the treasure in the forest questions and answers

Evans shivered. Herbert George Wells (1866-1946) was a British author and father of the science fiction genre, best known for his novel The Time Machine. Great plants, as yet unnamed, grew among the roots of the big trees, and spread rosettes of huge green fans towards the strip of sky. "Here," said Evans, "is the reef, and here is the gap." ", Hooker looked into his face. He advanced suddenly with hasty steps, until the body that belonged to the limp hand and arm had become visible. He shipped the paddle and held his arms out straight before him. Then he began to distinguish what it was. The life of a Chinaman is scarcely sacred like a European's. Give a brief description of the public school in which Mr Oliver taught at Simla. The shadow deepened. said Evans. The two men looked at each other for a moment. He woke up. So they pushed out again into the river and paddled back down it to the sea, and along the shore to the place where the clump of bushes grew. "To the canoe? A fine story for two, stranded British wastrels to hear! So they reached the river mouth. The blaze of the sunlight was replaced by insensible degrees by cool shadow. Then they heard the rush of water. Another devil was shouting his name: "Evans, Evans, you sleepy fool!" He thought of the little dashes in the corner of the plan, and in a moment he understood. "What's come to you, Hooker?" Read the extract given below and answer the questions … Then he turned again and looked at the dead Chinaman, and then again at the hole. The sky blazed. Hooker carried the paddle. When did Mr Oliver return from the town? said Evans suddenly. The rhythmic wash of the sea upon the reef was becoming audible now, and it had a pleasant sound in his ears; the water washed along the side of the canoe, and the paddle dripped between each stroke. "You fool! A Spanish galleon from the Philippines hopelessly aground, and its treasure buried against the day of return, lay in the background of the story; a shipwrecked crew thinned by disease, a quarrel or so, and the needs of discipline, and at last taking to their boats never to be heard of again. His movements were languid, like those of a man whose strength was nearly exhausted. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Promises to Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America, British Literature: The English Renaissance, British Literature: The Extended 18th Century. Presently he began to doze. He gnawed his hand and stared at the gleam of silver among the rocks and green tangle. This form does not collect any actual information. "Pah!" Though they were so near the Treasure he did not feel the exaltation he had anticipated. Hooker followed his finger. He shivered again as his eye rested upon the blue figure of the Chinaman. He took his jacket off and spread it on the ground, and flung two or three ingots into it. . He stared at the thorn for a moment with dilated eyes. Answer: Mr Oliver was an Anglo-Indian teacher in a public school at Simla. Don't touch me!" The sky blazed. said Evans. "Put the gold back on the coat.". Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. What did a dead Chinaman signify? Hooker had caught the drift of their talk first, and had motioned to him to listen. He understood that grin now. ", "It's queer," said Evans, when they had advanced only a few steps, "but my arms ache still with that paddling. A profound silence brooded over the forest. said Evans. Here they landed, pulled the light canoe far up the beach, and then went up towards the edge of the jungle until they could see the opening of the reef and the bushes in a straight line. He laid great stress on the safety--it was a secret of his. "What the devil's that?" You have done nothing but moon since we saw the dead Chinaman.". On the water of the broad, quiet pool which the treasure-seekers now overlooked there floated big oval leaves and a waxen, pinkish-white flower not unlike a water-lily. said Hooker. The trees became at last vast pillars that rose up to a canopy of greenery far overhead. It had come into view as they topped a gentle swell of the ground. --or was it Hooker? And his companion quietly folded up his map, put it in his pocket, passed Evans carefully, and began to paddle. Then he looked at Evans, who was now crumpled together on the ground, his back bending and straightening spasmodically. Answer: Mr Oliver usually returned after dark. It looks like the plan of a house or something; but what all these little dashes, pointing this way and that, may mean I can't get a notion. "Don't come near me," he said, and went and leant against a tree. Not every topper in the academics becomes an achiever in life. "We shall have to scramble through this to the beach to find our bushes and get the line to the place," said Evans. Then he looked through the pillars of the trees and net-work of creeper stems, to where in the dim grey shadow the blue-clad body of the Chinaman was still indistinctly visible. "That was to be expected. It must be in a line with that clump of bushes," said his companion. He looked at his hand and saw a slender thorn, perhaps two inches in length. He stared searchingly among the grey depths between the trees. Then he knew that sucking was no good. They both sat for some minutes staring at the land, while the canoe drifted slowly. He bent down in the hole, and, clearing off the soil with his bare hands, hastily pulled one of the heavy masses out. At the sight of it Evans revived. Read more "Back Stories and The Top Six Questions with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt" January 6, 2020 February 12, 2020 2020 MW Questions with Forrest Fenn: The New Era and Beginning of Legendary Status he said. It was L-shaped, and the transverse piece was armed with polished stone. Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Answers A Face in the Dark. The bay opened out, and a gap in the white surf of the reef marked where the little river ran out to the sea; the thicker and deeper green of the virgin forest showed its course down the distant hill slope. Create a library and add your favorite stories. Presently he turned almost fiercely upon Hooker. "Curse this!" Then in a steadier voice, "I'll be better in a minute.". He understood now what Chang-hi's assurance of the safety of his treasure meant. Evans began to breathe heavily. ", "Curse it!" His hands were clenched convulsively. Then Chang-hi, only a year since, wandering ashore, had happened upon the ingots hidden for two hundred years, had deserted his junk, and reburied them with infinite toil, single-handed but very safe. "Don't touch me! Then suddenly, with a queer rush of irritation, "What are you staring at? he said. We must mark the place as we go into the lagoon. Featured Questions and Answers on The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt with Forrest Fenn At the end of March I was invited to share Armchair Treasure Hunts with kids at a local event. "Let's get the gold out of this place, anyhow," said Hooker. By much folding it was creased and worn to the pitch of separation, and the second man held the discoloured fragments together where they had parted. Presently they made an end of drinking, and, running the canoe into a little creek, were about to land among the thick growth that overhung the water. In this wonderful short story from H.G. "If we beat a little way up and down the stream we should come to something.". In this story, two men search for Spanish treasure, letting greed get the better of their awareness. ", Evans stood with the ingot in his hands. And, leaning dangerously over the fore part of the canoe, he began to suck up the water with his lips. He saw in his dream heaps and heaps of gold, and Chang-hi intervening and struggling to hold him back from it. "God help me!" The two men drew closer together, and stood staring silently at this ominous dead body. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. he said, and suddenly turned away and went towards the excavation. I wonder how he found the place. "Only gold or lead could weigh like this," he said exultantly. Far beyond, dim and almost cloudlike in texture, rose the mountains, like suddenly frozen waves. Many flowers and a creeper with shiny foliage clung to the exposed stems. On the ground, blotched fungi and a red-brown incrustation became frequent. The forest here came close to the beach. Question 1: What does the title of the lesson ‘The Treasure Within’ mean and highlight? "They all were," said the man with the map. Answer: The Treasure Within’ refers to the hidden talent of every child who has his own style of learning and area of interest. "We have swerved a little from the straight," said Hooker. The abandon of the pose was unmistakable. Presently he found that another little thorn had punctured his skin. He helped raise the coat bearing the ingots, and they went forward perhaps a hundred yards in silence. They pushed through a close tangle of reeds, broad fronds, and young trees, and at first it was toilsome going, but very speedily the trees became larger and the ground beneath them opened out. Far beyond, dim and almost cloudlike in texture, rose the mountains, like suddenly frozen waves. Then Evans looked towards the paddle. Lend a hand, I say! He took the ends of the collar of the coat in his hands, and Evans took the opposite corners, and they lifted the mass. ", They let the coat down, Evans' face was white, and little drops of sweat stood out upon his forehead. "This is as much as we can carry," said he. Passage 2. "The thing is," said Evans, "what to do with these ingots. The paper had the appearance of a rough map. He tried to arouse himself by directing his mind to the ingots the Chinamen had spoken of, but it would not rest there; it came back headlong to the thought of sweet water rippling in the river, and to the almost unendurable dryness of his lips and throat. Then we must prospect.". "It is straight now in this direction," said he; "we must push through this till we strike the stream. "Something blue," he said. Chang-hi gibbered and threatened him. "Can't I do anything for you?" "Here is the river. The forest here came close to the beach. He ran his thumb-nail over the chart. "Of course! Question 1. They burnt his mouth horribly. Hooker turned white but said nothing. "This curved and twisting line is the river--I could do with a drink now!--and this star is the place. The other man had been in the fore part of the canoe, closely scrutinising the land. Evans' dream shifted to the moment when he had Chang-hi's pigtail in his hand. "Have you lost your wits?". "I hope we are keeping to the straight," said Hooker. Wells Home Page, or . Shall we re-bury them over here, or take them across the strait in the canoe?". Near by was a spade after the Chinese pattern, and further off lay a scattered heap of stones, close to a freshly dug hole. How shall we get it to the canoe?". He stood for a moment staring at Hooker, and then with a groan clutched at his own throat. ", "Don't be a fool, Hooker," said Evans, "Let that mass of corruption bide.".

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