homegrown band members

Turbitt and Whincop played together in Flight in the mid-1970s before Turbitt formed Homegrown. With Smith on mandolin, guitar and occasionally bass, the opportunity was there for a permanent bass player and a likely candidate was found in a recent arrival from Nelson, Tony Parker. It was also released in 2018 on Songs for Judy, a live album of solo performances recorded in 1976. "Florida" – "some cockamamie spoken-word dream (printed out, for reasons no one can remember, in the booklet for Tonight's the Night), set to the shrieking accompaniment of either Young or Keith drawing a wet finger around the rim of a glass". The album was released on June 19, 2020. Homegrown were unique in Hawke’s Bay in the 1980s – a working band with records in the shops. [10], Homegrown was met with universal acclaim from music critics. Young has said that "Homegrown is the missing link between Harvest, Comes a Time, Old Ways and Harvest Moon. Turbitt flippantly remarked if he learned to play bass he could become a permanent member, which he did initially on Smith’s old Diplomat instrument before investing in the Fender Precision he still plays today. Left to right: Tony Parker, Ian Turbitt, Scotty Smith. Produced by Neil Young & Elliot Mazer except tracks 3, 6, 7 and 11 produced by Neil Young & Ben Keith; track 4 and 9 produced by Neil Young & Tim Mulligan; tracks 8 and 10 produced by Neil Young, Ben Keith & Tim Mulligan. Shortly after its release they added second guitarist Dan Hammond and filmed music videos for the songs "You're Not Alone" and "Kiss Me, Diss Me". Flight were resident at the Corner Bar of the Masonic Hotel in the city centre on Friday nights through most of 1974 to 1976 while Turbitt, Drinkrow and Trevor Ruffell, brother of Kiwi Records’ John Ruffell, ran the Napier Folk Club there every Wednesday night. "Bad News Comes to Town" would see new life, this time with a horn section, during Young's 1988 tour with the Blue Notes, captured live on 2015's Bluenote Café. In his authorized biography of Neil Young, Shakey, author Jimmy McDonough offers descriptions of several of the performances captured during the sessions, which led to fans' speculation as to which of those songs were slated for the album's final track selection. "Give it Up" (demo), "You're Not Alone" (demo), "You're Not Alone" UK CD and 7" vinyl singles, John Tran (aka John E. Trash) - guitar, lead vocals (1994–2005), Adam "Adumb" Lohrbach - bass guitar, lead vocals (1994–2005), Ian "Slur" Cone - guitar, backing vocals (1994–1999), Justin Poyser - guitar, backing vocals (1999–2000), This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 18:09. From Fredericksburg Va. "Homefires" was debuted live in the summer of 1974 and appears on tentative tracklistings for the album on the Neil Young Archives website. Decorated in the theme of the London Underground train system, the ex-bikie bar was downstairs from the Leopard Inn, which straddled Napier’s Marine Parade and Hastings Street, and would come alive to the sound of Homegrown’s guitars, mandolin, flute and violin while rock bands or duos came and went in the main bar above. The article also included a short video of engineer John Hanlon overseeing an all-analog transfer of one of the album's songs ("We Don't Smoke It No More"). [3], After the tour, Young held more recording sessions in Nashville, Los Angeles and again at his Broken Arrow Ranch.

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