill just south of London. Am liebsten Gibson-, Fender-, Guild-, Gretsch-Gitarren, Vintage, auch Parts. ), but a lot of the time it was actually me signaling for a switch to be hit. The session went well, and they thanked us for our efforts. If I think a band can sell CDs ( which depends on the popularity of the artist, but also on the age group of the fans ), I will recommend that they make as short a run as possible ( disc manufacturers are falling all over themselves to stay in business, and making as few as 100 can now be slightly profitable, if you can shift them ) – if they sell, great, and if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. I got a new black pickguard, chrome tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge, knurled chrome knobs, and I had it all put together at a little guitar store in my neighborhood (I cringe, now, to think of how I used to bug the guys who worked there, but what else was there to do? I wasn’t carrying a camera around at that point, and to my knowledge there aren’t any photos of what was going on, which is too bad.

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