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A small 66-key capacitive switch version of the famed Topre Realforce and PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard.

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Most modern switch designs are offered with optional LEDs built in, allowing for simple backlighting or more elaborate multicolor “RGB” lighting. Ortholinear Keyboards - Selling the Planck and Atomic keyboards. Novelty keycaps: one or more caps printed with a theme, often relating to pop culture or video games.

Topre is the most common electrostatic switch, and similar designs are often called “Topre clones” and “Topre-like.” Electrostatic capacitive switches produce a distinctive “thonk” feeling when pressed, and are available in different spring strengths and with different key stems. The design is open-source, thus can be custom-made; commercially available as a kit with optional assembly (, Split keyboard inspired by ErgoDox: fixes the most common complaints about thumb clusters and column stagger. Taiwan online reseller. KEYGEM EU reseller from Germany for mechanical keyboard related products. Cherry MX/compatible switches. Switches come in three variants: "linear" with consistent resistance, "tactile" with a non-audible bump, and "clicky" with both a bump and an audible click. I have no money, but I want the feels.

The pattern consists of two D-shaped capacitor pads for each switch, printed on a printed circuit board (PCB) and covered by a thin, insulating film of soldermask which acts as a dielectric. I’ve used many keyboards in the past: Generic $9.99 replacement keyboards, stock keyboards that come free with a new desktop PC, high-end gaming keyboards, laptop keyboards, ultra-portable wireless keyboards, you name it. A more rare type of plastic with high density like PBT, but a smoother finish like ABS. If you're a beginner, you're probably used to using something like this, or maybe even this. Many artisan keycaps are created with elaborate casts and custom-painted, designed more for aesthetic appeal than functionality. A very worthwhile keyboard and feel-goody keyboard, but not very pretty or easily modified.

frequently, then this would not be an efficient keyboard for you. SOUND SAMPLES Hear what different switches and keyboards sound like.

A common test for whether the computer has crashed is pressing the "caps lock" key. The keys do not need to be fully pressed to be actuated, which enables some people to type faster. MX-compatible switches. has a detailed guide covering mechanical keyboard terminologies, popular types of switches, keyboard maintenance, keycap shapes/materials/printing methods, and more. - Discussion - More of a one-off Group Buy than storefront but nice to see somebody other than Unicomp in the business. Laser printing: keycaps with legends cut via laser then laser-printed with infill. The Unicomp Classic is a clone of the IBM Model M. The Classic is essentially a Model M with Windows keys; the Ultra Classic is the same keyboard with a slightly smaller shell but the same mechanical components. ISO-format keyboards have a distinctive double-row Enter key and a smaller left Shift key.

Usually easier to find and less expensive than artisan keycaps. The Clear, Brown, and Blue versions start at around $150 dollars, while the Cherry MX Green version starts at around $170 dollars. Bottom row: the lowest row on the keyboard, including the space bar. Bottom out: the act of pressing a key to its full depth.

Happy Hacking Keyboard: a modified 60% design with a custom layout based on older Unix systems. Feet: rubber or plastic parts used to elevate the case above the desk. See the Keyboard Bag Wiki. Also found rebranded as the, Cherry MX (Red, Silent Red, Brown, Blue, Black.

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