remember the titans summary essay

This dance of putting each other down continues when Julius tells Gerry he is a lousy captain and Gerry tells Julius he has a bad attitude. 2009. One night he woke the boys up at four and made... ...An analysis of the movie “Remember the Titans” Although Coach Boone had been fired from his last job because a white man wanted that position, he shows respect to all who have earned it, even Coach Yoast who had gone against Boone’s wishes numerous times. Interpersonal Communication and Relations. Soon, after working together to solve these problems, the boys became friendly and even decided to ride the same bus home together.

Gerry Bertier was the captain of the white team and Coach Yoast’s favorite player. The Peripheral Route takes a more round about way by appealing to someone’s emotions and subjective side. His in-group, young black students, have probably endured white people criticizing and ignoring them, so they view all white people as useless and all black people as having to do whatever it takes to get by and be successful. Using his power, he gets the players to conform and forget how others think they are supposed to act towards each other. ...Remember the Titans Gerry responds by telling Julius he is a big waste of talent because he won’t listen to anyone, not ever the coaches and that his selfish behavior damages the team and hurts Gerry too. Application of the Principle: Coach Tyrell’s comments to Coach Boone reveal a deep set and ‘text book’ example of the prejudice Coach Tyrell has against blacks. Principle #4: Superordinate Goal The Scene: “Trusting the Soul”- At half time of the state championship game, TC Williams is loosing and Coach Boone gives the team his talk in the locker room. When using fear, it is always good to also provide the solution or the way the person can avoid the situation. September 9, 2004. doc what the people around them think, do and say (Anti-Defamation League, 2001). Application of the Principle: The Superordinate goal that brings the students together is the prospect of wining football games and ultimately the state championship. The type of leadership he displays cannot be taught, he is able to bring together two different types of groups to act as one, to respect each other and play together. Please join StudyMode to read the full document.

He is a perfect leader. Julius notes that no one person is perfect, but the team was perfect going into this game with their undefeated season. The FRONTLINE program “A Class Divided” is a wonderful example of how quickly kids can learn prejudice and how much it can affect their behavior as well (FRONTLINE, 1985). An example of this is shown when the original coach of the titans, Coach Yoast, who is white, has Coach Boone, who is black, over to his house. You must cite our web site as your source. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. Social Identities typically make us feel safe and happy, which is why we pursue them. “A credible communicator can influence acceptance (persuasion), whereas a non-credible communicator can have the reverse effect, he can cause resistance to the contents of the message. Here you can order a professional work. The white man feared that the black man was ... ... the relationship between black slavery and white freedom? through the use of visual and verbal features such as camera angles, costume, use of dialogue and While it cannot be found out for sure, Coach Boone can be classified under the trait theory of management, that "Leaders are Born". Myers, David G. Exploring Social Psychology. Coach Boon- Denzel Washington Even when Coach Boone was taking Coach Yoast’s position, he still considered his teams opinion. It can be seen that the team respects him as an authority figure because they are following his directions in training completely.

How about make it original at only $13.9/page? It is that aspect of a person’s character or self concept that is a result of who we relate to. asp>, Racism and Discrimination In “Remember the Titans”. Our anger may then reveal itself as a negative bias toward that person, a prejudice. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007. “Prejudice and Discrimination. Coach Yoast and Coach Boone state that neither of them want to be in this position and don’t like it. ...Remember the Titans Here you can order a professional work.

doc conversation with Julius stating that he is not about to care about anyone but himself because it is apparent none of the white players cares about the black ones because ‘Rev’ never gets any blocking or protection. Remember the Titans is a movie about a white football team that starts allowing black people to join the team. DVD. Coach Tyrell’s attitudes and beliefs are engrained in his mind and will continue to direct his actions and behavior most likely for the rest of his life.

Sherif then told both groups there was a problem with the camp’s water supply and a broken down food delivery truck and that both groups were needed to resolve the issues. At times, many of the principles are closely intertwined and almost inseparable. Coach Yoast adds that he has learned a lot from the team and their time together about trusting people because of who they are and not what Page 9 of 12Film Analysis Research Project_Nadler. At first all of the white players try to boycott the new coach and football program but the old coach, Coach Yoast decides to stay and run the defensive line and not abandon his old boys. Set in a traditionally white southern town in 1971, the effects of court ordered integration are coming down hard on the town’s people. Herman Boone. The Principle: A person’s Social Identity comes from the groups they belong to. Lastly, Julius tells Gerry his leadership as captain is poor and Gerry tells Julius he has a bad attitude. Because both of these men are more professional than Coach Tyrell and there are students in the room, they do not act on or voice their prejudice. It is everywhere from commercials trying to get us to buy something to a friend wanting us to help them out. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL! More specifically, the leader of the white player and the black players are in constant disagreement. Historica Foundation of Canada. At the same time, Gerry is taking comfort in his in group by telling Julius that he is worthless because he won’t be a team player. The three main characters in the movie did show a lot of leadership throughout the movie if it wasn’t for Coach Boones and Coach Yoast. Here again, a ‘text book’ example of the attitude both of them are portraying on the other. Coach Boone told them to learn a few things from each other or they would have to train three times a day. Once they got over each other’s differences, they began to develop a good football team to win the state championships. Muzafer Sherif performed a study in 1966 that demonstrated this concept very clearly (Sherif, 1966). This movie houses both comedic and tragic properties ... ... two separate and unequal societies- one black and one white with no real communication between the two. Gerry is the captain of the football team and shows leadership by influencing them to say what they want and to have their opinion on everything. Even assistant Coach Yoast comes around and starts to respect Boone's management and leadership skills. In the movie, he wanted his team to suceed and he knew in order to do well, they had to respect one another and get along.

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