rbs 15 vs harpoon

If you do, anyone can put a radar in your path, keep it turned off and turn it on when they actually hear you or think you are nearby. The nose cone of a supersonic missile is usually a very fragile, non-metallic material chosen for its thermal properties and its porous nature to the seeker. They could be aerial, surface or underwater drones (or any combination of these types). The potential flash points in South China Seas and the Persian Gulf/Straits of Hormuz mean the RN needs a capable weapon ASAP! I’d also like Type 45s to be fitted with Aster 30 Block 2 BMD when it’s ready. The missile has reasonable legs and will already used for our F35’s. Obviously, there is an argument to be made for fast and stealthy missiles. Stay below the radar horizon for longer. So, the cheapest = the largest amount option is the best, I guess. We often hear people going on about how obsolete missiles like the Harpoon are compared Eastern hypersonic missiles and the like, but I'm curious... how do the missiles used by western countries compare to each other? Obviously would need a booster. But, I think it is >500M GBP program, and even relatively independent from ASM issues. JSM could be ideal as it is likely to be electronically integrated with F35 & the b should be able to use on pylons, kongsberg are also developing a helicopter launched version that could be integrated on the Merlin. making them easier to track by the aircraft’s radar. What it isn’t: NSM/JSM weight, warhead size and range put it a class below Storm Shadow/Harpoon and two classes below Tomahawk (and a class above Sea Venom). Knowledge is power  - knowing the characteristics of the missiles you are potentially facing, how it's targeted. Expect that dozens of missiles will be required to overwhelm a Tico/Burke like opponent in this field, probably less against a Eurofrigate with their smaller magazines. try actually reading the post that specifically said LRASM wasn’t being considered... Just a 'cold water in your face' true fact that the folks who have the real answers can get tossed in prison if they talk. Given that the I-SSGW must be fitted to Type 23 frigates (without massive modifications) and have terrain-following land attack capability, the possible candidates are being narrowed down to three likely options. Thats the goal – not worrying about long ranged missiles on a cheapo T31 that will get more off Wildcat/Venom. Although the RBS15 can trace its heritage back to the 1980s, the Gungnir is a completely refreshed design that only came on the market in 2018 and will be in service with the Swedish navy by mid-2020. The closest Western equivalent to the U-VLS is the Mk 57, which is on the Zumwalt. The weapons doctrine is fundamentally different, with the West wanted precision strike and “others” wanting hit anything ASAP. Sometimes you can achieve the effects you want without killing it or employing missiles. It doesn't matter how fast they are going. knowing what platforms carry it. [17] However, in November 2016 it was announced that a secret number of missile trucks had been gathered and reactivated under Navy control. Pegasus looks great but we should have it now not in 2030, NATO has dropped dropped the ball and we are playing catch-up slowly. The RN’s land-attack capability has been used in several conflicts and is a powerful tool but may require the SSN to loiter in suitable firing area for some time. hmmm then how about its own on board targeting sensors . With high-G maneuver and good IR camera to identify the targets, it can first pretend aiming at a tanker in the task force, but suddenly turn to the high-value unit at the last moment. RBS-15 fire-and-forget missiles grew out of Sweden’s need for missiles that excelled in littoral warfare situations like Sweden’s fractured coastlines and innumerable bays. The list goes on. The Swedish Navy ordered the missile in 1984 to develop a coastal defense version of the RBS-15F. 41, would be of any use to the RN, at this time. Hms Darling, 1st T45, will Be 30 Years old by 2039! I’d rather have upgraded t45 (and/or possible new builds) than potentially waste money on a new design. It seems to be the best option for the RN seeing as our closest ally will have a large stockpile of them for use on potentially upwards of 40 ships, and its made specifically for use in cramped, littoral environments where RN ships are more frequently deploying to. What are the ships meant to do if it comes to a hot situation throw snowballs. So lets get this right the T45 and the new T26 will have no anti ship capability until 2030 with Perseus if that comes into production.

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