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The good news for us is that Jason has recently started his own business, Renner Auto, creating modern replicas of some of the most iconic sports cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. 2009 Ford GT40. The ERA GT has been designed to standards far beyond what is expected of a "kit car": The body, chassis, suspension, and interior duplicate the original car closer than any other car selling for less than $250,000!GT40. 2009 Ford GT40, Genuine RCR Replica Mk1. The GT40 Mark V was built in the UK and expanded the GT40 production count by 40 cars. Yeah, it’s painted satin black, but look how smooth and clean everything is. Modern engines quite often look like a dog’s breakfast with all of the wires and hoses running everywhere – hence the need for plastic covers – but Jason has managed to make the 5.0-litre Coyote look pretty tidy. Momentan können Sie 11 Ford GT 40 sowie tausende weitere Oldtimer, Youngtimerund moderne Klassiker bei Classic Driver kaufen. You can’t see any of it but there’s a custom serpentine belt layout to fit the non-standard a/c compressor and alternator position.”. Add to Favorites More.

Check them out at The CAV GT is the 21st century recreation of the famous GT40, modified for comfort and performance for the discerning driver. All Rights Reserved. The carbonfibre seats have been set up to allow Jason’s six-foot-two frame to fit in the car with a crash helmet on but not require a Gurney bubble above the driver – the little lump in the roof that you see on race cars. Speaking of those wheels, while they look just like the ones used back in the 60s, they’re actually in a 17-inch diameter, which allows Jason to run much bigger brakes than a 15-inch rim would allow. He had hoped to acquire Ferrari for ten million dollars, but Enzo Ferrari refused a deal. A LOT of you are probably thinking: “Wait, what? DRB SportsCars manufacture only the best replicas of the iconic AC Cobra 427 and Le Mans winning Ford GT40 and a modern interpretation of the Cobra, the DRB-540. The GT40 today is built to exacting standards - in fact over two thirds of the rolling chassis' parts are interchangeable with that of an original car, including the 'monocoque" style chassis. All cars are available at any build stage, from the base kit car, right through to even selling you a turn-key car to your specifications. Gt40 kit car - Used Cars. There’s some fairly hefty rubber on board as well, with 225/45 Hoosiers up front and 315/35 out back.
THE LEGEND IS REBORN. 20. It wasn’t just about how the finished product looked; it had to function as well as if it had come off the factory floor.

With some 8000km on the clock, including a few laps around Phillip Island, it’s no surprise he’s on his second set of tyres already! Currently over 300 genuine GT40's have been produced since the year 2000. Date (recent) Price(highest first) Price(lowest first) On page. Calling this a kit car seems a little bit demeaning; it implies that it came in a box and Jason just bolted it together, and that perhaps the finished product is a mish-mash of parts and ideas. “I didn’t want the 5.4 Ford modular engine because it was a bit heavy and a bit slow.

It was really important to me to have a good driveline. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages, Coyote-powered and exquisitely handcrafted in one bloke's home shed, Jason Ferraro's Ford GT40 replica is a home-built supercar of the highest quality, This article on Jason's GT40 was originally published in the August 2017 issue of Street Machine. Blue Oval lovers will be pleased to hear that it’s Ford-powered as well, but that wasn’t always going to be the case: “Initially I was going to put in a 6.0-litre LS – I actually bought the engine and everything,” Jason says. To that end he has fitted 343mm AP Racing brakes and six-spot calipers to the front and 328mm with four-spots on the rear. While the car looks like a ridgey-didge copy of the Le Mans GT40s, underneath the skin there are quite a few updates to add modern performance to the classic looks.
“It’s a beautiful ’box and absolutely stunning to use. Jason put in a matched set of custom Speedhut units and went to a lot of trouble getting the old Lucas switches and dials to work with the modern electricals. Learn more ›, It takes time and dedication to build a CAV GT. If you actually told someone you were going to paint your car light blue with a bright orange stripe down the middle, they’d probably think you had lost your mind, but for some reason the Gulf colour scheme just works. Six hundred man-hours is devoted to the development of each vehicle from the construction of the chassis to the time it leaves the factory. GT40 MK1 This stunning car Registered 29 08 1972 and only 2750 recorded miles Powered by a Ford 302ci V8 5 speed UN1 Gear box Central gear change Detachable steering wheel Adjustable shocks Lovely ... 17-Oct-2020; Shropshire; Private; Compare: Insurance quotes; Delivery quotes 1991 ford gtd 40 £89,000. Currently in production with Superformance, Historical - GT40 MKV, MKIV, MKIII, MKII, MKI.

The InnoV8 individual throttlebodies are a work of art and were designed to be vertical like the original GT40s, although Jason admits they would be more efficient if they leaned over for a direct shot into the intake port, When it came to painting the exterior, it was a no-brainer – Gulf Racing all the way. The GT40 might have been designed in the early 60s, but boy does it still look good - and also has the aerodynamic capability to go well over 200mph, “I chose an RCR [Race Car Replicas] GT40 kit because I wanted an aluminium monocoque chassis, so that narrowed down the choice,” Jason says.

The only problem was the cost of the transaxle; apart from the chassis it’s the most expensive part of the car.”. Jason managed it by completely disassembling the wiring loom and redirecting the coolant lines. “There was a lot of work making billet parts to change where the coolant ran, and I changed the crossover because of where the alternator is mounted up high. West Gosford, Australia . GT40 cars are licensed by Safir GT40 Spares and built by Superformance. Jetzt Ford GT 40 bei kaufen. The WhichCar Network: Everything car buyers need and car lovers want. The GT40 might have been designed in the early 60s, but boy does it still look good - and also has the aerodynamic capability to go well over 200mph “I chose an RCR [Race Car Replicas] GT40 kit because I wanted an aluminium monocoque chassis, so that narrowed down the choice,” Jason says. Wins Le Mans in 1966 with a 1-2-3 photo finish.

At the last minute I opened up the side of the gearbox and I could see what was wrong and was able to fix it myself for about $15,” Jason says. But that is not the case at all. I wanted a Ford transaxle as well, so that’s why I chose the Ricardo transaxle, which is out of a 2006 Ford GT supercar. GT40 cars are licensed by Safir GT40 Spares and built by Superformance. But then the Coyote was launched!

This means you can get all of the style with a modern chassis, engine and electrical system – guaranteed not to have any Lucas electricals! 13. Outstanding Condition.

Offered By: Private Seller $250,000. Jason estimates the car is making upwards of 500hp at the motor with the upgraded cams and eight-stack injection, and with only 1100kg to push around, it’s got more than enough poke to keep him happy.

None of the original’s hallmark features have been compromised in this GT40 replica and it's quest for an enhanced driving experience. RCR, supplied GT40's to Ford Vs Ferrari Movie. WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines. Another part of the build that impressed me was how well all of the wiring and plumbing has been routed. 40 60. “There were many hours of high-fill and finishing it – you can’t hide it in a GT40.”, It’s pretty tough to make a modern engine look as clutter-free as this. Anything is possible at DRB Sportscars. The GT40 today is built to exacting standards - in fact over two thirds of the rolling chassis' parts are interchangeable with that of an original car, including the 'monocoque" style chassis. Ford GTD (RHD) Belgium documents 5ltr V8 280 km / hrs Information sheet for the Ford GTD … Sort by. Get in touch ›, ©2017 GAV GT | All Rights Reserved | Part of Kremyr Racing | Site: Rs.

1977 Jeep AMC Pacer 351 Winsor V8 Pro Street. The front suspension has also been fitted with a hydraulic lifting system that can raise the car 75mm to get over bumps or up steep inclines. “When I first built the car there was a problem with the gearbox; it would occasionally baulk on third and fourth shifts, and I was about to send it back to the US. © Copyright Are Media Pty Limited.

Sie suchen den Ford GT 40 Ihrer Träume? A classic race car - carefully adapted to the street.

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