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Tradition in a contemporary image.

It is by Mario Valentino, a completely different designer.

Naples, Italy 1952. With all of this in mind, Valentino S.p.A. is seeking injunctive relief barring the defendants from “engaging in any acts that deceive or are likely to deceive consumers as to the source of their goods,” and from selling any products that infringe its design patent-protected handbags.
Such behavior, Valentino S.p.A. asserts, is “willful and deliberate” and has caused and “will continue to cause, Valentino [S.p.A.] financial and reputational harm,” in part because its own “handbags have been critical to maintaining the value of the legendary Valentino brand into the twenty-first century.” Valentino S.p.A. claims that its handbag category – which has achieve a level of “prestige” that Mario Valentino’s simply has not – has “accounted for over $700 million in revenue in the past five years, over $100 million in the United States.”. L'azienda, con sede operativa a Napoli, è ancora oggi della famiglia Valentino.

According to Valentino S.p.A.’s newly-filed suit, Mario Valentino and Yarch Capital have taken to “marketing their handbags with packaging and related literature that prominently identifies the bags as coming from ‘Valentino,’” and making using of Valentino’s “V” logo, as prohibited by their global co-existence agreement, “while downplaying or omitting entirely the fact that they are bags licensed by Mario Valentino S.p.A,” not Valentino S.p.A. That same practice of omitting the “Mario” name extends to a recent press release sent out by Yarch Capital to promote the launch of the Mario Valentino handbag line, which Valentino S.p.A. claims “uses ‘Valentino’ 20 times, but ‘Mario Valentino’ only appears twice, including once buried at the bottom of the press release.”, In order to confuse consumers into believing that their handbag collection is affiliated with Valentino S.p.A. that same release that calls “Valentino one of the top brands in the world,” in reference to Mario Valentino, and calls its designer “a top designer name that people worldwide are familiar with.”. However, that’s where the similarities stop. La Mario Valentino Spa è un'azienda italiana che opera nel settore della moda.

While the Italian brand – which got its start in 1960 under the watch of its eponymous founder Valentino Garavani – is easily be the most famous brand in the world to have such a moniker, with its otherworldly couture, lengthy roster of celebrity fans, and stable of coveted accessories, a similarly-named company actually beat it to the market. Valentino (fashion designer) (born 1932), Italian fashion designer, better known as simply Valentino Valentino (singer), member of reggaeton duo Magnate y Valentino, now solo Rudolph Valentino (1895-1926), Italian actor during the silent film era

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