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With Shaun Micallef, Francis Greenslade, Emily Taheny, Tosh Greenslade. “As far as I’m concerned your kids can do anything they want to do. “She had fabulous outfits, beat-up flash cars and colorful, full life. “It’s 25 years since I started on [Channel Seven’s] Full Frontal. In the past two decades, Shaun Micallef has gone from bit player to permanent fixture, beloved as much for his nonsensical tomfoolery as his incisive satire, but would never want to be dubbed a national treasure. He was born … In 1994, Micallef became a full-time cast member of Full Frontal, where he became well known for characters such as Milo Kerrigan, Nobby Doldrums and a send-up of Italian male model Fabio. “I do get worried sometimes when the word ‘treasure’ is used, because that’s something dead and buried,” Micallef, 56, tells The New Daily. “If there’s a point where if you can’t read the room any more you become a bit dated,” he said. [Co-creator] Gary McCaffrie says to me, ‘This is our perfect show’. In 2010, he was voted most popular presenter at the annual Logie Awards. “I want that on my tombstone: ‘He didn’t get in the way’.”. Micallef recalls that the show was a good introduction to television comedy because, with an ensemble cast, its success did not hinge on his performance and he had more freedom to make and learn from mistakes. “I’m used to treating myself with as much disdain as I would any other actor,” he says. The following year he auditioned for the Bunyip Children's Theatre and over the next four years participated in plays that they performed in the Scott Theatre during school holidays. I can kind of tell whether I’ve kicked a goal or not in terms of the show being funny, but I’m not sure of what the cumulative effect of that is on people,” Micallef says. “She would pursue anyone she thought was picking on me and do what you did in those days – bash them up. Beware of these early vote patterns, Reserve Bank interest rate cut could see you get less money back on your savings. As a child he lived in Clovelly Park and attended St Bernadette's School in St Marys then St Joseph’s Catholic School in Mitchell Park (now Sacred Heart College Middle School) before moving on to Sacred Heart Senior College where he was the College Captain. All rights reserved. He is also a published author; his book Smithereens was released in 2004 and rereleased in January 2011. The couple live in a Melbourne beachside suburb and share three sons who have grown up watching their dad on TV. He describes it as a collection of "all sorts of bits and pieces I have written, With Micallef's 2009 move to the Ten Network's Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation, a sudden and unprecedented rise in his popularity within the Australian mainstream has been observed. Subscribe for free to get the latest breaking news and analysis sent to your inbox. Please try again. Just on a year ago, Shaun’s sister-in-law, Julianne – the older sister of his wife, Leandra – died of organ failure at the age of 57, after struggling with alcoholism for two decades. “It was a realization that she felt would help others.”, For Julianne, alcohol wasn’t always a problem. “You can get all the advice in the world from people who are experts, but there’s something different about the weight of the advice coming from somebody who’s experienced the same thing,” reflects Shaun sadly. It’s a big year for anniversaries for Micallef. “She was well aware of what had happened to her life and her health as a result of drinking,” explains Shaun. In 2012, Micallef began hosting ABC1's Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell. So when his sons – Joseph, 22, Gabriel, 20, and Elias, 17 – started to edge towards legal drinking age, Shaun felt an increasing need to understand Australia’s seeming obsession with alcohol. The life of the party, Julianne had no shortage of friends but loved to take her little sister out with her, to bars and the beach. When Shaun meets The Weekly for our interview in June, coronavirus restrictions are starting to ease in Melbourne, but it’s still deserted in the ABC’s Southbank headquarters. The way Leandra tells it, it sounds like drinking was, at least initially, a natural extension of her warm, gregarious personality. His interviews constantly called to mind her addiction and made him wonder if things could have turned out differently had Julianne heard these stories firsthand. Life hasn’t changed “not that much” in 10 seasons of creating a cult comedy. She loved music and dancing and cooking … When I look back at photos, she nearly always had a drink in her hand.”, Growing up together in the 1970s, three years between them, Julianne and Leandra were close. The show began airing on 10 October 2007 on SBS and in August 2008 it was announced that a third series had been commissioned. There was an error submitting the form. MORE STORIES FROM AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S WEEKLY NZ. Bear for personal appearances. Charities slammed by triple threat as coronavirus damage takes its toll, Vegans rising: Australia second in the world for veganism as Gen Z snubs lab-grown meat, Industry super funds to invest $33 billion in job creation, Victorian real estate agents push back against calls to block rent reductions, Call for diversity as Aussie model with disability prepares for catwalk at New York Fashion Week. “I quite like the colour and everything. That’s a win,” he says. In addition to his television work Micallef has appeared on stage, most notably in the Australian production of Boeing Boeing and on radio as the co-host of Melbourne station Vega 91.5 FM's morning program. Shaun Patrick Micallef (born 18 July 1962) is an Australian actor, comedian and writer. His other book, a novella by the name of Preincarnate, was released in 2010. In 1976 he doubled for Humphrey B. “Anyway, not that too many people have used that expression. He was a practising solicitor for ten years in the field of insurance law before making the decision to move to Melbourne and pursue a full-time career in comedy in 1993. All she had was Leandra to talk to and everybody else had understandably fallen away. ‘Vote of no confidence’: RBA rate cut seen as judgment on federal budget, Michael Pascoe: We’re back to pushing up housing prices as economic policy, Another year, another foreign horse dies in the Melbourne Cup, As America rages ahead of US election day, Australian Parliament goes quiet, Johnny Depp vows to appeal against Heard verdict, and Hollywood’s nastiest splits, Time to turn on the telly: When the US election will be decided, Melbourne Cup fashion: All bright from all corners of the country, Red mirage? His contract with the program marks his first long-term position in a commercial network and has raised his profile in commercial television. He currently lives in Williamstown, Victoria with his wife Leandra (whom he married in 1988) and their three sons. In 1972, having three younger sisters taking ballet classes, ten year old Micallef was often asked to help out when a dance routine required a boy. However, he was frustrated with the lack of control he had over his work in the series as well as the repetition of characters and gags. She had really poor impulse control … I was crazy about her.”, You can read up to 3 premium stories before you subscribe to Magzter GOLD, Get unlimited access to thousands of curated premium stories, newspapers and 5,000+ magazines, CROWN PRINCE FAMILY Winning hearts & minds, DAWN FRENCH “I always just wanted to be happy”, A magic milestone “I've found myself at 40”, Life after redundancy I will come back stronger, Oscar-Winner Julianne Moore Isn't Afraid To Tell It Like It Is. Micallef's role on Full Frontal led to a 1996 special Shaun Micallef's World Around Him and three seasons of the two-time Logie Award-winning ABC series The Micallef Program (1998–2001), which he co-wrote and produced with long-time writing partner Gary McCaffrie. I think he’d like to do something like that.”. If we had the audacity to do that sort of material now there would be no appetite or tolerance for it.”. Get The New Daily free every morning and evening. He and his equally whip-smart wife Leandra, a lawyer who owns Melbourne design store Ziggurat, have just celebrated 30 years of marriage. You don’t even have to put clothes on and go to the bottle shop to buy it. His father worked for a company that sold parts for Volvos and his mother was employed at the Adelaide Bank. In 2009, Micallef joined the Ten Network and hosted Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation, which has been a hit on Australian television screens. In 2006, he was a recurring guest on the Network Ten Improvisational theatre show Thank God You're Here. Shaun Micallef with actor Stephen Curry at the June 21 St Kilda Film Festival opening night in Melbourne.

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