humax my5 not working

In such a case, you can try resetting the receiver to see if that solves the problem. At least I now have a network trace to compare if it fails again. They gave me the stock response - factory reset. Just tried again, first try, the screen went black, after 40 or so seconds turned blue with the pin wheel intermittent turning then the box switched itself off to S/B I did however set my wireshark system to trace IP activity to/from the FVP to see if there are/were any obvious problems. See the user guides if you're not sure how to connect your equipment. I have had a reply from HUMAX as follows: My5 are currently releasing a update for their app which has yet to be fully released and not all customers have received the update yet. A community supporting Humax PVR and STB owners. "I have recently discovered that My5 no longer works on my FVP5000T. A factory reset isn't necessary for an app update. An app update is performed when the unit is connected to the internet and the unit picks up that a update for the app has been released by the app creator although sometimes depending on how recent the update was the unit might not pick it up in which case the factory reset will allow the unit to search for one. Turn the receiver and the television on to see if the problem has been fixed. But it may also be that an update gets scheduled after a failure for the app to work. Connected Home & Car. Check that your internet connection is still working. Why would that help? At the moment I'll watch my5 from the TV, I might try a factory reset when I have the inclination to set it all back up again. I have had a reply from HUMAX as follows - this agrees with your advice here. Perhaps it's down to … I will ask a supplementary question of HUMAX - why is a factory reset needed to check for new app software? Why are programmes failing to load on my Humax Freesat or Freeview box? That may be a valid reason for a factory reset - perhaps. Sony Bravia Sync and Panasonic Viera link were among several CEC systems affected, Humax models such as the 1800 did not … For some reason, My5 is working today. Release date 19/06/2019 Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Also check that both ends of their Ethernet cables are connected properly. What do you need help with? Your IP: I don't believe it. Update I have done factory reset on 5000t.My5 working okay now. I suspect maybe a My5 issue. Humax develops a series of digital receiver boxes for cable television and satellite television. I would also advise contacting channel 5 as they would be able to tell you more about the update and what it contains. I have had a reply from HUMAX as follows: Plug the receiver back in.

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