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The miniseries reveals that Ursa went back to her hometown after participating in Ozai's assassination of his father. Back then, he was just Prince Sozin. Leona Carmella Sozio 1924 - 1994.

Zuko had decided that the Fire Nation's waging of the Hundred Year War was not what the world needed, breaking from the royal family's opinion that had been held for the last century. [35] The Fire Lord attempted to go through with this plan after crowning himself Phoenix King, but interference from Team Avatar and the Order of the White Lotus thwarted his plans.

[9] Fire Nation schools taught that he died peacefully in his sleep, an old and successful man, though in Sozin's own last testament he reminisced about how his younger years used to be "brighter". By this statement Sozin gives him a gift: the headpiece worn by the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, hoping that he was at least allowed to have that. [19] Additionally, when Sozin wanted to eliminate the Fire Nation's ancient history to legitimize his policies, he chose not to destroy the historical corridors of the Dragonbone Catacombs but to simply seal them, believing he could still learn from the past.

Chronological information However, unlike his more militaristic son Azulon, grandson Ozai, and great-granddaughter Azula, Sozin, at least initially, saw his war with the other nations as a case of 'ends justifying means'- he hoped not simply to increase his own power, but to provide the other nations with the Fire Nation's higher standard of living and perceived better system of order.

Ursa agreed, prepared the poison, which Ozai used to kill his father, and made her way into the night, leaving the palace. [33] This betrayal caused Azula to slip into insanity,[34] but this would not become evident until the arrival of Sozin's Comet. Iroh became a great general to honor his father, and would go on to win several victories against the Earth Kingdom. However, Sozin failed, as Aang had run away from the Air Nomads some time before. Discover the unique achievements of ancestors in your family tree. It was not until six years later that Zuko and Azula discovered this small offshoot of the royal family.[20]. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender - 10 Things You Missed In Zuko Alone. However, Chaejin was later excluded from the royal family and sent to the Fire Sages. [29] She put her plan into action and started the Coup of Ba Sing Se, during which she successfully lured her brother into joining her and betraying their uncle. [1] Domestically, Sozin preferred to silence, but not to completely destroy, opposition to his policies. There is also the possibility of more given the fact that there would be some conflict of interest in having a high-ranking general of the United Republic also be the heir to the Fire Nation. Roku is greatly disturbed by this, telling Sozin that the Four Nations are meant to be kept separate and that he should not think of this again. Roku spares his life because of their past friendship but warns him never to move forward with his plans again, or it would result in his "permanent end".
What did your Sozio ancestors do for a living. 58 BG - 20 AG (78 years)[3] Like many Fire Lords, Sozin was a powerful firebending master. From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Sozin. When he helps Roku tame an erupting volcano, he uses a technique to redirect heat, cooling the lava. 25% of Sozio men worked as a Laborer and 28% of Sozio women worked as an Operator. Your profession was map maker, astrologer, and astronomer.

Biographical information All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. What does the name Sozin mean? Even then there is not much known beyond one fact: Komodo Rhinos were domesticated in the Fire Nation during their rule. Activity 1639 members online The Fire Nation Royal Family is the ruling family of the Fire Nation.
In their early years, Roku and Sozin were close friends and celebrated their birthday together. As they were both firebenders, they regularly fought duels against one another for fun, and to test and strengthen their skills. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

First appearance Sozin suddenly realizes, however, that Roku's death would allow him to fulfill his plans, and leaves his old friend to die along with his dragon Fang. Azulon (as Fire Lord) There are 265 military records available for the last name Sozio. The only previous dynasty mentioned by name is the Pho Zei Dynasty in the Avatar Extras, pop-up trivia-based reruns, version of "The Warriors of Kyoshi." You've only scratched the surface of Sozio family history. You had creative talents, waited until that life to be liberated. Not all countries that have shown an interest in the name are listed in the bar graph. In the spin-off comic book series, The Search, it was revealed that Fire Lord Azulon sought to marry his son Ozai with a descendent of Avatar Roku. The Fire Lord flies in on his dragon to assist his old friend. Simply start with a family member and we'll do the searching for you. Despite their unpleasant split decades earlier, he went to help his former friend when he saw Roku's volcanic island erupt; though despite Roku saving him at one point, Sozin ultimately left him to die, realizing that without the Avatar, he was free to carry out his plans for the Fire Nation and the world. You can find birthdates, death dates, addresses and more. When Roku confronted him years later about his actions in the Earth Kingdom, Sozin attacked him by unleashing a massive wave of fire against him, even though he did not have access to the power Sozin's Comet provided. Enraged by Ozai's request, Azulon ordered Ozai to kill his son Zuko. Sozin was responsible for manipulating firebending's roots, changing it to match his militaristic and conquering goals. This was done through decades of raiding to prevent the operation from drawing too much of the military resources away from the effort to conquer the Earth Kingdom. In the conflict's aftermath, he managed to find his mother,[20] allowing her, Ikem (now known as Noren), and Kiyi to come to the Fire Nation Royal Capital. This led to Azulon to send out his agent to locate a descendent of Roku, leading to him forcing Ursa to marry Ozai. Intent on saving her son's life, she offered Ozai a deal: she would concoct an untraceable poison for him to use as he pleased, if he would reconsider going after Zuko. Enemies "The Avatar and the Fire Lord" (flashback only) Age A one-stop shop for all things video games. Ozai's reign as Fire Lord was successful but cruel, and the Fire Nation saw many victories and the Hundred Year War was going smoothly.

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