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We have also highlighted the things to check when finding this kind of scope. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Nevertheless, Barska’s Varmint Riflescope is a flexible scope, equipped with many great features. They are highly competitive with their dynamic supply chain. The “easy grips” allow you to adjust these settings while peering through the optic. However, the angled spotting scopes offer faster critter spotting for many users. Its compact size and quick target acquisition make it an ideal choice over the long-range scopes. Many AR-15 owners complain about how difficult it can be to find a scope that works well. Hence, when the hunter uses it, he may expect vivid spot to boost the accuracy to the aim point. We’ve included detailed reviews of what we believe to be the best scopes that Barska sells today. The Huntmaster Pro also comes with adjustable windage and elevation turrets that provide more stability and precision when hunting. The Huntmaster Pro for .308 rifle also has a 50 mm objective lens enables usage in dim environments. That one thing is the ergonomics of the riflescope that they use when sighting their game and moving in for the kill. One of its known product lines is precision sports optics. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Hunters and military shooters love that Barska Scopes are incredibly tough, and most are waterproof and fog proof, so when you need to take the perfect shot nothing will obstruct your view. It also has lens covers that can prevent dust and dirt from getting in. For me, Barska’s scopes are a reliable choice. Sniper scope turrets for 2016 Barska has newly re-designed the extremely popular series of Sniper Scopes and has expanded the selection to include 4 models. With variable magnification and a sturdy design, it is perfect for varmint hunting or for long-range shooting. Customers, however, can still choose from a wide range of scopes based on the things they’re looking for in a scope. In looking for a good riflescope, the quality of the optic is non-negotiable. However, aftermarket scope mounts or rings will have to be acquired separately. With multicoated lens, an illuminated reticle, and long zooming capabilities, this scope is perfect for any type of hunting. Address. It weighs 22.05 oz. But once it’s done, there’s no need to readjust it again. This factor is the main reason we’re buying a scope because it is what helps us see our targets clearer and brighter. Not seen very often, is the specifically designed 4x20mm Electro Sight Carry Handle Mil-Dot Rifle Scope for the M16 or other rifles with carrying handles. A rifle scope is designed to provide clear images and allow for more precise shooting in a number of venues whether it is in the field, target practice, or outdoors. …will do a better job at satisfying your needs. Using the best Barska scope can aid your naked eyes when hunting, tactical shooting or simply spending a day at the field for casual shooting with friends. The top selling point of BARSKA Euro-30 Riflescope is its European accent mixed with high-class construction to withstand large scope hunting games. Complete with a cantilever mount, it is ready to give your AR a modern look. Barska, from a manufacturing standpoint, does two things well. *The following guide contains links to Amazon. You may have heard the name floating around the shooting range, or someone pointed you directly to Barska. In spite of all the positive feedback from customers, Amazon still only has a combined rating of 3.9 stars (at the time of this review). Let us discuss more in this Barska optics review. Widely-accepted as the “best bang for your buck” rifle scope, Barska is beginning to outshine some of her competitors. This is built like a tank. Barska has an extensive line on rifle scopes, sights and mounting accessories for your rifle, handgun, shotgun and crossbow. There are also freebies included in the package once it arrives. If you are a fan of traditional rifles, you may find best muzzleloader scopes interesting. The said item also comes with free accessories, which are the scope caps plus a lens cloth. Getting straight to the po… If you are looking for a solid and efficient plinking scope for your .22 rifles and rimfires, you should consider buying this product. The only downside with this product is that the cross-hair reticle might not be enough, especially if you are using it for long-range shooting. Or are you just bored of putting hundreds of rounds down range without consistency? However, it doesn’t come with its own mount or rings so you will have to purchase aftermarket products. It can help if you would try to think about how much you can afford for the riflescope. But if you are on a budget and looking for something decent that does the job, you will like the scopes from Barska. Of course, we hunt in different terrains and conditions, so it will help if we can find a heavy-duty optics system, which can withstand abuse and use. But others really only do well for certain purposes, such as short-range competitive shooting (the 4x20 Electro Sight Scope) or plinking with your .22 (3-9x32 Plinker-22 Riflescope). Just like Barska, it uses high technology assisted by precise computer design. Depending on your purchasing power and your target range versatility, the…, 5-20x50mm AO Varmint or 10-40×50 IR SWAT Extreme Tactical. The magnification offers a 1-4x zoom, which helps shooting targets at up to 500 yards. In addition, an extra turret for BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation), as well as a capped windage and elevation turret. It has 2 batteries that eliminate the fear of low batteries during hunting sessions. Also, a 28mm objective lens aids in a larger, brighter, and clearer view of your targets. Whereas, FFP will magnify the target as well as the reticle. Also, quality assurance controls focus on priorities in manufacturing rather than putting as great importance on non-vital aspects of the product’s construction. In addition, it features five brightness levels in red or green for your Trace MOA (Minute Of Angle) IR and a reticle set in SFP. 59 List List Price $101.00 $ 101. If your target zone is at the highest magnification point, then you will love the generous eye relief. Doesn’t budge from the rails and holds zero. Founded in 1994, Barska has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing quality scopes. Check Price on OpticsPlanet. With its high magnification, parallax correction system and durability, it allows you to hunt large or small targets without the extra effort. I hate using the word cheap because people tend to associate it with ineffective. The red reticle is more suited for low light situations while the green one is perfect for brighter shooting conditions. Consider this as one of the best and most underrated rifle scope brands in the market. The lenses are multicoated and the images look sharp and clear in all kinds of weather. This advanced scope is a little pricey, but perfect for hunting and tactical shooting. Barska 855 Towne Center Dr. Pomona, CA 91767, California Prop 65 WARNING: For more information, Copyright 2020 BARSKA® All Rights Reserved, 1-3x30mm IR Electro Sight Multi-Rail Tactical Rifle Scope By Barska, 1-3x30mm IR Sight, Green Laser, Light Ultimate Combo By Barska, 1-4x 28mm IR SWAT-AR Tactical Rifle Scope, 1-6x24mm IR AR6 Tactical Rifle Scope by Barska, 1x Multi Red / Green Reticle IR Electro Sight Scope by Barska, 1x Multi-Reticle IR Electro Sight Scope by Barska, 1x20 HQ Red Dot Sight - Riflescope by Barska, 1x30mm Multi-Rail Sight w/ Flashlight and Red Laser by Barska, 1x35mm IR AR-X Green / Red Multi Reticle Rifle Scope by Barska, 2x30mm Multi-Rail Tactical Red Dot Sight GLX Green Laser Combo by Barska, 2x30mm Multi-Rail Tactical Red Dot Sight GLX Red Laser Combo by Barska, 3x30mm AR-X PRO Prism Scope by Barska (Black), 3x30mm IR AR-X Prism Rifle Scope by Barska, 3x32mm IR AR-X Prism Rifle Scope w/ Mounting Rails by Barska, 4x20mm Electro Sight Carry Handle Mil-Dot Rifle Scope w/ BDC Turret By Barska, 4x20mm Electro Sight Carry Handle Rifle Scope w/ BDC Turret By Barska, 4x28mm IR Electro Sight Multi-Rail Tactical Rifle Scope GLX Green Laser Combo By Barska, 4x28mm IR Electro Sight Multi-Rail Tactical Rifle Scope GLX Red Laser Combo By Barska, 4x28mm IR Electro Sight Multi-Rail Tactical Rifle Scope Red Laser Combo By Barska. Even in wet conditions, the fog and waterproofing work well. When you change the magnification, this could change where your round lands on the target. All AO Varmint scopes offer signature Barska multi-coated optics and windage and elevation turrets. Based in California, the company prides themselves in precisely manufactured components, high-density optical glass, a short supply chain, and customizable products. The brand’s scopes are known for superior quality yet at an affordable price. Overall, the BARSKA Huntmaster Silver Finish is a very competitive type of riflescope in terms of functionality, sturdiness, style and affordable cost. The newest additions to our riflescope series: The new AR -SWAT 1-6x32 was developed by the demand of shooters of mid to large caliber rifles.

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