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And also why I am always satisfied to let Lilith make that final blow; as a narrative device in a story, just like Jack, it felt more like her deserved victory than my own. Delusional Mastermind, Handsome JackJohn (by his superiors)BastardDad (by Angel)Mister JackSirAssholePower Hungry Psychopath (by Moxxi)Hideous Pathetic Little Nobody (by Tassiter)HeroGoddamn HeroPresident of Hyperion CorporationMan Who Has Nothing Left to LoseJackie (by Merrif)Mr. HyperionPresident JackGentle Jim, President and CEO of Hyperion corporation President and CEO of Atlas (formerly), TeleportationHand-to-hand combat proficiencyControl of his own Siren DaughterExperience with firearmsLeadershipCommand over the Hyperion armyAdvanced technologyCan create weaker clones of himselfCarious weaponsWealthControl over the WarriorDurabilityCharismaManipulationIntelligenceMastery of strategyImmortality (Through an AI). The emotional trauma from these events was strong enough that as an adult Jack had his grandmother murdered, and no doubt contributed towards his mental decline.

He's done. But the player can instead offer that deathblow to Lilith. Timothy is a unit tho, imo a viable outlet for people's jack fix. Roland's death is made even more depressing by the Borderlands 2 DLC expansion Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Then shooting him in the face. Jack tried to plead for Angel's return to safety from said man who adamantly refused, and was caught off guard when Angel, in a fit of rage, took over a turret and killed both the kidnapper and her mother (by accident), which Jack immediately reacted to with sorrow and blame. When the Vault Hunter player character of Borderlands 2 is sent to Thousand Cuts to recruit The Slab King, they happen across an NPC offering a sidequest.
From this point forward, he began calling himself "Handsome Jack". Archived.

During the events of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it is revealed that Jack's initial plan was to manipulate the Vault Hunters into opening The Vault to release The Destroyer so he could obtain it for himself. Merely killing Handsome Jack is not enough. Borderlands 3 launches on September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development. Again. He then stole the vault key from Patricia Tannis, and used the rare mineral arose after the Vault was opened (eridium), to use as fuel to increase Angel's power in order to charge the vault key. His father passed away while he was very young, causing his mother to give custody of Jack to his grandmother. Some of the holograms don't explain much, however, and a few imply that by the time Jack had created the Jackpot, he had already been suffering from serious moral myopia. He wants to find and activate the Warrior, so he can get rid of all "criminals" on Pandora and rule the land for himself. Race The quest itself is either a hilarious parody or a reductive deconstruction, demonstrating how every objective in a first-person shooter must, inevitably, be reduced to shooting something. Actually a great idea. It’s poetic, in its own way; Jack, needing a Siren catalyst to power his Vault Key recharger, first used his daughter, then used Lilith. He managed to open the Vault on Elpis, which housed an object shaped like the eponymous Vault symbol that contained the knowledge of the Eridians. Jack would keep a gigantic hologram of himself floating above the Spendopticon, would have his Jack doppelgangers walking about the casino for him, and had hologram devices located about the Spendopticon and other locations to explain location and attractions. While being raised by his grandmother, he was subjected to (at the least) physical abuse.This abuse would most likely become one of the main contributors to the decline of his mental state as he became older. If so, Jack will take control of them by merging his consciousness into Rhys'. Jack then orders the vault hunters he hired to go after the vault on Elpis. Tales from the Borderlands expands on Scooter's character even further, and it's in that game where he develops a crush on Fiona.

It's also during their time on the Jackpot they can find evidence that Jack never truly let go of Moxxi in thought. His unnamed wife died of unknown causes, though some of Jack's dialogue implies that it was due to his daughter's powers.

Theory: Handsome Jack Planned his own Death.

Following the instructions of his then lover at the time, Moxxi, Jack activates the laser weapon; only for it to destroy itself.

Stop asking for it. Thanks for reading! You get that? Hyperion programmer (formerly)President and CEO of Hyperion corporation President and CEO of Atlas (formerly) The collared shirt is unbuttoned and goes down to his knees.

It's also revealed that Jack changed the bomb in Timothy's face to explode if he ever left the Jackpot, trapping him aboard either way.

The issue with that is that not everyone played the tall tales and knows the story. The reward has risen to eight billion dollars for the bandit we know as Brick — big guy, looks like he survives on nothing but ground beef and roids. The Handsome Jackpot was a scam, designed by Jack to bleed customers dry of their money.

But that was incorrect. I don't believe it was a body double,after Angle's death Jack was blind with a need to revenge his daughter,making it clear that it's personal between the Vault Hunter and him,and that ECHO message that said that if anyone would kill the vault hunter before him,he would kill him for taking his revenge. Jack managed to retake the Eye from Zarpedon with the aid of a group of Vault Hunters he had hired, along with assistance from Lilith, Roland, and Moxxi, who then betrayed Jack by destroying the Eye, not wanting him to have that much power. I am so sorry. However, the Warrior manages to be defeated, and in a fit of disbelief, berates the vault hunters how Pandora would be much better off removing the "bandits" from the planet. My friend was asking me where scooter was when we started BL3 and I didn’t know what to say. Under his jacket he has a brown vest with a white collared shirt underneath it.

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However, his second death that comes at the end of Tales from the Borderlands is quite emotional.

The Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2 are also contacted by Angel, who guides them on their journey as well. Jack accuses the Vault Hunters of being bandits even though he commits many of the same atrocities he accuses them of; maybe Jack’s ultimate victory is really over the player, behaving so despicably and unforgivably that I turn into a shadow of him through the deathblow. But his worst acts all occur offscreen. He covers this up with a mask nearly identical to his former face, sans scar. He is an arrogant, puffed-up caricature of a man whose entire existence has reinforced his delusions. During their time on the Jackpot, the Vault Hunters constantly find information and material related to Handsome Jack, and characters reference him frequently despite his death.

Jack is later revived as an AI when Rhys activates him during the events of the Tales from the Borderlands episodic series, leaving him inside Rhys' brain. Fanon Ideas so Far Handsome Jack vs Two-Face, Zinyak vs Handsome Jack. During Borderlands 3, it is revealed that Jack had created a large casino simply named "The Handsome Jackpot". In the first Borderlands, the mysterious Guardian Angel is what guided the original Vault Hunters to the Vault. The name of the "Tales fro. An example of a creative acceptable middle ground would be an AI copy of Jack that turns out to be incomplete, or corrupted, or to realize that without glands his priorities are different, or even that he radically change his plan because with a raise in intelligence he realized his biological self was doing it all wrong.

Mercenary Day: Snowman, Wedding Day Massacre: Badass Hodunk • Badass Zaford • Hodunk Skullsplitter • Zaford Blade • Zaford Groomsman, Pirate's Booty: ARR Loader

Digital code of his personality winds up implanted in the cybernetics of Tales from the Borderlands protagonist Rhys, and it allows him to communicate to Rhys as a hologram. He has a green left eye and a blue right eye, as well as soul patch. It will reek of the series milking Jack for all he's worth and quickly growing stale if he turns out to be some sort of unkillable supervillain that keeps coming back. When Pretty Boy showed resistance to the title, Jack told him he would be fired if he didn't agree to the name. Lilith then appeared and destroyed the object, causing a blast of energy that destroyed Jack's left eye and branded his face with the Vault symbol.

Moxxi, Roland and Lilith betrayed Jack in order to prevent him from getting too powerful.

During the development of the game, the developers originally gave him the name as a temporary place holder, but everyone liked the name that it was decided to become his actual name.

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