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it’s almost like the teacher forgot that she was teaching us marketing and started to market directly to us. Shaw Academy has stolen money out of my bank account after NUMEROUS ATTEMPTS TELEPHONIC as well as ELECTRONIC. And my account status is still temporary. Signed up during a promotion to do the nutrition course for free. I had the photos printed in black and white for 10cents each to keep a record. I am in the USA, and I have not been able to access a class that started last week and had an initial reply and none since. Feeling like I was scammed paying $125 for a lifetime membership. This is the last week of the first month, and therefore the end of the trial. Please cancel me as I kept receiving debit alert of 5,455 Nigerian Naira. I signed up for a free course and a few days later I cancelled it because I didn’t have time for it. This means that you guys are not honest about your free trials. A cost to which I cannot afford and do not want. In this lesson, you will look at important mobile info, the difference between “responsive” and “mobile-friendly”, tools to improve mobile speed, and recommendations for an optimised mobile site. But the moment the “live” lesson started, it became obvious that the webinar IS NOT LIVE. Theres also a website When logging in I am still marked as being a temporary member. Is Shawacademy a credible institution or it is a sham? I cancelled the trial within the first week. 1. I have been approached again to invest – I will not invest this time. Sorry you have to experience this Even worse, the ticked was closed as resolved. Your email address will not be published. Udemy – 100,000's Of Courses – You can only contact them on social media or through a contact form on the website and hope they respond They are promoting live courses and they aren’t live. I am located in South Africa. I was never able to exchange emails and receive a reply. Help please. Tonight, Christmas came early! Then everything changed – I guess to make the business more profitable and of course, many problems for everyone. Hi P, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience and that you haven’t received the course that you wanted. Our educators and live support teams try to answer as many questions as possible as accurately as possible, but this isn’t always easy with the amount of students we have online. Take courses in anything from photography and photoshop to English learning courses to graphic design to nutrition. The thing is didnt agree for a membership neither did I agree for an enrolment in a course. Of course, the operator at Shaw Academy confirmed to me,by email,that nothing more can be done because the payment that “I made.”, nothing can be done, according to their terms and conditions. Last, their certificate is not international well recognised. could not attend the class on Tuesday ( Motion and Depth ) and now I m not able DO NOT SIGN UP TO SHAW ACADEMY! If you use PayPal make sure you block further payments getting taken. William Eaves who apparently gave the photographic course even phoned me to ask for my credit card details. i figured that out for myself since they refuse to write back with any answers. Now I am worst off than before. Emails were responded within a timely fashion. After this lesson, you'll understand how people and businesses use different channels, which Facebook and Instagram campaign options might suit you best, ad types and policies across these platforms, as well as the basics of LinkedIn and Twitter. Unfortunately, I was not an exception. Sent email to their support. The recent question got the response “if you are a premium member blah blah……to which I responded and this query was also CLOSED without an answer. Advertised as biggest pro feature. If you use PayPal make sure you block further payments getting taken. It seems I paid for the free introductory part. Due to this unpleasant situation, not tolerated at all and I do not accept such a thing to steal my money from my bank account for no reason, I chose to cancel the course and at the same time permanently delete my account and my personal data registered at Shaw Academy, following that after this incident, all my money should be returned to my bank account. Literally got scammed like everyone else here. By their own support e-mail, this was on the 26th of May. Is anyone experiencing issues joining course on their website? Annoying and don’t recommend. Please turn on the Auto-Rotation setting on your device to access this, Copyright © 2014-2020 APKPure All rights reserved.

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