no plan a battle cats

??? Since this is an All Angel stage except the trolly blogger.

If you're lucky, you can get A. Bahamut in Clionel's blind spot between rounds of Sleipnirs to deal massive damage. When Awakened Bahamut is back, wait until the boss completes her attack, then send him in.

Don't bring Rich Cat and Sniper the Cat. Zeus is very good here, but Gamereon, Rock Revengers (the best if you are unlocky, as they resist slowness) and many others are also fine, also all ubers that can barely stay within Clionel's range, short ranged enough to stay safe within that range and long ranged enough to not get in Sleipnir's range too soon; also fast speed. Script: He should force the Angelic Slepnir to eat it, which will help later.

Also needs Lion and Crazed Giraffe/Manic Lion for the enemy stall. Then upgrade your Worker Cat to 2, and spawn Lion. Awakened Bahamut can take care of them and finish off the level. - Trolly Blogger (100%)- Angelic Sleipnir (Angel) (100%)- Angelic Gory (Angel) (200%)- Angel Fanboy (100%)- Ms. Sign (100%) (Don't spawn the latter two if you're saving up for Bahamut/Gamereon, but money isn't really an issue here.). Send in Manic Flying every 2 or 3 Ramen Cats, as well as an occasional Manic Macho Legs if you so desire. The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd of every month, - Angelic Sleipnir (Angel) (100%)- Angelic Gory (Angel) (200%)- Angel Fanboy (100%)- Ms. Sign (100%). First appearance: March 4th, 2016 (11:00) to March 7th, 2016 (16:00), The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd days in any month, First appearance: April 1st, 2016 (11:00) to April 4th, 2016 (11:00), June 11th, 2016 (11:00) to June 13th, 2016 (11:00), Prior to April 2017 (February 2018 in the. Lineup: Necromancer Cat, Skelecat, Hyper Mr., Fishman Cat, Sportswoman, Ramen Cat (31+7), Manic Macho Legs (27), Manic Lion Cat (30), Manic Flying Cat (30), Awakened Bahamut Cat (30). No Continues

Then repeat step #2. Don't worry about the Trolly Bloggers, because every time they knock Maglev back, Maglev will attack again and kill them.

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Once the Sleipnirs are gone, continue the spam of Ramen/Jizo/Jamiera.

While low on money, just spam Ramen to build back up. Alternatively, you can include units such as Baseball Mask β or certain Ultra Souls in place of Macho Leg or some Combo cats (as long as you can still apply a good Combo/set of Combos).
He should be able to kill the remaining Gories. XP earned: As soon as you see Clionel start to attack, fire the Cat Cannon. Requirement: This will get you just enough cash for step 2. Overall, this strategy plays out like fighting a regular level instead of 4-D chess. Gamereon and Ramen are great stallers in this stage!

When you have enough money, release Gamereon. Clionel Ascendant

If successful, Clionel should die. Ushiwakamaru can even solo this stage if spammed and with the help of Research Combos. When the Gories pop out, spam Jizos. King Gamereon may be replaced by another anti-Angel tank. Battle: When they reach Clionel, the first Angelic Sleipnir will be out on the stage. Manic Mohawk Cat (30), Manic Eraser Cat (43), *Li'l Dark Cat (40+3), Ramen Cat (41+10), *Metal Macho (20), Maglev Cat (35), Crazed Giraffe Cat (27), *Cyborg Cat (48+9), Awakened Bahamut Cat (40), King Gamereon (36). Battle Cats Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Use A. Bahamut 2 to take out the Angelic Gories and finish the second Sleipnir. Use the Cat Cannon to interrupt the boss' attack sequence. Congratulations! Hopefully, A. Bahamut is now inside the blind spot, if not, no worries! As more Sleipnirs defend Clionel, start using Jizos and the other anti-Angels to defeat them. This way you can use Trolly Bloggers to knock back Yukimura so hecan attack constantly.

A. Bahamut should then kill Sleipnir and Clionel. 6,000

I beat realm of carnage  and my maglev is lvl 30, The only anti angel uber i have is super galaxy cosmo, No sadly I don't have Maglev but I'm trying to beat Realm of Carnage. Romaji: Continue spamming Ramen, but stop spawning the previous cats you have been spawning.

When the Angelic Gory kills your Legs and nearly reaches your base, in quick succession send in Awakened Bahamut, Manic Lion Cat, and Ramen. Anti-Flying is useless here please don't use them. Congratulations!

and yes I do have the boney bone and biohazard cat combo, WorstUberInTheGame wrote:

Next Stage: Send A. Bahamut to kill the Sleipnir, and at the right time (when Clionel finishes her attack), send Yukimura and never stop sending Ramens and Manic Lions. When the Angelic Gory dies, summon A. Bahamut. Try to keep the Trolly Bloggers at bay. 750,000 HP

Japanese Version Information

Don't let Bahamut die early.

Wait for Clionel to attack, then summon a regular Lion Cat. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT USE THE CAT CANNON AT THIS POINT. (stalling): Summon a single Crazed Giraffe as soon as you can. No cats gift either ig... Do you have maglev? Spam meatshields, Maglevs, and Crazed Giraffes.

Max ★ Difficulty Spam Ramen, Manic Lion and Fishman, as well as Hyper Mr. You will want the boss to be knocked back three times. Deadly Floor 41 • Floor 42 • Floor 43 • Floor 44 • Floor 45 • Floor 46 • Floor 47 • Floor 48 • Floor 49 • Floor 50, The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd of every month. When you can summon another one, repeat step #2. At the start of the stage, send one Manic Lion Cat to keep the boss at bay, while Trolly Bloggers begin to spawn, it won't be a threat. More Sleipnir will spawn with more groups of Angelic Gory. If Awakened Bahamut is still alive, he may able to knock back the Slepnir once during his life.

Continue to spam the two, but send out one of the long-ranged anti-Angel Uber Rares (in the recommended, Midsummer Cat) when the Sleipnir is in front of Clionel. Battle Cats Wiki.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This strategy is very similar to strategy 1, however, King Gamereon can hold down the fort while you wait for your second A. Bahamut. Getting your second A. Bahamut should be easy pretty easy. Step 5: A. Bahamut will die from the next Sleipnir so start spamming everything (except the Combounits). Stage Information

Start off by spawning a Crazed Giraffe as soon as you can. Let the Angel Gories get close to your base, and save the cat cannon. When the Trolly Bloggers are close to your base, summon a single ramen. You defeated the boss and possibly unlocked Catway! When clearing the stage, there is a chance to unlock Catway. No Plan A (Deadly) is an Advent Stage appearing on the 7th, 8th, 21st, and 22nd of every month.
If you do it perfectly, Cruel Angel Clionel should be knocked back twice, and Sleipnir 2 should be knocked back once. Clionel should be knocked back 3 times before you start fighting the next Sleipnir, then only spam Ramen to lure the Gories to your base, also send out your anti-Gory unit and Manic Macho Legs and then wait for A. Bahamut so you can kill Angelic Gory. I would recommend those that stop angels... but depends on availability per player, Ramen lvl 40 + 3, toaster cat, Totem cat, and obviously, The flying cat, how hypermaxed should the ramen be? hmm did you check this page already

Ramen lvl 40 + 3, toaster cat, Totem cat, and obviously, The flying cat. Battle Cats No Plan A Cheese Method ft. Breakerblast (EASY WIN), Floor 11 • Floor 12 • Floor 13 • Floor 14 • Floor 15 • Floor 16 • Floor 17 • Floor 18 • Floor 19 • Floor 20 Catway (30%)

Just stall them. The close range damage will kill it quick. With Midsummer Cat, it should be close or take 1 knockback before dying to Clionel. 12 Energy: Step 1: Send out Crazed Giraffe instantly, then upgrade the Worker Cat to lv 2, then send out a Lion, then upgrade the Worker Cat to lv 6, then start luring the Sleipnir to your base. When a Trolly Blogger reaches the 1/4 mark, send in Manic Macho Legs. If they are highly leveled, there is plenty of leeway and the stage will feel like a breeze. Do bony bone, biohazard, and art history like red anvil said, don't bring any of those other anti angels. ???

After the first Sleipnir is knocked back, use the Cat Cannon to stop Clionel's attack. However make sure there are no Gories in the way before summoning him. At the start, wait for Cruel Angel Clionel to appear, then begin spamming Ramen Cats and Jamiera Cats. 1★ - Cruel Angel Clionel (Angel) (100%) Stage: Then upgrade your Worker Cat two level 2. Angelic Slepnir SHOULD be knocked back now. Difficulty: This process takes a long time, the Angel Fanboy will appear, and likely behind Clionel. Beware of the Sleipnir since he can easily kill A. Bahamut/Yukimura. How to beat No Plan A????? Then spawn Artist and the other three attackers, as well as A. Bahamut.

(If your timing is even a second off, he can die.) Sportswoman Cat Combo (Sportsgirl Cat, Butterfly Cat), Biohazard and Bony Bone Cat Combos (Skelecat, Necromancer Cat, Mr.), Ramen Cat, Kasa Jizo, Jamiera Cat, ranged anti-Angel Uber Rares (Recommended: Midsummer Cat, Dark Merchant Babil). When Sleipnir spawns, be sure that you have a line of Ramen Cats to prevent him from going near the Cat Base. At this point, it does not matter if Awakened Bahamut dies. JP Name: Trolly Bloggers should constantly push Yukimura, so he can keep attacking the boss, and Slice! The difficulty really depends on the level of your Ramen and Gamereon.

Continue this process until the Gories stop spawning. wasted spaces that weren't needed, feel free to replace them. Event Map:

Step 3: Use your Cannon to save A. Bahamut to save from Clionel. Occurrence:,,, LEVEL 1 - LAST LEVEL (randomized SoL stages & lineups), 1 Angelic Sleipnir spawns after 100 seconds, 2 Angelic Gories spawn after 136.7 seconds, 1 Angelic Sleipnir spawns after 200 seconds, 3 Angelic Gories spawn after 206.7 seconds, 3 Angelic Gories spawn after 273.3 seconds, 1 Angelic Sleipnir spawns after 333.3 seconds. Ushiwakamarucan even solo this stage if spammed and with the help of research combos.

maglev and spam B O O S T E D Ramen cat because ramen is so broken... who needs a plan A when you have ramen? Lineup: Cool Japan, Ramen Cat (40), Awakened Bahamut Cat, Manic Macho Legs, Crazed Giraffe Cat (20), Lion Cat (20+25), and something that can knockback the Angelic Gories in one hit (Kasa Jizo, D'artanyan, etc.). They can throw off timing. Enemies: hmmm., depends on how good you can time Awakened Bahamut, it will be enough but just the heavy hitting ubers for angels is just a back-up vs the sleipnirs and angelic gory if correct.

Clionel should be knocked back 2 times, then the next Slepnir should come.

Just stall out until you can summon another one.

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