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In all of our offices and headquarters, we all have white boards.

Both companies were barely a year old in 1986 when Simon made the first of many acquisitions. “Shell Oil gave him the door opening, and from there on he worked hard,” Simon said. Go all the way down to the receptionist, who will tell you a lot more.

“It’s fun,” Simon said. If we can’t improve anything in a business, it’s probably not a good investment.

Be solution driven. He said, ‘I want to be an owner, an entrepreneur.’ I said, ‘What are you waiting for?

Sam Simon, Founder and Chairman of Simon Group Holdings, Founder and Chairman, Simon Group Holdings. For every problem, there is a solution.

By Jackie Headapohl

We looked different.

Close. “Sam bets on people, and I’m that guy,” said Kenyon, who started as a retail district manager 20 years ago “with a lot of enthusiasm and not much experience.”, Atlas Oil is no longer just an oil distribution company, Kenyon said. You have to get better at every single thing you do.

“I also had to go to school to learn English,” he said. About 10 years ago, he created his own wine called Simon Estate, working with Bill Harlan of the Napa Valley Wine Reserve, a private club where members get five rows of grapes on 88 acres to create their own wines with help from the experts. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “One person came to me wanting a job.

It might take you longer, but it’s worth your time to do it right. Nobody’s going to give it to you.”. “There is always a risk in everything that you do.

Our clothes didn’t match. All rights reserved. See Sam Simon's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. We’re utilizing digital transformation to be able to create that level of branding.”.

Designed & Developed by Website Implementation. Again, it’s all about people and customers.

Before he can consider his team a success, he must ensure they all possess the same ambitions and goals, to create a successful internal culture. Amy. What does that mean? Common sense is not common. It’s about sharing, about giving, about conversation,” he said. The first deal I did was in 1986 when I bought a company called Great Lakes Oil out of Detroit. Evans started as an assistant in 1996 and is now senior managing partner of SGH. I spent the time to hire the best people and to understand how to build processes and continually improve and things grew from there. Not just managing people, but leading them, coaching them, training them, showing them.”. He didn’t want welfare.

It’s connecting the dots. “My father never believed in taking money from anyone. Simons’ renovated office includes a wood-fire pizza oven to better entertain and enjoy clients and guests.

Don’t interview them in the facility where they’ll be nervous and can’t talk to you. Get them away and sit down with them in a different environment so they can loosen up and speak honestly. What are they offering in value compared to the competition?

The SGH Investment management team is involved in venture capital and private equity funding. “When I told Sam I wanted to own a company, he came back to me with a proposal,” McMurtrie said. Sam Simon started Atlas Oil Co. in 1985 with a single truck. That hardworking, entrepreneurial spirit led Sam to found Atlas Oil Company 12 years later. Among others, humility is an important trait, both for him and for his team. “I think Sam allows people to fail, learn and grow and get better at what they do. “Think of Uber and Amazon,” he says.

Around the same time, he started Simon Group Holdings, which has more than 120 companies and direct investments.

Through it all, Sam hasn’t forgotten where he came from. I enjoy it with wine and people.”. However, as the company grows, striving for the lofty goal of a presence beyond the US, it will be a challenge to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, its cultural key since Sam founded Atlas in 1985.

64 Ratings. Instead, they took on jobs (at newspapers, for example) to support themselves and contribute to society, despite the bullying and cultural differences the young Sam faced.

Simon founded Atlas Oil in 1985 and built it into a $1 billion company that delivers more than 1 billion gallons of fuel each year to customers in 49 states. Here we have a nice homelike atmosphere where people feel comfortable and we can build relationships.”.

Sometimes, people have to do a deal. With emergency fueling, the company serves many of the largest data centers in the country.

“Atlas is in a business model transformation — leveraging technology and new operating platforms to create value for companies in the industry and fueling innovation.”. About five years ago, he left the day-to-day running of Atlas Oil to longtime employee and now president and COO Bob Kenyon to concentrate on strategic planning for SGH. “We look for good people,” he says. It’s different from what most people are trying to do in our industry. In 2007, he created Atlas Cares, which helps local nonprofits. Simon continues to look for good people to back. This requires stand-by response in case of generator failure, as well as customers that provide socially critical roles, such as hospitals, telecommunications, utilities and Fortune 500 organizations. He even goes so far as to examine the culture of any prospective partners before their financial metrics, to ensure they fit well with SGH’s own culture. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Then look at the balance sheets and the trends and assess where those trends are going. © 2020 Smart Business Dealmakers. Photography by Rudy Thomas. But another part is the value of work – the Simon family didn’t want to rely on handouts from the community, kind as they were.

Sam Simon in his renovated office in downtown Birmingham.

He said, ‘Give me jobs.’”. We look for people who want to succeed, who have drive, who others want to work with – good leaders who do more than just manage, who are team players.”.

Someone sent me a note saying that you would send me a couple copies. If you are investing in a company, take time to assess and make sure the people are the right people. SGH has 120 direct investments and 15 companies in sectors including commercial fuel supply and distribution; oil field services; logistics and transportation; commercial and residential real estate; aerospace and defense; technology; and turnkey modular housing.

Then we’ll go back and try to incorporate those things into our strategic plan.”. “It’s a huge reward when you see your team successfully growing with you, and seeing your company’s opportunities growing. We look for people who believe it’s not about them but about the team.

7205 Sterling Ponds Ct. SGH adopts a similar attitude internally, as is easy to see by its preference for team players with keen entrepreneurial spirits. He, Nada, and their twin 16-year-old boys, Peter and Michael, live in a newly built home in Bloomfield Hills (complete with a beautiful wine cellar) — a short ride away from his Birmingham office. He passed his work ethic to his children. That means if we connect the dots, we look at strategic alliances and strategic people and ways we can enhance the business.

Sterling Heights, MI 48312, Hey Paul, Bob Kenyon, Atlas’s President, says the company’s success is due to its non-traditional approach – for example, embracing digitization to offer efficient, accessible, data-driven customer platforms. They haven’t done a deal and they have money and that often leads to bad deals. “My father got me to understand how you dedicate yourself to hard work.

Seven years later, that was not his business.

The first Sunday after the family arrived, however, they attended church, and the priest offered the family some furniture and clothes.

Our customers needed diesel and we didn’t have it.

If you want something, you must go after it and never give up. Michael Evans is another example of Simon betting on people. Your trust is our top concern, so …

Shell said, ‘No, we can’t supply diesel.’ But I don’t take no for an answer.”, He found a diesel supplier and bought a truck, maxing out his credit cards to the tune of $30,000 to get started. Last year saw the 12th iteration of a Christmas party hosted for members of the armed forces and their families, providing food, entertainment and prizes.

Also you can’t just talk to the top-tier people.

Simon founded Atlas Oil in 1985 and built it into a $1 billion company that delivers more than 1 billion gallons of fuel each year to customers in 49 states.

In 1985, Simon founded Atlas Oil… My whole plan when I started Atlas Oil was to fill a need. All Rights Reserved. Simon came to America from Armenia at age 9 with his parents and four siblings. You have to make sure you have some common sense. If not, you’re going to fall apart. “It’s not about my ideas, or somebody else’s ideas, but about bringing everybody together and synergizing, and using your partners, suppliers, customers, everything.”.

The CEO Magazine is more than a business title; it’s a source of information, inspiration and motivation for the world’s most successful leaders, executives, investors and entrepreneurs. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. He began by buying the mortgages of retail gas stations, fixing them up and bringing in the right people to run them. Sam Simon gets energized by people who share the same zest for life that he does.

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