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An archaeology professor tricked her into signing off her property as a legalized dig. Voiced by She also becomes jealous of Hank's prized guitar "Old Betsy" because she believed he loved the guitar more than her. Hank 's barber, Jack, has been suffering from a dementia, he gives Hank an unsatisfactory hair cut. While her ego tends to get her in trouble, it is also what gives her an incredibly admirable level of confidence and bravery that empowers her to stand up for herself and those around her. To save the ranch from Henry Winkler, and in an attempt to win her mother's favor, Peggy was able to locate an old law that allowed them to transfer their cattle through the main street of town. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. (voice), Dr. Schiff / Relatives In "Sleight of Hank", Hank stated that Peggy does not have a twin, however, he didn't meet Hoyt until "Life: a Loser's Manual". Air date Peggy becomes jealous when she thinks Bobbyis replacing her in the kitchen. Meet the Propaniacs. Bill loses his job due to the abolishment of the army barber service. You kicked her ass, Mom. Margaret J. Peggy goes to Nancy for help and gets a magazine that shows a beautiful table piece that she decides to make completely out of yard waste. Peggy is also slow to pick up on social cues; she was the last on the block to realize that Nancy Gribble was having a long-term affair with John Redcorn, and realizes this only when Hank practically hands her the answer. She subsequently drops out and decides to pursue cosmetology full time. After not having seen her parents for years, Peggy went to Montana at the request of her mother to see her childhood home one last time. During one of Bobby's tests, cleaning a stained cheerleader's outfit, Peggy decides to help and unknowingly throws it in the wash with Hank's jeans, which are ruined. However, they end up calling Ladybird, not herself. Bobby takes Home Economics and becomes better than her at cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry drives her to get a new and ridiculous hairdo (which Hank can't stand because of the smell of her hairspray) in an attempt to bring Hank's attention back to her and distract him from Bobby's domestic accomplishments. Peggy is horrified as she points out that Hank doesn't need her to cook even the meals she claims to make differently. With Mike Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Brittany Murphy. She is an average framed woman standing at about 5'6\" who wears a disproportionate size 16½ shoe on her left foot, and size 16 on her right--which has be… This FAQ is empty. In early episodes, Mrs. Platter is seen visiting in the Hills' home, implying that she lives in or near Arlen, Texas, and is on speaking terms with her daughter (although the episode "Happy Hank's Giving," in which she appears in her original incarnation, implies that her mother either still lives in Montana or moved back). She has been said to be beautiful (mostly by herself and Bill) despite being considered frumpy due to her granny-beehive and glasses, not to mention her consistency of wearing culottes. One time, she even makes her full name into a verb: when asked by Bobby how she comes up with her (questionably) clever musings, her reply is that she'd take an idea "...and Peggy Hill the heck out of it." Mr. Ortiz Title: Peggy wears square, rimless glasses and is generally seen wearing cut-off blouses and culottes. Peggy is prone to jealousy and spite, sometimes to the point of severe neurosis and unnecessary family strife, and she sometimes becomes extremely vindictive about seemingly mundane things: King of the Hill Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, My Ranking of All 'King of the Hill' Episodes, Hank Hill / The eleventh season of King of the Hill originally aired Sundays at 8:30–9:00 p.m. , 7:30–8:00 p.m. and … (voice), assistant retake director / retake assistant director, background layout boards: Film Roman (as Fred Hofheinz), background keys: Film Roman (as Kuiyoung Kim), overseas animation director (as Brenda Chat), animation checker (as Richard T. Sullivan), composer: theme music / performer: theme song, IT department: Film Roman (as Elaine Demari), assistant: Mr. Altschuler / assistant: Mr. Krinsky, IT department: Film Roman (as Chuck McCaskill), studio service: Film Roman (as Ronnie McNutt), studio service: Film Roman (as Marilynn Meyer), executive assistant: Film Roman (as Everett Oliver), studio service: Film Roman (as Jessie Torres). Perhaps as a result of her relationship with her own parents, Peggy has a tendency to overreact to any indication that something is not right with Bobby, for example believing he was infected by mold because he couldn't remember her birthday (though he didn't know it in the first place), believing he has ADD even though he just ate too much sugar that morning, believing that he was a special-needs child when he was just lazy, and when she caught Bobby making out with a plastic head to train himself how to act around a girl, believing this to be a lie and he really had a fetish for inanimate objects. In "Lupe's Revenge," her poor Spanish led her to face a Mexican judge on kidnapping charges after she accidentally kidnapped a child due to her inability to recognize that she couldn't speak even basic Spanish. Later after winning a bet to see who get the biggest piece of the wishbone with Bobby, it was revealed that Bobby now owes Dale the million. Pilot Ted Wasanasong When Hank finds out that Bobby is taking Home Economics he is less than pleased. Hank's protesting of the haircut bill exposes fraud, waste and fiduciary abuse on base. During one of Bobby's tests, cleaning a stained cheerleader's outfit, Peggy decides to help and unknowingly throws it in the wash with Hank's jeans, which are ruined. It was first aired on November 24, 2002. Peggy's most negative, but humorous trait is her extremely inflated ego. Hair The episode was written by Kit Boss, and directed by Kyounghee Lim and Boohwan Lim. In what appears to be a moment between mother and daughter, Peggy expects a warm thank you from her mother but is instead blamed for the whole thing; her mother says it would have never happened had she stayed on the farm. She is a freelance writer, mostly for the local newspaper, the Arlen Bystander. "King of the Hill" Serpunt (TV Episode 2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. A clever act of sabotage led the Alamo Beer Company to admit to knowingly selling tainted beer. She is an average framed woman standing at about 5'7" who wears a disproportionate size 16½ shoe on her left foot, and size 16 on her right--which has been a constant source of her misery. The next day he reveals that he made Hank a pair of new jeans that Hank praises incredibly, while mentioning that Peggy ruined his old jeans. In one episode, Peggy assumes that an actor, Eduardo Felipe, star of TV's Monsignor Martinez is madly in love with her and wants to have an affair with her. It was first aired on April 9, 2000. This FAQ is empty. However in later episodes he's back at the barbershop building and is even seen alongside other barbers. Peggy's inflated ego and irrepressible intellectual confidence leads her to believe she is vastly more intelligent than she actually is. When Hoyt returned to Arlen, Peggy tried to help him out and gave him money, but eventually realized Hoyt was an incorrigible criminal and would destroy the entire family. Age Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. However, Utah state quarters were not minted until 2007, and this episode aired in 2002. She frequently aggrandizes her own accomplishments, such as her continual recognition as the substitute teacher of the year, although she won the first award because she created it. Don't worry, she's not jealous. Cindy Wasanasong tricked her into taking over her Cozy Kitchen "business," which turned out to be an inescapable pyramid scheme. Like her husband, she has an impressive work ethic coupled with mediocre intelligence and minimal ambition: the greatest achievement of her career as an educator was to win Tom Landry Middle School's "Substitute Teacher of the Year Award" three sequential years, despite the award being a meaningless vote-based self-promotion (created by Peggy herself) that nobody else really cared about. Perhaps this was an attempt to tip the scales in her favor. Jack accidentally or maliciously uses peroxide on Hank's head, giving Hank an embarrassing bright blonde spiky appearance. Job Travis also steals an anecdote about her large feet and tells it to his audience during a performance. when she feels accomplished. Although there is no "L" is Christmas, there is "NOEL" in Christmas. When she talks to her hairdresser he points out that Peggy can be a excellent lover and wow Hank with that instead of cooking and cleaning. Peggy is cutting Bobby's hair when Hank suggests he is now old enough to visit a proper barber and offers to take him when he goes. After Hank's hair is set straight up in spikes and bleached, he bears a non-accidental resemblance to another Fox TV animation icon, Bart Simpson. When she tries to bring her back, she is arrested for kidnapping. Tom Chick Looking for something to watch? Use the HTML below.

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