penguins on iceberg analogy

It is not clear whether the 5,500 surviving penguins pairs have found rare cracks in the ice to jump through, or if they are journeying all the way to the edge. They must find a welcome environment with spare capacity to make them feel at home. Two Penguins One Iceberg is a whimsical webcomic about two penguins living an awkward and adventurous life on an iceberg off the coast of Antarctica. But we have a choice about behaviour and if I understand my motives I can manage them in a way that is appropriate for my role in leading others. We are three smart guys writing about whatever we find worth writing about, which is naturally the only stuff worth reading about. It keeps an organization on the intellectual offensive. Well, guess what … that. These issues have been characterized as “queep” … and headquarters staffs have approached them with a standard bureaucratic checklist. We want airmen confronting, solving, and innovating around tactical problems, enlarging their icebergs rather than having penguins drown in the deep waters as the most important mental real estate in the world is flooded with administrative and bureaucratic distraction. All rights reserved. Sign up today to get weekly science coverage direct to your inbox. If instead of fixing squadrons, the problem was how to win a battle or a war, the generals would figure it out. The iceberg in question, B09B, has altered the penguins’ frigid environment, resulting in a mass of deaths. When new knowledge is forced into a brain that has already exhausted its short-term accessible storage capacity, penguins have to be shoved off the iceberg to make room for new ones. The iceberg can only hold so many penguins, and at some point can hold no more. We are a conglomeration of awesome so powerful that we once rode a manatee down a volcano of molten sweetness for two weeks! Each human brain is like an iceberg, and each bit of knowledge is like a penguin. If my brain is an iceberg, only so many penguins (a.k.a thoughts) fit on the iceberg before one has to fall off into the sea. Let's just hope that "pooping" doesn't start running. I do not have any ambition or patience to collect every single one before it falls (nor do I expect anyone else to! I wholeheartedly agree with the previous comment and will also offer that titles or even uniforms (in this case tuxedos) do not make a leader. This is just an excuse, and it’s unacceptable. This means drastically reducing things like official visits, ceremonial obligations, duplicative/redundant/non-value added/unduly repetitive training, administrative requirements, and self-support in areas like IT and finance. These Adélie penguins are thriving at the edge of the sea ice, but their fellows are dying when trapped too far from the ocean. The sea ice is now blocked, and has built up to form what is called “fast ice," which is ice fastened to the shore by some blockage. The other thing is that not all icebergs are created equally. Very interesting study group, these penguins provide. Others stray too far to be quickly recalled, but can still make their way back eventually. In Antarctic Science, Turney and his co-authors attribute the difference to the iceberg B09B, grounded offshore, filling the bay with ice. Wars are won (and lost) between the ears long before they are physically fought. What happens to those expelled penguins isn’t clear or consistent. Fans of poorly-drawn penguins, puns, anti-humor, irony, political snark, and non-sequitors should feel right at home, while others may feel like they are wandering aimlessly through the frozen tundra. Argue for them. Mastery will never truly be reached, but the fight to get and stay there is the most important fight of all. It’s ironic that a group of generals who reached their positions by finding ways to say yes starve for a way to speak the word on this most critical of issues: competition for the intellectual focus and energy of the core warriors of a service that wins wars by thinking. OUR ICEBERG IS MELTING Dr. John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber On the surface, Our Iceberg Is Melting is a simple story of a colony of penguins facing a dilemma. I think Erik made the perfect analogy, that it was like paddling through a frozen margarita or a slushie. But there are legitimate and illegitimate forms for challenge to take. Empty staffs for them. When confronted with this issue, Air Force leaders have pleaded a lack of resources. But contained within the story and the characters is a powerful message about the fear of change and how to motivate people to face the future and take action. The finding is a worrying sign for other penguin colonies confronted with climate change. This means there must at all times be room on the iceberg for new penguins to climb aboard. For those unfamiliar let me explain: think of your mind as the iceberg, and every piece of information you know is a penguin. It just isn’t occurring yet. Many of you may be familiar with the penguins/iceberg analogy. Trade frills for them. One of the main ways we grow the iceberg is to deliberately overfill it with penguins until an individual learns to sustain a larger penguin population without any diving off. When the explorer Douglas Mawson established a base at Cape Denison at the head of Commonwealth Bay in 1912, he complained about the noise of the Adélie penguin colony, estimated to contain 100,000 birds. The extra room they tend to have on their icebergs, which must be viciously safeguarded by leaders, is what allows an organization to invent, experiment, reflect, theorize, and quarrel with itself in response to encountered or anticipated challenges. Go get the resources. Some hover around around the edges of the iceberg, treading water until they’re able to climb back on. What gets lost is often random and arbitrary. But even if everyone started with the same iceberg, they don’t stay the same size over time. By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. If instead of fixing squadrons, the problem was how to win a battle or a war, the generals would figure it out. This is all fine and good so long as the penguins sacrificed aren’t particularly important. Argue for them. An operations environment … whether it flies airplanes, operates a logistical network, or manufactures products … is a continual, iterative exercise in tactical adaptation. In December 2013, “Hundreds of abandoned eggs were noted, and the ground was littered with the freeze-dried carcasses of the previous season’s chicks,” they wrote. Yes, you can and should consider yourself "in the know" because you are reading this. In summary, the ‘deeper’ characteristics – the submerged ones – determine how well we are matched with our roles or jobs. The finding is a worrying sign for other penguin colonies confronted with climate change. The analogy of penguins on an iceberg therefore seemed quite appropriate. or higher up the iceberg – in social role, for example? But overload must be a careful, deliberate process. B09B broke off the Ross Ice Shelf in 1987 and in December 2011 became frozen to the seabed at the mouth of Commonwealth Bay. In other words, headspace is not unlimited, and when input — either by rate or by volume — exceeds the ability to store and organize and manage, knowledge gets lost. This won’t do. Excellent question...if you live under a a cave. If even one penguin representing ops knowledge is squeezed off the iceberg or can’t get aboard in the first place, a strong ops culture isn’t possible. Sometimes it is lost altogether. Well, if you want a strong operational culture, people must be free to continually learn. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. They grow (and sometimes shrink) over time with the acquisition (and divestiture) of learning ability and the development of natural aptitude. For this to be possible, you’ve got to hire people with big icebergs and develop and retain every one of them. They have the spare capacity to continue thinking forward when the immediate moment becomes overwhelming for most others. The content of this webpage may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written consent of Bright Mountain Media, Inc. which may be contacted at, ticker BMTM. One of the few healthy-looking penguins left at Cape Denison. Solve for yes. A penguin apocalypse is unfolding in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica, as tens of thousands of birds are cut off from their food supply by a stranded iceberg. However, Professor Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales recently found numbers around a tenth of that, and many were not even trying to hatch eggs. We don’t know we lost it until the time comes to once again draw upon it … at which point the realization dawns too late for any useful action to be taken. Copyright © 2020 John Q. This is a big problem requiring a big solution … a solution that attacks the very structure and operating system of the Air Force rather than attempting a spot fix certain to be swiftly shaken off and ignored. Turney said the penguins appear unable to move to new colonies and there is no prospect for rescuing them by carving holes in the ice, as these would rapidly freeze over. Quitting - There's No Quitting In Football. When new knowledge is forced into a brain that has already exhausted its short-term accessible storage capacity, penguins have to be shoved off the iceberg to make room for new ones. Five more Airmen being investigated for drug activity at nuclear base, USAF C-17 pilot lands in Afghanistan without landing gear, Air Force Academy grad becomes first Space Force liaison officer on Marine deployment, F-16 deploys flares during Trump rally: TFR violation. Already, Turney noted, it appears that icebergs have become drastically more frequent off the Antarctic Peninsula, the area of the continent most affected by climate change. What the authors were able to determine was that the surviving birds are not doing well. Go get the resources. Tearlberg is the greatest in the history! Nevertheless, the fear is that global warming will cause an increase in iceberg calving, creating situations such as the one at Cape Denison all around Antarctica.

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