when does elena wake up

If Bonnie dies, then the spell will bring Elena back to life. At the end of Season 3 and beginning of Season 4, she’d firmly stood by choosing Stefan; since then, it was as if she never really liked Stefan in the first place and quickly turned her feelings toward Damon. Specifically, who will be the one to end their life to save the day? Candice King also told IGN in an interview that fans will have to look forward to Alaric's role in saving Damon and Enzo on "The Vampire Diaries" Season 8. I’ll give you a second to get excited again, because it is super thrilling news for fans of the show. Meanwhile, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is trying to stop “dead as a doornail” Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell) from doing Katherine’s (also Nina Dobrev) bidding, ringing the Maxwell Bell 12 times (every five minutes) and bringing literal hellfire to Mystic Falls. Not yet. We know he showed up to his brother – you could say the real love story had been between the brothers all along – but from Elena’s point of view Damon had simply vanished. What episode and season does Elena Wake Up From A Coma? What if what we’re seeing in the series finale isn’t actually Elena alive in the present time. King also admitted that things may become more complicated for "Steroline" next season. Hate the player, not the game. “I’m so excited to have Nina back to ensure our farewell episode is truly epic!” co-creator Kevin Williamson told Deadline of her return. And once the bell rings for the 12th time, it goes kaboom with hellfire (as does Vicki), which makes its way through the Mystic Falls tunnels thanks to Bonnie’s spell and directly to the Armory. She’s come to gloat, naturally, as she’s now the Queen of Hell and has bested the Salvatore brothers and their circle of friends once and for all. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Since Elena's voice was the one responsible for luring Damon into the vault, will Elena be also able to save Damon from completely turning to the evil side once again? But once again, the spirit of Enzo is here to tell her she can do it — as are the spirits of all the Bennett witches who came before Bonnie, including her Grams (Jasmine Guy), Beatrice Bennett (Jaz Sinclair), and Lucy Bennett (Natashia Williams), who we’ve all been waiting to see since her one and only appearance in season two’s “Masquerade.”. His sister had always placed him first in importance, but it seems Jeremy wasn’t all that attached to her considering he never came to see his sister. There’s no denying that Elena did break the poor (and really old) vampire’s heart when they broke up. But we did find out that the show didn’t hinge on Elena as it ran for two more seasons without her. We’ve gotten to see characters come back in very strange ways this season, but the big one was Damon’s subconscious. We never found out what Bonnie used to wake Elena up, but maybe that wasn’t important anymore. The Vampire Diaries arrived at a time when the vampire fad was through the roof. Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen. That usually applies to physical attractiveness, but in Elena’s case, her attraction is toward a boy with certain attributes in personality. In the very final scene before the actual final scene, Elena and Damon were shown to have lived out their human lives and passed away in order to arrive in the afterlife. However, she admitted that Caroline may take a step back the moment Stefan pushes for their relationship. When Elena had been into Stefan, she couldn’t conceal the jealousy she had felt as she had been the one wanting to be with him at the time. “Burn in Hell,” he tells her, before he throws out a “goodbye, brother” to Damon. The Vampire!Elena was nothing the sweet girl who was human, and would treat other people like dirt. While Elena was just a teenager, Old Damon was, well, really old. I’m rooting for this option. No matter how okay you might be with her being involved physically with two brothers, there are most certainly people who would be uncomfortable knowing this fact. Friends: Each Main Character’s Last Line In The Series, The Vampire Diaries: 20 Things Wrong With Elena Gilbert We All Choose To Ignore, Timeless: 10 Quotes We’ll Always Remember, Why Fans Are Worried (And Hyped) About Netflix's Upcoming Assassin's Creed Adaptation, Supernatural: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Chuck & Castiel's Relationship, Recasting The Main Cast Of Frasier, Today, Paul W. 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