how to change spotify username from numbers

But you can change the display name using the steps we have previously listed in other sections. Once done, click on the green “Sign Up” box. Log on to the Spotify app on your mobile device to start. Check out Spotify Answers for solutions to a wide range of topics. It can help you connect to the hottest songs and access the dopest tracks. Click on ‘View and edit’ and you’ll get the following screen: On this screen, you can further decide which information you’d like to share with Spotify. If your printer is returning an error with t. What if we told you that it's possible to dow. And will hide your ugly Spotify username as well. You will have to use the app to link your account to Facebook. That is where View Profile is shown in smaller text just under your name. All new Spotify accounts have an automatically created username that usually is a string of letters and numbers. Even though this might sound like a simple task, unfortunately, that’s not possible with the standalone app or the Spotify web page. Well, you do not need to remember that combination. After all, you have to set up a new account but using the exact same email address.
I've had a look at your account in the system and there doesn't seem to be a Facebook profile/page linked at all. Contact the Spotify team by filling the contact form on their website.

Tip: You can also add or change …

The music streaming service doesn’t allow the users to change their usernames once they made their account. This username will consist of random numbers, and letters which is hard to remember, and also nobody likes it. Tap Save in the top-right corner to confirm.

If having a Facebook wasn't required to use Spotify this issue would never have happened. You should automatically open to the Home page, but if you don't, tap Home and then tap the Settings gear icon. We have shared. How To Change Spotify Username From Numbers & PC [2020 UPDATE], How To Change Spotify Username From Facebook, How To Change Spotify Username From Numbers. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 48,699 times. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Spotify allows you to connect your existing account with your Facebook, which lets you log in using … Now that we’ve answered “How do you change Spotify username”, let us address “How do you change Spotify username from PC.

Keep in mind; you have only seven days to request after closing your account. Read Also: How to Change Spotify Profile Picture. So your Spotify username will also change when you change your Facebook name. Click Settings on the menu to open your Settings page in the desktop app. And make sure to enter the correct new username in the “What we should call you?” box. On the next page, select the “Close Account” option. Confirm you want to link your Facebook and Spotify. Using any web browser, open the Spotify homepage. Some people do not like such seemingly irregular appearances, which is why they look for how to change Spotify username. If you want to make edits first, click Edit This First to select which you wish to share. Your account status, playlists, podcasts, saved music, and artists/people you are following, as well as every other detail will be copied to your new account from your existing account. Thank you for reading our post. Scroll down and look for the “Social” option. A pop-up will appear. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Spotify. Open the settings menu and tap View profile and then Edit profile. Elsier Otachi is a former Lifewire writer with decades of experience. Click the Continue As option to confirm you are okay with the info to be shared. Tap on the gear icon located at the upper-right corner to go to “Settings.”. Enter your email or phone and your. In order to manually set the display name for your profile on Spotify, you will have to enter the service’s mobile application. Regardless, your account will be connected. Well, yes and no. 4. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. This article will teach you how to change username on Spotify. Tap Home , then Settings . The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. So proceed with caution. In order to manually set the display name for your profile on Spotify, you will have to enter the service’s mobile application. Open the desktop app and tap the Home button. You will receive an email notification about your new account. As you’d like, make the relevant changes. Enter your email or phone and your password. To do this, you need to first close your current Spotify account. Need help? That will make it easier for your friends to find you on Spotify and vice versa.

To change Spotify username in 2020, you might want to use your Facebook account. If you only see the auto-generated username, we'd recommend logging out and logging back it, and you can take a look here to see how to set up a display name.
[Q/A Guide], Fix Common VPN Issues [Troubleshooting Guide], Ultimate Guide to watch Movies on Kodi: 8+ Best Addons, How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android Devices, All Major Google Assistant Commands: Ok/Hey Google, 4 Ways to Watch Movies Online on Android with Best Movies Apps, Guide on Installing Google Play Store & Other Apps on Smart TV [Samsung | Sony]. If all these steps are giving you too much of a tough time or that nothing sees to be working, you can always start from scratch by signing up for a new account. Moreover, you don’t even need to use your randomly generated username to login to your Spotify account. 6. You still need to use your email address or username. Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to change your Spotify account's username. Connect an Existing Spotify Account to Facebook. So if you’ve opted back in but certain info, for example, your list with Facebook friends is still missing, log in here and find Spotify in the list with apps. Once you have made the changes, you will be returned to your public profile. Since the username is hardwired to your account and acts as an identity, so, unfortunately, there is no possible way to change your Spotify username in any case. Enter your Facebook login details and select Log In. Travel may be restricted these days, but our. Thanks for reaching out in the Community regarding this! 7. I contacted the spotify support now (on a sunday, kudos!). Keep in mind, when you change your Facebook name, your Spotify name will change too. There will be a sub-section for “Facebook.”. Spotify doesn't allow you to manually edit your current username, but linking it to Facebook will switch your Spotify display name to your Facebook profile name. This article shows you how to sign up for and connect to Spotify using Facebook, as well as information about creating a new account so that Spotify's customer support team can transfer things to that new account. How to Connect Spotify to Facebook. This wikiHow teaches you how to link your Spotify account to Facebook in order to switch your username to your Facebook display name. As far as I know it's not possible to use a Facebook Page to create/use a Spotify account, it has to be a Profile. Oh maybe. That is where View Profile is shown in smaller text just under your name. If you have any specific questions related to usernames or Spotify, feel free to ask in the comments section below. On the sign up page, fill in all the details. This username will consist of random numbers, and letters which is hard to remember, and also nobody likes it. If you want to change your display name in this forum, ask an employee to do it. Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: I'm not sure I understand. Open the Spotify desktop app on your computer. Here’s how to connect your existing Spotify account to Facebook through the Spotify app: The process may ask for your Facebook login details if opened on the browser. Now you have to sign up for a new Spotify account. Now create a new account with the username you want. If you appreciate my answer, maybe give me a. When you are signing up on Spotify, you can either use your email address or Facebook account to create a new account. Alternatively, apart from following the solution number three above, you can sign up for a new Spotify account using Facebook, which will also help you to get a custom username for your account. In the settings menu, tap your name at the top. Click the drop-down menu button located at the top-right corner (right next to your profile). Not only that, once connected, but your Spotify account will also display your Facebook profile picture and name across Spotify. Closing your account means you’ll lose your playlists, playlist followers, and your music/library collections.

Simply choose LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK or CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK to access your account. Sign in to your Facebook account in the pop-up window. Solution number three on our list is the best workaround to change your username…. ; Didn't work? And you must have to complete this task within the seven days of closing your old account. Usernames on Spotify are automatically generated. You should shortly receive an email in your inbox from Spotify regarding your new account. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. ; Enter your new details and click SAVE.

You agree you accept our Terms & Conditions for posting this ad. This is pretty simple, and here is what you have to do: That is all you have to do. This option allows you to have the username you want in your new Spotify account.

So in theory you shouldn't even be able to use it. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. Scroll down and click on the “Social” tab to open it. On the other hand, if you sign up using your Facebook account, then Spotify picks up your Facebook name as your username. On the other hand, if you sign up using your Facebook account, then Spotify picks up your Facebook name as your username.

Select the Home Button, and tap the Settings cog icon in the upper right-hand corner. I've read that it is impossible to change one's Spotify username but is there any way for my username to not be random numbers? We have shared four working methods that are very simple and easy to follow to help you add/change your randomly generated Spotify username. Here is how you can change Spotify username on Desktop in few clicks. Custom usernames inside Spotify are only for those who registered before Facebook was required. On another note, if your account was created using your Facebook and instead of your Facebook profile name you're seeing your Spotify username, we'd recommend taking a look at this Spotify Answer. Here’s how you can achieve this on devices running Android or iOS: Once you are satisfied with the changes to your display name and profile photo, then tap on the “Save” button.

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