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Her parents are of Filipino descent. The "petty internet gossip" is about how in 2004, Jia's parents and grandmother were indicted by the U.S. Government (in U.S. v Omni Consortium, Inc) in a smuggling scheme to import teachers from the Philippines. Thankful to this baby for being a surprisingly, amazingly chill guest in my body.". omg there was a comment from a user here a few weeks ago saying a journalist is going down soon and I thought hinted at jia..... oh lol I remember one like that, it was in the Alison Roman post and said another nyc media person had a very bad history that was about to unearthed. at least with anna and dasha they seem to recognize they've sold their soul and can address shit like this without doing a "poor me" front. I took a course about human trafficking in my social work program and everything described in Jia's parents' case is textbook. Daley who is also a graduate of the University of Virginia (UVA), previously served as a lecturer at Taubman College of Architecture. Personal Life. [29] In a review for The New York Times, Maggie Doherty wrote: "Tolentino’s earnest ambivalence, expressed often throughout the book, is characteristic of millennial life-writing, and it can be contrasted with boomer self-satisfaction and Gen X disaffection in the same genre." The Mitski thing really disturbed me because people were using it to bring back those false allegations against her last year too. it was always on the way but seeing the kid mero in the replies lets me know that desus and mero are officially one of them now. I couldn't believe even Mero decided to praise her for that shitty essay. Yeah I noticed all the blue checks immediately siding with her . So basically like YA and Cassandra Clare / John Green having every YA author up their asses. He's very much in the "I've got mine so I don't really care much about others" camp now. ", "It’s been interesting, in observing the gossip about this, to see the way many white people implicitly see criminality as a status that is only achieved through egregious, malicious actions; many black and brown people understand that this is not at all the case.". ", The money was arranged to be loaned to the teachers at a. so jia is saying that actually it was perfectly legal for her parents to charge poor people $10k to maybe set up a job for them in the US! “Unsurprising after they secured the Showtime bag”. ", "Athleisure Time: Outdoor Voices blurs the boundaries between working out and everything else", "Stepping Into the Uncanny, Unsettling World of Shen Yun", "Ecstasy: losing religion and doing drugs in Houston", "The Meme Factory: How TikTok holds our attention", "A work of fiction that will make you feel pleasantly insane". I am liking this Fandom Wank vibe. they could have owned up to their shit and kept the original tweets up and admitted they fucked up but nah, that would require the tiniest bit of integrity that they don't have. ), and she is having a baby with her longtime boyfriend (mazel tov!). Read more ... • Jia Tolentino will appear at a Guardian Live event in London on 29 August. Ira has become much more clout-chasing than I remember him being.

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