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[104] Although the link between searching for suicide information and suicide risk is unclear,[105] increases in self-harm admissions to one children's hospital were observed.

Jumpshot, which "analyzes click-stream data from an online panel of more than 100 million consumers", looked at the viewing behavior and activity of the company's U.S. members, factoring in the relative number of U.S. Netflix viewers who watched at least one episode of the season. [25], On June 6, 2018, Netflix renewed the series for a third season, which was released on August 23, 2019. The background on the show keeps getting deeper, richer. [82], The marketing analytics firm Jumpshot determined the first season was the second-most viewed Netflix season in the first 30 days after it premiered, garnering 48% of the viewers that the second season of Daredevil received, which was the most viewed season according to Jumpshot. At the time, it seemed little more than a cool visual aid to cut between the past and the present. And in a better way than they touched on Skye's bipolar disorder and subsequent shipping off to a facility, barely to be heard from again. We look at how, despite insisting its mantra is to shed a light on real-world issues, 13 Reasons Why continues to ignore Clay Jensen's schizophrenia. 13 Reasons Why season 1, episode 7, "Tape 4, Side A" was centered on Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler). Over time, however, the show began to experience severe backlash regarding their portrayal of depression and, in particular,  a scene depicting a suicide. [42], The fourth season began filming in July 2019 and finished in December 2019. Although Netflix's 13 Reasons Why has prided itself on being a show that sheds light on real-world issues, it has continued to outright ignore a huge issue at its core - Clay Jensen's apparent schizophrenia. Fresh off of season 1's backlash regarding the tapes, the show had character's repeat the very things vocal critics offered. Things escalated to the point that Clay's vision of Hannah began to simply recite the description of her sexual assault from the tapes. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. [68] The series' showrunner has defended the scene, saying that it was included in an attempt to "[tell] truthful stories about things that young people go through in as unflinching a way as we can". ", "Association Between the Release of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and Suicide Rates in the United States: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis", "Internet Searches for Suicide Following the Release of, "Crisis Text Line use following the release of Netflix series 13 Reasons Why Season 1: Time-series analysis of help-seeking behavior in youth", "Netflix removes 13 Reasons Why suicide scene", "Netflix Alters Graphic '13 Reasons Why' Suicide Scene After Controversy", "Netflix Edits '13 Reasons Why' Suicide Scene Following Complaints", "Educators and school psychologists raise alarms about '13 Reasons Why, "13 Reasons Why: Headspace issues warning over new Netflix show", "Netflix series 13 Reasons Why under fire from mental health experts", "headspace: dangerous content in 13 Reasons Why", "List of OECD Member countries – Ratification of the Convention on the OECD", "The Social Report 2016 – Te pūrongo oranga tangata", "The highest rate of teen suicide in the developed world", "New Zealand teens can only watch Netflix show 13 Reasons Why with their parents", "13 Reasons Why: Censors make new RP18 rating for controversial Netflix show", "Selena Gomez Responds to the '13 Reasons Why' Backlash", "Why teen mental health experts are focused on '13 Reasons Why, "Netflix Adds More Advisory Warnings to '13 Reasons Why, "Division 53 SCCAP Statement on 13 Reasons Why", "Why '13 Reasons Why' Can Be Triggering for People Coping With Mental Illness", "13 Reasons Why Is Not the Force for Mental Health Awareness People Say It Is", "CMHA National Statement Responding to Netflix Series: 13 Reasons Why – Canadian Mental Health Association", National Association of School Psychologists.

[13], The third season is set eight months after the end of the second season. Jon Kopaloff Getty Images. "[61], Washington Post television critic Hank Stuever wrote a negative review, finding 13 Reasons Why "contrived" and implausible: "There are 13 episodes lasting 13 super-sullen hours – a passive-aggressive, implausibly meandering, poorly written and awkwardly acted effort that is mainly about miscommunication, delivering no more wisdom or insight about depression, bullying and suicide than one of those old ABC Afterschool Specials people now mock for being so corny." More quotes from 13 Reasons Why. R.J. Brown as Caleb, Tony's boxing trainer and boyfriend. MORE: What To Expect From 13 Reasons Why Season 4. Such a technique was no doubt the show's method of keeping actress Katherine Langford around for the new episodes. [34][35] Therapy dogs were present on set for the actors because of the intense and emotional content of the series. [43], Netflix renewed 13 Reasons Why for a second season in May 2017 due to the success of the initial 13 episodes; filming of the second season began the next month and concluded that December. The students of Liberty High are once again forced under the microscope as the investigation into Bryce's death threatens to expose their darkest secrets. With Gary Sinise reportedly cast as Dr. Robert Ellman, a therapist set to work with Clay, it will likely be him that could finally bring attention to the character's potential illness. [79][80] The scene in which Justin Foley is diagnosed with and killed by complications of AIDS generated controversy, with many calling it unfair. However, some called it an improvement over its previous season, and praised the performances of the cast, particularly that of Minnette, Navarro, Flynn, and Heizer, the brief return of Hannah Baker, and technical aspects. [10] A third season was ordered in June 2018 and was released on August 23, 2019. "[60], Writing for The Guardian, Rebecca Nicholson praised some aspects of the series, including the performances from Minnette and Walsh, but was troubled by much of the plot, writing, "a storyline that suggests the love of a sweet boy might have sorted all this out added to an uneasy feeling that stayed with me". Season four revolves around Clay's mental health, which has deteriorated severely due to the events of previous seasons. Mike Hale of The New York Times wrote a critical review, writing, "the show doesn't make [Hannah's] downward progress convincing. Equally, Justin also dismissed it as little more than grief and stress. Schizophrenia is categorized as a breakdown in the relations between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception and inappropriate actions and feelings. Clay's father followed up by asking specifically whether he was simply thinking about Hannah or whether he was literally hearing her in his head. Feinberg highlighted the series' directors, saying: "A Sundance-friendly gallery of directors including Tom McCarthy, Gregg Araki and Carl Franklin keeps the performances grounded and the extremes from feeling exploitative",[59] while Gilbert of The Boston Globe praised the storytelling: "The storytelling techniques are powerful ... [as it] builds on the world established in the previous hour, as we continually encounter new facets of Hannah's life and new characters. That will truly be the question hanging over what will be the fourth and final season. Netflix however, demonstrably complied with the Australian viewer ratings system, by branding the series as "MA15+" when streamed via its own interface. A graduate of the University of London, John was raised on a small island by television and movies. The story ... strikes me as remarkably, even dangerously, naive in its understanding of suicide, up to and including a gruesome, penultimate scene of Hannah opening her wrists in a bathtub. [24], On May 7, 2017, it was announced that Netflix had renewed the series for a second season, which was released on May 18, 2018. This appears to be a perfect reflection of the show's handling of issues. 13 Reasons Why season 1-3 is currently available via Netflix, with season 4 expected to premiere in 2020.

Since the doctor is described as focused on anxiety, grief, and depression, however, it could equally be that the show will once again drop the ball as it did in its first three seasons. (2017). Deaken Bluman as Winston Williams (season 4; recurring season 3), a former Hillcrest student who hooks up with Monty and is furious when Monty is posthumously accused of Bryce's murder, knowing Monty was not guilty because Winston was with him the night Bryce was murdered. Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter also praises both actors: "Langford's heartbreaking openness makes you root for a fate you know isn't possible. Dylan Minnette stars as Clay Jensen while Katherine Langford plays Hannah Baker. As well as this, the illness also provokes a withdrawal from reality and personal relationships in favor of fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. [118][119], —Executive producer Selena Gomez, in defense of the controversy surrounding the series[120]. [20] In September, Amy Hargreaves, Kate Walsh and Derek Luke were cast. It also featured an admittedly powerful "Me Too" moment and delved a little more into Tyler's road to recovery, as he faced his trauma head-on by actually opening up about it and accepting support from a new school counselor. The second season revolves around the lawsuit Hannah's parents launch against Liberty, with more information being revealed as each individual on the tapes is called to trial. 13 Reasons Why (stylized onscreen as TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY) is an American teen drama web television series developed for Netflix by Brian Yorkey, based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. In the aptly titled episode, "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen", security footage of Clay's near-fateful visit to Bryce Walker's house a season prior emerged. [32][33] The 13-episode first season and the special were released on Netflix on March 31, 2017. However, some praised the technical aspects and the performances (particularly those of Prentice, Druid, and Granaderos). Jackie Geary as Amber Foley (seasons 1–2), Justin's mother, a drug addict who dies in season 4 due to drug overdose.

[122] The following month, the United States Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP) released a statement also noting how strongly the series may serve as a trigger for self-injury among vulnerable youth.

[38] Production on the second season wrapped in December 2017. [21] On February 11, 2020, Jan Luis Castellanos joined the cast as a series regular for the fourth season.

[41] Filming was scheduled to be completed on February 6, 2019. A film from Universal Pictures based on Thirteen Reasons Why began development in February 2011, with Selena Gomez set to star as Hannah, before being shelved in favor of a television series and Netflix ordering an adaptation as a limited series in October 2015, with Gomez instead serving as an executive producer. Liz Shannon Miller of Indiewire, who enjoyed the series and gave it a positive score of B+, gave praise to the racial, gender and complex diversity of its supporting cast of teens. [124][125][126] However, Eric Beeson, a counselor at The Family Institute at Northwestern University noted that "it's unlikely that one show alone could trigger someone to attempt suicide.

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