humans are selfish essay

Looking for a flexible role? It's an undeniable fact that all humans have a selfish side whether they accept it or not. Introduction. These altruistic individuals would be considered selfless because they find out what’s beneficial for others before themselves. Our prices are discounted and start from as low as $10 per page. While down in the dumps, a man by the name of Richard Lemieux had to eventually start begging on, Charles Montgomery elaborates in his article “Why We’re Sometimes Kind Without Reason” how people act when they first meet. In this game, both participants get equally rewarded if they co-operate. Altering the Prisoner's Dilemma which is a classic matchup theory, selfish strategy, somehow, proved to be more productive. Another way of finding truth about this is through faith. Indeed, even ordinary behaviors such as breathing, eating and avoiding an … Being selfless opens the world to a person. Being selfish is often more beneficial than cooperating. Even if it were possible to behave altruistically, it would be wrong to do so. Choosing to pursue the career of your choice is selfish. Human nature dictates that every action, no matter how selfless it appears, is inspired by a selfish reason. It's an undeniable fact that all humans have a selfish side whether they accept it or not. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? This implies that selfishness is not only a trait of mankind, but rather a sinful way of knowing – instead of obtaining truth through God, or faith, and serving others. These people will do anything within their power and capacity to get ahead of others and have a callous disregard for other individuals’ feelings and state of the mind. Insisting on freedom and individual rights, rather than living under a dictatorship, is selfish. Contrary to popular opinion, all healthy individuals are selfish. We are selfish creatures, at least as much as we are cooperative. Even during conception, it is only the strongest and most competent sperm that succeeds in fertilizing the ovary. The more giving one becomes, the more one understands people who are different from one's self. But if your goal is personal and/ or spiritual growth, a sub-goal is to be less selfish and think of others. But it rings true that it's not the case that evolution always tends towards happily ever after.". This means that one knows what is beneficial for themselves. All these philosophical theories determine how. Evolutionary theorists concentrated mainly on competition, natural selection and selfishness, but couldn’t deny one evident fact that humans would not be able to survive in nature without social reciprocity, communication and cooperation. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! I believe such inconsistencies should encourage us to ask questions as learners, because it is always possible that an authoritative, educational source might be mistaken! If this is true for the Collins definition of “selfish”, then what did Webster mean by, “love of self”? Is it right therefore, to simply accept what one reads in a chemistry textbook as concrete fact? To avoid this tendency, humans must form laws, institutions, and groups that seek to safeguard their well beings. The philosophers had different views on moral aspect of human nature, for example, Mencius thought that human nature is good but Xunzi believed that human nature is evil. Model essay written by Cai Hechun Nelson Mandela said, “ There is enough on Earth for every one’s need, but not for every one’s greed.” Indeed, many historical events, like the outbreaks of World War … Therefore, it would be wrong to behave altruistically in an environment that operates on the basis of the principle of survival for the fittest (Berry, 2). If real morality needs selfless devotion to other people even at the cost of one’s own interests, then all human beings have failed the morality test. Last Year University of Pennsylvania researchers Alexander Stewart and Prof Joshua Plotkin published a mathematical explanation for why cooperation and generosity have evolved in nature. Altruism has a subcategory called utilitarianism. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. In the group all participants are told to equally cooperate and everyone will receive pay. American, 1 Sep 2014. :^|; )"+e.replace(/([\.$? Rupali 2 Reference this. However, from my experience as a learner, I believe that the validity of this statement is subjective, a matter of personal interpretation; as with many other ethical and moral issues in … This is because all actions are often motivated by selfish interests. These tales are told with a motive to give the audience a sympathetic understanding, Egoism is “An ethical position that puts the self at the center of any question that asks, ‘What’s Best for Me”,” (Leib). As a matter of fact, scientists wonder whether selfishness or altruism drive human evolution and give arguments in favor and against it. This principle can be considered selfish according the Webster definition, or even by the Collins definition if someone else perceives this personal regard to be “unduly”, as everyone’s truth is different and no consideration is given to anyone else’s perspective. This code thus asks its believers not to find truth by faith, but rather through personal perception. Take a classic example: In 2000, a study in the Journal of Legal Studies found that trying to punish bad behavior with a fine backfired spectacularly. We let what other humans think of us consume us and all we think and act on is that instinct to make each individual like us. Henceforth a deeper understanding of human actions is produced when the true nature of humans is accepted. Perverse incentives. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. He presents an idea about scientific research, especially regarding feminine beauty. “You’re So Selfish.” Psychology Today, 19 Apr 2016. According to Thomas Hobbes, a renowned English philosopher, the natural state of man’s life would be unattractive, nasty and short if he had not pursued selfish interests. 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