why did rosemary and thyme get cancelled

I guess because they are stupid! An incredibly long shot I would think.

Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! Clive Exton, who helped create the show,[1] contributed 10 of the 22 scripts. This is a wiki about the British crime detective series Rosemary & Thyme, which aired on ITV from 2003 to 2007.Starring Pam Ferris as Laura Thyme and Felicity Kendal as Rosemary Boxer, the series featured two gardeners-come-amateur detectives solving murder mysteries that follows their work as horticulturialists across the gardens of the United Kingdom and Europe. I'd like to watch High Fidelity, but it clashes. Instead of suggestions, I will simply ask if they could look at their schedules and all of the repeats and doubled programmes and take a good long think about it. Since then, there have only been four programmes that my mother would make time for.

It quickly transpires that the body found by the police was that of Rosemary's undergraduate friend, Gemma Jackson, an archaeologist who had posed as her to gain access to the grounds of the Park. The show was directed by Brian Farnham (10 episodes, 2003–2006), Simon Langton(8 episodes, 2004–200… It is pretty straightforward what is happening. In this respect, Rosemary & Thyme is very different.

I found you because I was compelled to comment to the producers of “Rosemary and Thyme”, but found it had been cancelled in 2007! ITV, it seems, are dropping programmes that by the criteria of most of their competitors are still performing incredibly well. Whilst restoring a walled garden at Lyvedon Manor, aided by ex-cons from a local prison, Rosemary and Laura initially think the body of a man found in a river is that of owner's mysterious cousin. As they try to work out who the man was, they soon discover that something in Edwin's seeds is quite valuable, and that someone is out to get them, no matter the cost... Rosemary and Laura are re-planting historic. I also hope that we haven't seen the last of R&T! Rosemary & Thyme is a British television cosy mystery thriller series starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris as gardening detectives Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme. Being gardeners means that they overhear secrets and dig up clues which lead them to handle floral problems, solve crimes and capture criminals. I think they should do some more, yes they're not brilliant but it's a pleasant way to pass an hour and a lot better than some of the programmes on at the moment.
Indeed ~ ask them to landscape your garden and you're just asking for an insanely contrived murder or two amidst your lobelias ~ it's like inviting Angela Lansury to stay! But when the cousin is seen alive, the two gardeners are left puzzled as to whose body it was that was found... On 12 May 2006, ITV announced that the show was to be axed as part of a major refresh in ITV1's programming. While Rosemary and Laura are helping to do up a garden for a Spanish tennis camp that is holding a tournament, in which Laura's son is taking part, tragedy strikes when the body of one of the.

As mentioned before, Rosemary & Thyme was not violent or obscene. She and I are currently making our way through our Hetty Wainthropp Investigates discs. Later: As it happens, bad reception knocked out ITV2 so I watched High Fidelity after all!

Rosemary owns a 1980 Land Rover Series III which is somewhat dilapidated and has occasional breakdowns. Any chance Of Ant & Dic copping the hatchet , that 'd cheer me up . Rosemary and Thyme is a brothel located in the Glory Lane district of Novigrad.. The show began on ITV in 2003. When gardens in the village of Rowfield are struck by a mysterious blight, Rosemary and Laura find themselves hired by a member of the Rowfield Garden Open Day scheme to rectify the problem. There was very little blood. Reply. Laura is stunned to find Rosemary alive and at her mother's, after a news report announced that she had been shot dead in Engleton Park. ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. A cozy mystery series set in beautiful English and European gardens, Rosemary & Thyme features two women brought together by a sudden death who discover their shared love of the soil. I don't recall hearing one swear word. Point is, there are plenty of good things on. Flowers are dying at random and suspicion is directed at the nearby building site as the cause.

I really liked the series "American Gothic", and I was upset when it was cancelled, but I did understand that many people simply didn't understand it.

Because in getting rid of the good things about ITV, you could end up doing a lot more damage than good... My perception of ITV? While restoring a churchyard for an upcoming, Laura and Rosemary are called upon by an old friend to help create a memorial garden in, With roses dying in their beds at Stagford Lodge. By the time that shooting was rescheduled, some actors were otherwise committed, and the ITV Network Centre was left with no option but to cancel filming for a fourth series. I think it's pretty clear how I feel about the ITV brand! She is an avid gardener with a lot of practical knowledge about plants and garden design. I think stumbling across EuroTrash on C4 one night was pretty much the final nail in the coffin! If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. They were eventually broadcast in late July and early August 2007. In order to re-organize the seed collection of famous botanist, Edwin Pargeter, Rosemary and Laura are called in by the current generation of Pargeters to help with the task. Perhaps ITV's best hope for reinvigoration is to find out what viewers actually enjoy watching, to source or make those sorts of programmes, and to do it well. As I recall the last series suffered a lot in the schedules, being run late on a Saturday night and having a variable timeslot when shown in 2006. There are numerous channels on digital terrestrial. Loseley Park, 9 May … Linda S says.

Both of the two episodes that were just on got over 5 million viewers each. The show began on ITV in 2003. And this, they want to cancel. It was created by Brian Eastman to entertain his wife, Christabel Albery, who is an avid gardener. Sadly, we're up against a viewing public which seems to be 10% intelligent sane people and 90% clueless dumbasses - the viewing figures for the Big Brother antics speak volumes, and sadly if this crap is what pulls the viewers, it is what broadcasters will look to produce. Shortly after they start work, disaster strikes when the singer is found dead, and the mystery is added to by the emergence of a skeleton of a horse near to the grounds. The two gardeners discover that the second victim was highly religious and knew something about the killer... On their next job, Rosemary introduces Laura to a close friend - a blind professor, who seeks help on his allotment plot. All Rights Reserved. On ITV's teletext TV thoughts page (p143) on July 10th 2006, a letter said. To a certain degree they are responsible for their own problem. That and the way they always shared a bedroom, leaving the status of their relationship rather vague. While there is a back-story running through the series, each episode stands as a separate mystery to be solved (excepting double episodes, obviously) and these can be watched on their own, pretty much in any order. Gardening, murder (but no gore), drama (but no sex or violence), Flick & Pam, a gentle puzzle, happy ending (i.e. Shortly after a meeting with other plot owners in the allotments, the professor dies in what appears to be an accident, until the gardeners discover that someone cleverly used his means of getting around to kill him. But during rehearsals, one of the actors is suddenly killed by a prop gun, which police discover had been loaded with live ammo instead of blanks. There was very little violence. Hoorah, 1 down, here's to the next 11,999,999 we'll need.

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