the silent scream debunked

Free will, as you mentioned.

And who said I hated you anyway? Funny how republicunts are in thta regard. If fetuses had a right to life how could it possibly be legal to kill them?

Really? God's law is more important and separating Christian values from our laws is not good for society. It seems to me that God doesn't have an adverse view on the matter at all. Interesting don't you think?Maybe you like the idea of being called Christian. 55% are or were married, or living with their partner. I also read in the comments section "Whatever your reasons we don't judge." Then you went on to say "abortions necessary to save a woman's life/health.

Or maybe into redefining the definition of rape? If you kill them, do you face a single murder charge or a double murder charge?

You said on your post "Fetuses do not have a right to life." The unborn are treated by the Bible as having life, and as having a purpose in the eyes of God. The suction cannula is described as a lethal weapon that will "dismember, crush, and destroy" the child. Get a grip Boadie. Does the fetus sense ''the most mortal danger imaginable''? If you support the death penalty, how can you claim to be "prolife from conception to natural death" as is often stated? You do believe in God's word, the Bible? As we read in James, for the body to be dead it must be without a soul ! Replies. "[8], Fetal development experts argued that, contrary to Nathanson's assertion in the film, a fetus cannot perceive danger or make purposeful movements. Do you think God loved her and valued her while she was in her mother's womb? It is this kind of selfless sacrifice that leads God to allow His own son, Jesus Christ to be killed.

Its really nice to know that things are questioned and not blindly followed. That's the point I'm making. Have any of you pro-lifers ever been in an abortion clinic? If the energy build up is weak a full connection needs to be made. This is a man who claims to have Christian values.HOW can you say"human life is always valuable" yet you support abortion. Of course I'm talking about her baby daughter, you know that. Can you disprove it? How about that?I mean no insults...but your supposed "God" scares me. As for whether their sex is casual or not, you have no way to know that.

It is the most heart-wrenching experience I have ever gone through...and I wasn't even the one having to go through the procedure!! Please actually read my blog if you want to learn more about that. Reason: The Argument of Eclipse of Reason."

It disproves the theory you have glommed onto about fetal pain.

There is nothing wrong with being a prochoice Christian. I'm really surprised that you think it is a made up term. I can't find it anywhere. Interesting that the scripture in James is the one that came to mind to share with you earlier. Abortion is one way to take responsibility for having sex. Maybe you could respond to my question about nazi Gernany? Are we going to hear from someone whose podiatrist has something to say about the development of fetal nervous systems?As for the Bible, it actually doesn't say very much about fetuses or abortion. Nice morals.

Conservative antichoicers made up the term to scare the public and make abortion look horrible. Unfortunately, I suffer from severe back pain and there is days it is hard to walk. Rather I feel the person who put this out there was putting up a smoke screen.Finally - I agree with the content of the Silent Scream on the whole, though I do find it over dramatised. Obviously as you know,this is why countries establish laws, but governments don't always get everything right. Btw just to be clear, i'm not claiming that fetuses only become human beings at quickening i.e 16-20 weeks. It's the tiniest percentage, made up of women with wanted pregnancies who had something go terribly wrong.
Think you are mixing up Obama's words with the word of God, which by the way DOES tell us that children are a reward. Thanks for pointing out another parallel between abortion and Nazi oppression.

At what pointof cording to you do the unborn become human, and therefore valuable? Part A- 40 Lies to Deny Women Equal Rights. A fetus prior to the development of brain activity isn't a person yet. The part where the guy started claiming that the fetus was moving away from the suction device because it knew it was about to be aborted struck me is absolutely ridiculous. Check out this abortion clinics website ;"Boulder Abortion Clinic" in Boulder, Colorado. Yes there is a federal law against leaving babies to die, but only since 2002.

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