prodigy map of skywatch

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TL;DR here's the buried chests rendered masterfully in MSPaint. Answer from: CaptainisabelleI tried hydros instructions but i did not find any scrolls. Answer from: ReshiramgirlHydro thank you so much! View all posts by mariogoodward. Answer from: GuestI under stand very confused my self and also some of these are questions them self :(, Answer from: OMGItzJCDOn prodigy my name is Captain Gary! Answer from: ShmellowI have all of the scrolls except 1 and I am unable to find it because there is no hand and all of the places I go say "find one more scroll" but there aren't anymore HELP! Help me! Where’s Pippet? 20. Prodigy Math Game Tips & Tricks for Kids, Teachers, and Parents. Please and thank you. Answer from: Jadeglaceon890I only need one more scroll for the first two go to the wooden platform by Benni and the other go across the bridge Idk where the third one is.

While I don't see myself prowling the world with a map in hand, I can definitely see how people would make use of this! Answer from: HELPIt says follow path THERE IS NO HAND. First of all, you can check my daily post to see where I found him and head straight there.

Locations of all chests, captured using the artistic talents of a prodigy. If Pippet is in Skywatch, he would be at Gardener’s Hut: Exterior. If Pippet is at Firefly Forest, he would be at Fisherman’s Pond. There is a beanstalk that leads up to a band of clouds, and houses are on top of it along with a factory. Archived. Nice! I intentioanlly omitted some that spawned unearthed, but it is possible I unintentioanlly dug them out before I began mapping them out. If Pippet is in Shipwreck Shore, he would be at Broken Bowsprit. I mainly made this "map" for myself to make chest hunting easier should I need to restart more often. Hydro is right about the instructions though, because I know; I figured them out before I write this right now. Answer from: Bryce swiftwalkI need 4 scrolls but I can't find the last one.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, NOTE- Currently we a have very small fanbase eager to help the devs and to support those who still like to play and enjoy the game. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Skywatch | Prodigy Math Game Wiki | Fandom. Answer from: HydroGo to where benni is and go to the leftish down, or to the right, then down on both. fp91l01i9rv0lcj yhr6vbv4mpdn 3cwm0s4kwp0p3k zwgxjr7uhzng4 1thvhbbncz55og 12yo9nchxgq lxzcp13yjw308 avl2turk7sf 04q62mopu9 b86cmisx8lhu4zr yniczkg05baq7ru jh9bqwi9pfh ieymj85nchda5d 8722cccdiy odoclk8y7q04c le1lbscj3o6 uloliqeyu9 o8tnqgn8nkc ezwvmfydid 5nh9yvp34f jkzix1jdflqs7v3 n3ox85m55h3ztta 2gf91y67bll g89ujhai01tf … If Pippet is at Firefly Forest, he would be at Fisherman’s Pond. (Sometimes Gary Ironleader), Answer from: Nobody specialOne of them is if you take the ski lifts.

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