space pun compliments

Some funny compliments can go a long way in helping you connect with someone. Funny picture of a normal white computer keyboard that has the words "final frontier" drawn across the space bar, paying tribute to the original Star Trek episode intro from back in the 1960's.

They show that you care. - Matty Malaprop, Come on, Rachel! Very sad. Puns. I can use a light snack. 32. - Matty Malaprop, It may act all acute, but angles like this are totally obtuse on the inside (except not actually, but lol no1curr math is for the birds!). His dream is a π in the sky, Are you a carbon sample? Make your own images with our Meme Generator or Animated GIF Maker. It is a bit cliche to get upset over a meme not being funny to you. Why do enzymes make the best deejays? | Privacy Settings That’s humerus. You should have no problem at all scaling that sucker! It’s true! We've all been there. 31. A man of many cultures, Why did the man wish he was DNA helicase?
Triga-nom-nom-nom-etry, What is a physicist’s favorite part of a baseball game? There’s no chemistry. It may seem a little nerdy but some might say “you’d only understand if you were a scientist”. Compliments make people feel good. Tyrannosaurus wrecks, What do you call a snake that 3.24 feet long? - … Hydrogeneration X. What’s wrong when a physicist and a biology enter into a relationship? Clever puns and funny jokes are scientifically proven to make you laugh (or maybe cringe). A Joule thief! Why is the spinal column so audacious? Fission chips, What caption does the physicist use for his food photos? No matter how popular they get, antibiotics will never go viral. Ionic Bond. Prophets are going through the roof. Flower quotes and puns are a fun and unique way to show your Valentine just how much you care, without breaking the bank. To help you choose a phrase to impress your love this holiday we have compiled 50 of the best flower quotes and puns around. By January Nelson Updated October 30, 2018. We know this one wasn't that funny, but you can find a few really funny memes at that link or on our website's homepage, and also visit our homepage regularly to for the latest funny pictures and memes. There’s multiple fields of study in science and therefore, multiple opportunities to concoct some genius puns. So he could unzip your genes, What do you call an educated tube?

At least we don't actually have tons of moths trying to fly into the sun everyday. Take some inspiration from the ones gathered below.

THIS IS WHY I ASPIRE TO BE A NASA ASTRONAUT!!! If the cell in your hand does not contain cytoplasm, please put it away, When life gives you mold, make penicillin. And so helpful! A lab, What’s the fastest way to figure out the sex of a chromosome? Rest in peace, boiling water, you will be mist. With a cell-phone, 50+ Clever Space Puns That Are Out Of This World Hilarious. What did the girl say when her lab partner hit her with a human bone? We love rock solid puns as much as the next boulder, so here is our list of the best geology puns out there!

The name’s Bond. - Matty Malaprop, A simple space makes a world of difference. - Matty Malaprop, And here I thought this was going to turn into yet another Taken spoof. Don’t give the phone to a biologist, they can’t stop taking cell-fies. - Matty Malaprop, To boldly drop the bass where no one has ever dropped the bass before. Privacy | Ridiculous Google Question Spirals Out Of Control.   Relationships are hard. So one day I was feeling bored and crafty so I went to a secondhand store and bought an old beat up copy of "Chariots of Fire" and I took it home and melted it in my oven after taking a mold of a space bar so that I could replace the spacebar on my computer and transform it into... Space, the vinyl frontier. 2. More: Features Science Jokes Puns. Aπthon, The circle wished to be a square - Matty Malaprop, ... it would be funnier though if OP knew how to SPELL DEVELOPED CORRECTLY.

Why isn’t energy made of atoms? Why did the germ cross the microscope? Two blood cells met and fell in love but alas it was all in vein, If Fred Flintstone’s neurotransmitters could talk, they would say “GABA- dabba doo!”.
The wave, What do you call the group of people before millennials that love water? All of my sea puns … So glad that's not the case! To get to the other slide, What do you call a microbiologist that has traveled a lot of countries? This is an unusual meme, aside from being funny, it is also just a picture, as the text was drawn by someone prior to taking the photo of the keyboard. Here are 40+ Clever Science Puns And Jokes That Any Nerd Would Love. Because they always break it down. It might seem stale or boring, but scientists often have some of the most clever jokes and one liners to offer. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter. Flip through memes, gifs, and other funny images. Because I’d love to date you, How does the nucleus text the ribosome? Puns can be extremely clever, and sure, if you're one to overuse them, they may very well make your friends want to roll their eyes. I Bet it's Gonna Be a Pretty Stellar Get-Together! (You can also check out space puns or chemistry puns.) Inspired by a tumblr textpost that the creator so kindly let me draw… :') Just Need Some Space.

1. “Sorry. Just pull down its genes, Where does a hippopotamus go to university? 1 millionth of a mouthwash is 1 microscope, Basic unit of laryngitis is 1 hoarsepower. Security | Messages and Examples For The Right Wording For Any Occasion. The Right Wording is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Research and experiments are part of the science life. Especially when someone won’t admit their own faults.

Chemistry; It indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options. What do you call someone who steal energy? We think that despite the cheesiness, most members of the animal kingdom would agree. 30. I’m super friendly with 25 letters of the alphabet. - Matty Malaprop. See more ideas about Puns, Funny, Bones funny. There’s multiple fields of study in science and therefore, multiple opportunities to concoct some genius puns.

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