my cafe level 22 walkthrough

Hi, I have found the vinyl record and updated the post. You can earn bonus tips from customers through the decorations you use for your café, and if you’re not sure what kind of furniture to use, you can pick up the hints your customers will drop through their conversations.

How to interpret Mary dream ? You can prepare their food and drinks, and if you happen to forget a recipe, you can tap on the tea cup icon found on the bottom right of your screen to view the recipe list. You may have to search all the bundle of books and the books on the table to find it. I dont see any special places in this thing hahaha.

I found the olive oil in the shelf in front of the big cabinet. Some players got the book there.
I am adding a picture to the post to show how much I had to clean.

I nearly fell off my chair in surprise!!

The magic book is in the exact spot shown in her picture above.

There is not much to explain here as the quest names are clear enough and all are small tasks: NOTE: Don’t forget to buy the quest #3 backpack by spending 3 candies and place it on your cafe to increase customer tips. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert player, we believe you’ll find something you can use in this exclusive My Cafe: Recipes and Stories strategy guide. I am also stuck at the same place. When I serve coustmers at a two person table that asks for an item that I don’t have yet, how do I tell them I don’t have that item yet. Will watson give gold gift if I buy that statue... A resident bought a package, but did not realize that 3000 diamond would go to the treasury.

We’ve covered a lot of food-related and skill-related tips, but we shall now move on to another detailed topic we believe you should be familiar with – furniture. Those are the ones I throw away if I absolutely have to. That’s the game in brief, and considering how complicated it may seem compared to other titles in its genre, we’ve decided to ease you in…and then some. One great thing about My Cafe: Recipes and Stories is the fact that all the characters have their own personalities and characteristics.
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Is this normal? My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Gameplay Video, Bullet Knight: Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game, (AND). With the latest update 2020.10, the quest game mode is active again in my cafe. Once he completes these two quest, he sees the photograph and finds that the witch is none other than his ex-wife. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I had 4 first-time customer requests (Ron wanted Berry Smoothie Cappuccino, Mary wanted Nordic Romantic Latte, I forget who wanted the Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake and the Winter Berry Dessert? suddenly an electric shaver flies by and shaves them all bald. It just says that special things are hidden in special places. So what’s in the Simple Gift? More daily gifts means more chances of getting special spices! Petrovich collects another page of the ancient magic book. Hi Christi, nice to hear that you found the book. But how do you get them anyway?

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