what to do with old unopened wine

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I am a lover of good wine, have a wine fridge, etc. Because, by god, you’re an adult. Turns out it only works with white on red, and you’ve got to act quickly (good news is, red wine tends to spill at parties, where there’s usually white wine readily on hand). 4.

The fact is, if you’re doing anything with rich flavors and long-heat—stewing, braising, boiling—the wine will have a chance to reduce and meld with other strong flavors in the dish, so a modest quantity of less-than-drinkable wine should still work for cooking. Fruit Fly Trap. This recipe is a good place to start. Should I just trash all these bottles and not worry about this totally worthless wine? You can also bathe in booze. If these obnoxious little pests are getting to you, try this simple kitchen hack.

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If you’ve never made a red wine reduction, take heart: It’s a dead-simple recipe that pays dividends, turning your ribeye into a steakhouse-worthy entrée. (White’s always better base, but feel free to mix colors and get a little freakier, dude). While the acid in wine can kill off helpful bacteria in compost, you’d need a lot of leftover wine for that to really matter, and if you have a lot of leftover wine, you’re either buying incorrectly or just a fan of luxurious waste, in which case just throw the bottles into the old yacht you use as a garbage can. Someone I know who does not drink and knows nothing about wine brought about 20 bottles to my house recently. And that’s because all wines contain bacteria which, when exposed to oxygen, start turning a wine’s sugars and alcohol into acetic acid—the stuff of the vinegar pucker. Unless you had the presence of mind to deoxygenate the bottle before bed with a pump (though more helpful would be putting the small quantity into a smaller bottle) you’re likely waking up to some pretty rough stuff—a flat, sour, empty shell of its former self. Just pour some white wine over the (still wet) red wine stain, blot with a clean towel or absorbent cloth (don’t rub, despite the intense, frustrating urge because, dammit, this is a brand new carpet/cardigan/kaftan!).

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