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This shouldn't give you too much trouble, use the Ultima shotlock to destroy everything. Go to Accessway save point in The Power Plant. If he uses the dark slashes block the first one and use counter kick to attack him. Status update. If he teleports block and use risk dodge, if he doesn't use airstep to attack him as he falls. If the guardian goes under Sora guard when the pillar flashes to avoid taking damage. For his first DM avoid the pillars in the center of the arena and keep using dodge roll when the guardian appears. I also got a max score of 25,000 points on Luxord because he is rather easy with all codes on. For his final DM which will always happen when he has 1HP left, a counter will start at 99 and you need to block and dodge his attacks until he is open to attack. Turn on EZ Code "Best Combination" to get frequent team attacks. Defeat 20 Shadows/Neoshadows at one time using Rage Form. At the end of the second wave of lasers two will be blue so you will need to dodge roll. A guide on the Premium Menu feature in the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC. When you reach 1 million score you will receive your A rank and you can finish off the boss. ├ 100 Acre Wood After blocking 4 attacks airstep and attack him directly. Young Xehanort will always start the fight with two quick dashes and will attack on the third one. Enemies defeat with magic, links, team commands, or attractions are not counted. Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choice 2 – Guardian, Warrior, Or Mystic. While the projectiles can be blocked they will explode and freeze Sora so it's recommended to simply dodge them. Block his two first combos and then dodge or delay your guard to avoid his fakeout and get an opening on him. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. ├ Limit Cut Episode ├ Keyblade Transformation You need to have at least one save file which has finished the story before starting the DLC. ├ Kairi These cookies do not store any personal information. └ Data Master Xehanort Use any link to defeat 77 enemies at one time! If his berserk bar is completely empty he will stunned for a few seconds so you can deal a lot of damage. Then he will shoot at the 4 corners of the arena and you will need to move around while using dodge roll or a link to avoid them. └ Permanent Choices, ■ Basic Features ├ The Caribbean ■ Extra Content If you get hit by any of them you will be stunned so using the Nano Gear keyblade for stun protection is recommended. ├ 100 Acre Wood *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. ├ Recommended Accessories When he does a slower slam at the end of his combo you can dodge roll, air slide or airstep through the shockwaves for an opening. When his HP is low he will use his DM which is a huge laser barrage.

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